Counting Down The Year With Wonder Girls

So Hot bought much success and popularity to the Wonder Girls in the middle of the year but it seems to have been forgotten in the aftermath of the Nobody mania. But luckily for us Wonderfuls, we will get to see them perform So Hot once again on television as we close out a wonderful, magical, successful (running out of words) 2008 with the Wonder Girls.

So Hot

Starting tonight on Boxing Day, 26th December, the Wonder Girls makes an appearance on KBS Music Bank, performing So Hot. That’s not all, leader Sun Ye will be performing Buttons by Pussycat Dolls with Tae Yeon (So Nyeo Shi Dae), Nam Gyuri (SeeYa) and Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) in a special stage.

On 27th December, the Wonder Girls will be on the last episode of MBC Music Core and are scheduled for a special So Hot and Nobody stage.

Om 28th December, they will be on KBS Immortal Music Classics. From previews, MC Mong and Jewelry will also be in the house. Jewelry will be doing Nobody while Wonder Girls will be returning the favor by doing One More Time. Plus they will be teaching the dance steps as well to everyone present.

From 29th to 31st December, the Wonder Girls are slated to perform at the SBS Gayo Daejun, KBS Gayo Daejun and the MBC Gayo Daejun simultaneously. The Wonder Girls will be performing another version of Nobody at the SBS Gayo Daejun while Davichi, Sun Ye and Tae Yeon will face off in a Diva stage (credit to cutegiurl). Check out details of their KBS Gayo Daechuk performances. At MBC Gayo Daejun, they will collaborate with Big Bang to close out the year.

Expect the unexpected. Just two words, GET READY!

Schedule and Time
KBS Music Bank – 26th December, 6.35pm
MBC Music Core – 27th December, 3.10pm
KBS Immortal Music Classics – 28th December, 5.30pm

SBS Gayo Daejun – 29th December, 9.55pm
KBS Gayo Daechuk – 30th December, 9.55pm

MBC Gayo Daejun – 31st December, 9.50pm

Times listed are Korean Standard Time. Check your own timezone. For those who have access to KBS World, you can watch the KBS Gayo Daechuk live.


208 thoughts on “Counting Down The Year With Wonder Girls

  1. lol i think WG was the first performer of 2009 with Big Bang..? wow it’s not a little thing, ne?xD

    anyways Happy New Year to the Wonder Girls, to all the Wonderfuls, and of course to coolsmurf!^^
    i hope all of us will have a wonderful year like 2008!

    i’ll really miss you coolsmurf, hope someday you’ll ,,comeback”=] lastly i wanna thank you to all your hard work.
    Thank you. Bye Wonder Girls Wonderland & alvin.

  2. hey man/woman… im gonna miss this!
    but seriously if there is another wondergirls fansite like this (which is hard to find) then tell me/us!!!!!!
    but i wish you would just stay

  3. sorry for the double post but i forgot to say thank you for keeping me updated on the daily activities of wg. Thanks man!!

  4. ^me too!!

    Im also a regular visitor of this site and it is also my first time to leave a comment. It’s so sad that this is the last day of wonderland. I Hope coolsmurf will change his mind (maybe not now) and will be back again “soon”.

  5. hey~!
    i’m a regular visitor of this web. =D
    but this is the first time i leave a comment.

    well, just taking this last opportunity (last day of this web. =S)…
    to thank the owner of this web for all the effort and hard work put in.

    THANKS! really.

    i think i’m going to miss this web..
    ’cause it’s really freakingly up-to-date and good!!!
    simply WONDERFUL.


  6. the last day..:(…i really hope you change your mind.
    @Kamille, i kinda agree with you.
    wonderland is the only wg site that is really uptodate and straight foward. i mean no offence to the other site, but wonderland is the best english wg site. im scared if you close this site ppl(like me) cant get any news on wonder girls….COOLSMURF FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  7. omo!!!!omo!!!! today’s the last day for wondergirls’ wonderland!!! wah!!!!!!im gonna miss this!!! and the wondergirls.. im afraid what will happen to the wonderfuls..
    who are strong enough to wait for them

  8. I dont want this place to close :-:
    I love it here and please let it stay Your such a wonderful!
    Please forget about the haters they are just jelly ;_;

  9. OMG!

    I thought this Wonder Girls Wonderland was going to discontinue!

    And then

    I check back after 4 days…


    You have NO CLUE how happy I am

    I tried that WG Spectacle website…. it sucks… and it’s confusing


  10. You know how KBS world consists of terrestrial things from Kbs2 and 1. [ got it from the site o_O] So, if I stream Kbs2, will KBS world work? o_O or do you have to get a dish and watch it on tv? o_O

  11. just watched their perf and…DAMN! they’ve surprised me once again!! they looked MESMERIZING in those marie antoinette outfits!!!and then they did a total 360 and came out lookin super HOT in those military outfits!!
    W O W!!! they commanded that stage!!
    it was indeed a SENSATIONAL perf~~
    bravo!!! (ahhhh~~too many !!!!!’s!)

  12. kbs world will be broadcasting 2008 KBS GAYO DAEJUN (2008 KBS SONG FESTIVAL). ^^

    i can watch it live on my tv!

  13. finally tvsbox’s sbs worked for me.. its been days since i’ve been trying to work it out… hehe i’ll be streaming it until later…4 more hours to go..

  14. Is to watch Gayo~ I’m streaming it til night lol… and so far, it hasn’t buffered :D. Don’t let any windows block it or anything, because it will lag the video and there would only be audio :/ Use only internet explorer, and you know those thingys collumed saying SBS,MNET,KBS, etc, click on SBS to stream~.
    Or you can use tvants, but my thingys going to expire so yeah. xD

  15. My god.. i was shocked by the sudden spamming at the Soompi thread.. Wat r we gonna do with the thread closed???

  16. People this is serious
    our official thread in soompi is close
    so i had this idea
    why dont we do a thread in the photo area about Wonder Girls at the gayo daejuns
    so we have like just one thread to comment about the gayo daejuns on soompi
    we will post pictures, info and video links, its not against soompi rules
    so we will have just one thread during the closing of the official thread
    junt an idea

  17. Oh like seeing them perform, because MC got delayed for a hospital drama with a sad ending xD. And then watching other singers were kinda ehh. I wanted to see them sing live! xD But it’s been fufilled. o_O

  18. how was it? @ mai what do you mean by, anxious for Wondershinki/Bang? i hope all the artist all gather together at the very end, and sing a song together…


  20. Big Bang’s on now~ Well Tae Yang sings his solo song first o_O.
    o_O the Nobody performance was really good! Sun Mi hit her notes really good~ like a 98% accuracy xD Sun Ye sounds tired :[ Ye Eun stopped looking like she tried so hard to hit that high note~ haha she must’ve practised. Yoobin did something new on her rap- interaction with the thingy~ So Hee sounds like So Hee haha, it wasn’t bad though.

  21. Yoo Bin’s rap was better. Everyone’s hitting the notes correctly :D.
    o_O after so hot, they changed to kinda tight revealing shiny silver outfits~

  22. It feels like forever! I hope the show neaely ends so they perform xD. What I hate about Music Core is that you gotta wait til the end for what you want xD.

  23. This is sux…. not working for me… i’ll just wait for it until someone downloads it on youtube…

  24. this streaming is not good..i can see only a little then it thanks mai for the website anyway.

  25. o_O? what do you mean? what browser are you using? lol I think Wondergirls might perform last, so you’ll have all the time to fix the problem o_O

  26. It’s all free o_O, you won’t crash and yeah, nothing will happen, you won’t need to download anything. Just enjoy!

  27. Wondergirls are lookin cool in gold xD. DBSK outfits look like yesterdya kinda, but not really o_O they’re mostly wearing lack, white, and some other solid colors xD.

  28. Er. I guess..?
    We’re Korean so my parents have korean channels on our tv but I’m not really up to date on how or what channels.
    Is MC on?

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  30. yeah sunye definitely did stand out in buttons (:
    i’m so happy, now everyone knows how she really does shine!
    sunye’s charisma for the win! (:
    i can’t waitttttttttttttttttt~

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  32. i loved music bank perf. sunye was outstanding she stood out among the four for sho!!! and so hot was bringing back many memories. GORGEOUS!!! cant wait for tomorrow. sadly i will be on retreat from 27-30. ILL BE MISSING SO MUCH! at least itll be a lot to catch up on! alvin you better ypload everything!!!! hahaha jk!

  33. thanks for this, coolsmurf!
    i can’t wait to see what they have in store for us 😀

    also, the girls doing one more time! that’s so cool, it’s like the chart-toppers are doing each others’ songs XD

  34. the buttons perf was sooooooo OMG*.*
    leader min looked gorgeous. she was totally rocked the stage.. it was a nice performance=]

    For those who missed the the So Hot perf:

    Not the best performance of So Hot but still it’s good to see they performed it again^^ nothing really special, no new outfits expect Sunmi(? idk i don’t remember to see this on her…). And i love her hair like this.. why she isn’t wear it like this more often?
    anyways i’m glad to see some So Hot again=]

  35. yeah, you are right… i love dbsk, they deserve it! but i can’t deny that haru haru and nobody is better than mirotic… DBSK, BIG BANG AND WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  36. Even though they didn’t win, it was cool how Music Bank gave recognition from Wonderbang’s contributions singing there. I think DBSK deserved it sing their comeback was anticipated by fans for more than a year? XD But yeah I think the recognition counted the most :3

  37. no offence, but i thought Big Bang or wonder girls would get that award…. their songs are awesome! but never mind… i still love dbsk…

  38. Observation~ xD:
    MC asks Yoona something
    MC girl asks that guy who crossed staged with Baek Ji Young
    MC announces~ >:o
    haha the Trophies whitish~ xD
    SEXY DBSK WON congrats to them! ~

  39. lol did daesung trip? or did the buffer just make it seem like they tripped? o_O it’s awards time i think~ awww WG didn’t do Nobody :/

  40. Sunset Glow’s being performed right now~ I think they show some of the performances according to Music Bank’s records of winning and so forth~

  41. why did i see nobody winning no.1 on the chart before??? haru haru was no.2…. is there a prize at the end???

  42. DBSK Mirotic’s on~ their voices got better, and their outfits make em look diffyer than usual xD like their golden disk outfits? O_O

  43. no more perfomances by the girls right??? i hope all the artists all come together and sing at the end of the show!

  44. i have seen her outfit, she looks stunning! yeah you are right about the combination for her outfit! thanks!

  45. it was like WG golden disk + WG comeback on music bank singing the ballad version o_O.
    Tae Yeon does not look right sexy lol, Ga In seemed left out, barely any camera angles of her o_O

  46. HOLY CRAP~!
    Damn Texas time damn it!
    I will try my ultimate hardest to watch these live. if not then I hope whoever is the first to upload them to the net has em’ in freakin HQ!
    Can NOT wait until these perfs!
    And I have to disagree with f.
    I personally loved the perf with SunMi, Ga In, and Nam Gyuri. true, SunMi took the spotlight but they (mainly SunMi) were hot! I did notice some litttttle faults in their dance steps but overall I liked it.
    Anyway WHOOOOO!

    thanks coolsmurf

  47. Jewelry will be doing Nobody
    Excuse me while I “OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGG”.

    I’m not worried about Taeyeon and Sunye for the special stage, but I didn’t really like what I saw when Sunmi performed with Ga In and Nam Gyuri on mNet — their dancing wasn’t too great, but hopefully they’ll have stepped up their game.

  48. thank you for giving the time for each show.. now i can (maybe) watch them live.. since kbs and mbc are the only ones working on internet..

    merry holidays to you…
    im sooooooo gonna miss you…
    take care.

  49. does anyone know if the KBS Gayo Daejun will be aired at KBS WORLD? thanks… I hope they do well! can’t wait to see Sunye unnie and Taeyeon unnie in action for their sexy performance, not familiar with the other 2 but all the best to them! Hwaiting!!! COOLSMURF JJANG!!!

  50. i hope you won’t stop coolsmurf…as i can see that you can’t also stop yourself from posting these news! hahaha ^_^ i am truly in debt to you! you provide us the most latest news of WG! you’re jjang! heheh ^_^ coolsmurfjjang! that’s a great username don’t you think? ahahaha

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