Wonder Girls Wonderland Will End

Merry Christmas and I have a major announcement to make!


I started this because there was no avenue at all for fans to get the latest on Wonder Girls starting last year from their Tell Me craze. But with more interest being generated now and more sites in English for them, I think it’s time for me to call it a day. I will however still be a Wonderful behind the scenes.

For regular updates in future
Wonder Girls Spectacle! | Soompi Forum | ❀ WONDER GIRLS | β™₯ Wonder Equation β™₯ | nwa1998@youtube

I believe I have done my part in promoting the Wonder Girls and I am happy to see that they are so successful today. I have tried my best to keep the support for the Wonder Girls intact and together, instead of being disjointed. The Wonder Girls to me will always be one. Granted that they will split and go solo eventually, but that is for the future. For now, they need to group together.

So why the decision to end? Too many hate, antis, bashing, lack of credit, copycats are some factors for me stopping. But time is the main reason. I wanted to keep going but recent events by some individuals (I will not name them) have left me feeling disillusioned. It’s better for me to retreat and do away with all these crap. Everything on the site before this will remain.

I am deeply sorry to my regular fans but my decision is final. I will upload performances of the Wonder Girls and have some blog updates until the last day of the year, 31st December and that will really be the end.


377 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wonderland Will End

  1. holy crap! I’ve been going on the site for like forever now and always wondered why it didn’t update at all for this year now. would have been helpful if it was indicated on the home page. anyways thanks for everything! Wonder Girls ftw!

  2. OMG! I’m all the way over in Canada and I don’t even speak Korean and I’m not even ASIAN and I check out your site for Wonder Girls info!

    I think you should reconsider for the sake of your fans and the people that love to check out your page for info. I think you are a great blogger and are very organized and articulate. Who cares what the haters think! They are miserable soul’s who will find their destiny in the end. If this is something you LOVE doing, then don’t let anyone cash a shadow upon your sunny dreams!

    It’s your right as a human to reach as high as you want. It’s your god given right. I’m not saying all of this so you’ll continue blogging but I’m saying this because I hate to see people tattered and bruised from the world.


  3. Thank you so much for keeping this up through all of the bashing. You were the one who sparked my curiosity for WG and got me really into them. (Don’t tell the others, but this was also the only WG site i would ever go to because the other ones are so unorganized and don’t have as much info or pictures as you would) Though i don’t usually comment, I check this site daily. (hehe that sounds kind of dorky ^_^”) Well thank you for this site so much, and hopefully you’ll visit again to see all the comments and all of the good people that love this site.

    I feel so sad that you’re leaving and i hardly know you Still though i feel we have too much in common already. Well, like they say, Once a wonderful, always a wonderful. And again, thank you for your hard work.

    Stay Wonderful!

  4. i’ve learned almost everything i needed to know from you 😦
    are you still going to upload youtube videos? πŸ™‚

  5. gosh…this is seriously such a blow…
    you are the BEST korean media news person ever.
    all of your posts are so clean & accurate & you have all of the news…gosh, you are the best.
    i checked the other sites you suggested ,but coolsmurf..alvin, you gotta know youre the best & none of them compare.
    i wish theyd at least try to get up to your level.
    anyway, at least youre keeping your coolsmurf domain up still– THANK GOODNESS! OMGG WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU.


  7. awww… I’m so sad right now… You’re the only website that I go to whenever I need some wonderful wondergirls dosage.. huhuhu.. well, good luck to you. and, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

  8. Merry Christmas too for you ^^
    I’m really sad that when I know this site will be end.
    I love this site T.T
    But thank you so much for contributing all about WG to WG fans in the world.

  9. dont go….. 😦
    i m a great fan of wondergirls and to be honest, wonderland seems my most reliable source of info for wonder girls in the net since i m living in canada.
    anyways, i respect your decision.
    aja aja !

  10. gonna miss ur updates pleAsE DONT LEAVE how i’m suppose to get info about the wgs now

    well thnkx anywayz alvin for all ur hard work u put into this site.

  11. ahhh its sad you are leaving, such popularity has landed you as the first link that comes up on yahoo and google search after wonder girls wikipedia! dont go!

  12. thank you so much for all these WG info you have shared,
    if you are really going to end this i guess we will appreciate it, but i have to say that this site is really helpful for those people who can’t read Korean to get WG info…so this is really a great site for all the foriegn WG fans including me….so i wanted to say Thank you very very much about what you have done.

  13. omg i cant believe this. i went to nyc for like
    5 days and i came back finding this site is closing
    down and the wg soompi thread got closed!? OMG

  14. how have you been coolsmurf?
    feeling burdened lately from netizens? hope you’ve been cheerful since the holidays must’ve been a blast for you since wonderbang is back! its nearly a must to hear your feedback regarding the performance. hope you stick with us wonderfuls

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    aaahhhahahahaha !! xD

  16. NOOOO!!! please don’t go!!

    you’re the only blog that I’ve seen everytime i want to know about Wonder Girls. Now, where do you think I should go?


    stay with us!!

  17. Pls, don’t close this site……I love this site so much…..U bring us closer 2 the Wgs :((……If u close, i’ll have 2 find another site and it’s impossible 2 find……….Pls pls pls pls I’m begging u…..DON’T CLOSE THIS SITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  18. Aww~i’ll miss your blog~!!!!

    i’ve always come here for newest updates on days i was so busy~~

    Thanks so much for your efforts~!!!
    We’ll contiune to support the other sites and of course WonderGirls whom you dedicate your hard work and time on this blog started!!!


  19. awwww this sucks! most of the time when i get on the computer i come to this site to see the updates on the wonder girls. I love the wonder girls just as much as you do but now your leavin the site :[

    Dude i wont forget how good you were at updatin the news asap of the wondergirls.

    I come to your site and your youtube account alot. Are you still gonna upload some videos?

    Anyways, i and the rest wont forget about you! I would be pretty tired if i was doin the same thing as you, makin this site etc.
    I understand :} !!


  20. well…I read this article first thing on christmas day, it was absolutely shocking, made me feel depressed on christmas. it’s not until now that I decided to comment, hoping that it wasn’t true but =( I respect your decision but i am deeply saddened.

    I wish to thank you for always writing articles on the wondergirls and giving us updates. You really introduced me to the wondergirls and I’m happy that I’m able to enjoy their music and personas through your help.

    You are my source for wondergirls news and updates so now, I really don’t have anywhere to go, I won’t be as informed and *sigh =( I know their are forums but next year I really can’t go on forums next year. It’ll probably make me less obsessed with the wondergirls. sad but true.

    I just…ey..I’m becoming speechless.

    well, thanks for everything and yeah, i will really really miss this place

  21. u know…if this website were to close down, i would be less of a fan of Wondergirls, then as i was when you were still using this website…since i’m gonna hear no updates, i’m probably going to start caring less…but oh well…and u know i’m not trying to make you feel pity about anything..

    and u know, u said there are like anti-Wondergirls, who write BS on the comment zone, but you know, think, they’re actually taking the time to come here, read your articles, then comment, that just increases ur visitor numbers, and your popularity…you will not believe how many WonderFuls actually join the Wondergirls anti fan club, just to give Wondergirls more popularity, so you know, this might sound a bit mean, but you’re being really stupid, with just a couple of A**holes just bring you down like that…

    but also a word to the people who are trying to stop her, i think there’s a deeper reason to why Alvin’s stopping this website, a person wouldn’t just suddenly close a website, where they post info about ppl they love, and then suddenly close because of anti fans, there’s probably a deeper reason…i donno…but i’m still against this idea…

    look at all the supporters you received through this website, all the other blogs there aren’t as good as yours…you do not know how much i love this blog, i even once got a detention in school for looking at your blog during school time…(true story)

    if you have anti commentors, just take their email address, which you are supposed to write, cuz it says required…just email them asking, if you hate wondergirls, or my blog, why do you come here, spend the time to read it and comment on it? or even better, just comment right below their comments…

    so in conclusion, i think it’s really wrong to close this blog, and just ask the questions i told you to ask to the anti fans, and just keep on going…you’ll be really popular…so continue.

    P.S. To the Anti Fans: If you hate this blog or hate Wondergirls, why do you guys come here, to take the time to read these articles, and take even more time to comment? Huh?

  22. oh no that sucks a lot
    i dont have the patience to find another good one.
    and this one i believe is the best. easy to use and really informative.
    well, this really does suck. im just stuck with youtube then.

  23. omg~!
    i always go this site for wg updates and i love it cos its so neat and easy to find stuff =o
    your news kinda made me a wonderful…so sad that your gonna stop 😦
    anyway, thanks for all the hard work and time (Y)

  24. i hope that you allow other Wonderfuls to continue updating/take over this site at the start of the new year.

    considering that you, coolsmurf, took over this wordpress from another wonderful that wasn’t updating it (yes, i remember the announcement you made at your main coolsmurf.wordpress about contacting the original owner of this wondergirls.wordpress to ask if you could take over).

    i think you should allow others to do the same now that you’ve made the decision to stop updating as of january 1st.

    but anyways, thanks for providing news these past year or so since you’ve taken over the site. it’s very much appreciated. peace.

  25. hey alvin, i respect your decision, and i must say im sad to see you go!!! i think this one of the first sites to have gotten me hooked on wondergirls. thanks so much for all your contributions, its hard to express my gratitude. you’ll always be amazing in my eyes!!! hahahah

    i hope you have more time for yourself now, to do things you want to do as well. also, i hope that unappreciative people, negative comments and such(like u said in your post) wont deter you from enjoying what you love, do know that there are far many of us who are very grateful to you and your efforts!!!

    merry christmas, happy new year ❀

  26. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I checked this site daily 😦
    I live in California & i’m a hugee fan of Wonder girls & your Site!
    & this is were i come to get my daily info 😦 😦
    man i i’m so mad
    now i got to go to the Korean sites that i dont understand 😦
    but merry christmas & happy holidays πŸ™‚

    p.s. do u know any other site for updats but i reccomed u to still update wonderland please 😦

  27. =O I’ve been following your blog every single day! This will definitely change my daily routine! Haha!

    But really, although you say there are other sites out there, they don’t update as much as you, and the news they sometimes give out just focus on one member or so. The reason I go here instead of those other sites is because you give us updates on all the members and very quickly!

    How about doing what zoopia suggested… add 1-2 more writers since this is a wordpress…?

    You sound really upset, and I hope you clear your mind before taking this final decision. =(

    However, it’s been a good run, and I appreciate how you spread the Wonder Love for so long! Thank you so much for everything, and I have no choice but to respect your decision since I have no right to ask you for more than what you’ve already done. Thanks so much, Alvin!

  28. coolsmurf this makes me sad, but you’ve already given so much of your energy so i can only be thankful. enjoy all your new free time! happy new year! wg fighting!

  29. AGAIN…


  30. Sorry to se you go. I am usually a silent reader, and only comment when I feel like I need to or just plain want to.

    I respect your decision and hopefully you’ll change your mind.

    Thank you for being the first website in which i can faithfully trust you to bring me WonderGirls, you will always be wonderful.

  31. Sorry to see you go. I too am usually a silent reader, but you are my source for regular WG news. I ususally just read the news and don’t bother with reading comments, but I’m sorry to hear that there has been so much bashing and anti hate on your blog. Some people are just immature like that and it’s sad and pathetic actually.

    Anyway, I respect your decision and wish you the best of luck in the future. You’ve been through a lot and you deserve much more recognition than I’m giving but all I can say is THANK YOU for providing so much WONDERFUL news to us international Wonderfuls!

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are 4ever Wonderful!

  32. DONT GO!!!!!!! after making me fall in love with the website , since like 1 month ago… now youre telling me youre leaving????? thats really heartbreaking….
    i know you’ve probably gone thru some really tough thinking, but dont you think you shld reconsider?

    your website has really brought many wonderfuls tgt, it’s like a wondergirls shine of information/news for ppl like me who love the wondergirls…………

    to hell with those ppl who plagarise your articles, but shouldnt you stand strong against them??????

    sigh i know things arent tt easy, i mean… me talking here is easy, cus youre probably going thru all these pressure we dont know… but please reconsider…
    dont you already realise the existance of this blog???? sighhhhhhhh…… there are all these individual blogs dedicated to each individual wondergirls…. but i believe most true WONDERFULS support EVERYONE OF THE WONDERGIRLS, and thats where the existance/purpose of your blog comes in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    come’on dont stop now, you are like the only freaking realiable english blog i come for my daily dose of wondergirls info, WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY? dont let them bring you down.

    you mentioned the presence of “certain individuals” who have left you disillusioned, but what about the majority of us who support you???? i know its hard for you, but once a wonderful forever a wonderful, you MUST stand strong against those who delibrately try to break you!!!!!!

    come one BUCK UP, ALVIN!!!!!!! i support you!! everyone here does!!!!!!

    take care, and i do not support your decision to discontinue this blog…

  33. AWW ALVIN! we’ll miss you so much!
    thanks for updating this site and keeping us posted with everything new related to the wonder girls.
    i’m so glad there are people like you who took the time to create such an informational site about the WG.
    we shoudl get them to visit your site to show them how much we have learned from your posts! (:
    well, take care and thanks for all your hard work and support.
    thank you so much… hope to see you around in the future!

  34. Nooo, why?
    Ugh, that Spectacle site hasn’t updated since OCTOBER!
    It doesn’t even have real articles, just a bunch of links.
    this blows.
    I really hope you come back.

  35. it’s sad that you leave 😦
    but i do understand why…

    i hope you’ ll have days to relaxe and recharge your battery ^^ i’ ll be reading your articles on your other blog then.

    thanks for your hard work!!!

  36. P.S the other websites you listed are nothing compared to yours.

    I’ve seen you on various forums since 2004, though. I hope you will keep your youtube update.

  37. It’s sad to see you have let someone else discourage you… 😦 I really enjoyed your website though! I visited almost each day.

  38. I truly am a huge fan of your website.
    It’s so sad to watch everything go. But, I respect your decision and its your life. You have really promoted these girls well and im sure everyone appreciates all that you have done.
    No other website will ever have anything on yours so, thank you ❀ πŸ™‚

  39. this is a sad news for me. I often check your website first when I want check WG updated. However, thanks for everything you do for wonderful, hope your will continue this site someday.


  40. Here’s a suggestion:

    Since this is a wordpress blog, why not add 1-2 new writers who can make updates while you’re away..?

    That way, you can always come back and continue what you’ve been doing and the blog doesn’t die

  41. umm..u sounded upset…its really kinda sad that u decided to do this..ever since i found ur site / blog.. i was going on every single day in the morning before i go to school. i literally woke up at 6 in the morning just to see ur updates. me and the others are a absolute fans to u. Now, wen u say that uve decided this..lol umm >< i just feel like this is the end of sth that not only me but everyone who go on this site had just losted sth really important in their life. im not making this big or anything but its the truth. now i feel like crying..T-T lol umm.. anyways thnks for doing this for us Wondersmurf. We all appreciated (: i hope u will change ur mind one day. i will continue going on this site every single day’s morning to check if u really changed ur mind of not (:

  42. noooo why pls dont go…… i visit this website for regular updates of wondergirls……. i hate to see you end this=(
    but i will respect your decision. =)

    you mentioned ” Too many hate, antis, bashing, lack of credit, copycats”.. it’s a sad thing to hear tt you are going thru all these kinda S***
    but please know that i really and sincerely acknowledge the hardworking and dedication you have put into this website!

    if you every decide to change your mind.. remember that you can continue doing what you love, and that is to spread the WONDEGIRLS love through this website of yours okay?

    take care and God Bless!

    PS: dont let anyone bring you down, dont let anyone bring the love we all have for the WONDERGIRLS DOWN!
    WG FANS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  44. thanks for all your hard works, thanks for sharing the news and photos of wonder girls, you even share some subbed videos, i really really appreciate it. there’s nothing i can say, but to fully support your decision.
    you’ve been a big help for us here, for international wonderfuls.

    thanks! πŸ™‚

  45. omg that’s so sad ): anw thanks alot for helping to give us all the latest scoops on WG and all, I come here almost everyday just to read all yr articles. you’ve been really awesome (L)

  46. @kpoplover123!

    agree agree… can we come up with something.oh like ask jyp to build an international site for WOnderfuls worldwide.. or they wouldnt bother T__T

  47. well.. thanks for everything what you have done^^.
    I’m reallii happy that I could be up to date, about the girls
    and reallii reallii appreciate for everything you have done. Although.., in the beginning I just thought what!? another girl group.. *UGH* so just some sluts again ;P but yeahh.. after a whilee.. they aren’t sluts at all.. they’re just so damn adorable.. ghihi.. xD LOL
    but anyway I respect your choice *sigh* TT.TT
    I’ll miss it for sure. I hope you got a nice sweet time, beside the bashing and those stuffs.., but some people are just blinded by their own idol.. LOL.. ok.. sorry I talk much crap..

    anyway!! What you have done was realli realli a big thing!^^

  48. i agree with kpoplover123!

    i don’t really like the idea of fans making fansites for the members individually either, i mean they are a team not solo artist! I think Wonderfuls aren’t strong enough sometimes, coolsmurf was always the piece that held us together…its true, wonderfuls sometimes argue about their favourite members and many things that includes bashing… remember the reason we are a wonderful… we should stick together no matter what happens! it is our duty to love and support THE WONDER GIRLS!!!


  49. WordPress is losing one by one the reliable bloggers. 😦

    It’s really sad but at least thank you for the treasures you’ve shared. I have been one of the regulars here in your blog and made my friends visit you as well for juices. Anyway, thanks again and just enjoy being part of wonderfuls…:D

  50. oh man~ urs is one of my favourite site to visit~ now dat u’re gonna stop i have lesser sites to visit><

  51. i am really sad! i am from germany and i visit your site everyday. i see all news from wonder girls, the newest things. will the archives stay online? i hope so. 😦

  52. waahhh! We will miss you CoolSmurf I’m a fan too of your site I always have this habit of reading your site before I do anything else on the net! anyways Thank You for all of this thanks again! We will miss you!


  53. ommo! please dont go this is the only website where i can get their latest english subb infos, their newest pictures, and also videos. Please don’t go… everybody will be missing u like crazy πŸ˜₯

  54. thanks for all your updates. πŸ™‚
    i wouldn’t have become a “wonderful” had it not been for your site.

    i’m sorry to see the site go, but i’m sure we all appreciate the work you’ve put into it.

  55. I didn’t saw this coming, but I respect your decision. I really like your site and to be honest, the main reason I got hooked with wonder girls is because of your updates. Thanks for being here for us for the past 1 year. All of your hard work are greatly appreciated. ❀

  56. please don’t stop WG Wonderland !!!
    i will cover ur stay’s wheneva u come to Kuala Lumpur…
    plzzz… ur WG Wonderland is da most reliable source that I always catch up with…

    please…isk isk

  57. i am also extremely sad to hear these news. Tho I have only been a fan since So Hot days, when i first found out about them, I am going to really miss checking this site everyday.

    I’m so sorry for those have pushed you away from this. Thanks for all your effort. Your a true fan πŸ™‚

  58. Wow, I was shocked to come online and read this tonight.

    I’m sad that this is the end of the line for such a prolific blogger in the Wonderful realm. You have always been the best, and always will be. You have always been on the forefront in spreading Wonder Girls news, and I will always be grateful to you for such dedication and passion for such a thankless task. You’ll always be one source of inspiration to me, Alvin^^

    Hopefully you get some well-deserved rest this holidays. May all your mistletoes be merry!

  59. no dont go
    where will i get my info about the wonderful wonder girls from now on!
    thanks for all your effort tho

  60. it makes me very sad to hear because i’ve always thought this site was the most concise and up-to-date wondergirls blog ever!

    thank you SO much for all your hard work, coolsmurf! you will be missed~

  61. This makes me very, very sad. Compared to your site, those other sites that are linked in the article seem to provide almost no up-to-date information on WG. In fact I now feel that I’m going to lose all track of WG once Wonderland goes away. It’s like the end of an era.

    I understand that a few bad people can make such an endeavor seem to be not worthwhile. I also can understand if you just don’t have enough time for it anymore. If those few bad people are the main cause of this, I hope you will reconsider and not let them win. Otherwise, thanks for all the great work, and best wishes for your future endeavors.

  62. i’m… just… crying alot … now.. how can you do this! i have read these comments 3 times! OMG! so disappointed!

  63. This is definitely an unfortunate turn of events. I visit WG Wonderland pretty much every day to get my daily dose of Wonder Girls. I know it sounds a little sad but I feel like my life has taken a huge blow because of this. Since first learning of WG, they’ve become a huge part of my musical playlist and watching their performances has been amazing as well. Without coolsmurf, I’m not sure where I’ll go for my WG fix!

    This is a sad day indeed. In any case, good luck in the future Alvin! I hope you reconsider though and keep the site going. It’s amazing what you’ve done and I understand if you have you move on but keep in mind there’s a huge community here that loves and supports everything that you do.

    Take care!

  64. I’m really disappointed that you’re not going to continue Wonderland. Honestly speaking, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles here πŸ™‚ You’re very informative and I just like how you organize things. It’s so simple, and I like reading your opinions too. Anyways, thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into this site, and I hope you will continue for a very very long time with your other blog πŸ™‚

    (Although I am still crossing my fingers that you will reconsider!)

  65. Hey, sad to hear you’re ending this site. I’ve always been reading this site since I’ve heard of wondergirls’ Tell Me and found this site. Good job and have a great life.

  66. OMG!!! I’m so sad to hear this….. i’ve always been a silent reader and wished I had thanked you earlier=) This was such a highlight of my day to check out this website… T_T

    U made me an awesome Wonderful and I hope you the best=D

    Thank you times a million for this website for the entire time I’ve read it!!!!

  67. nooooooooooo 😦
    so sad
    your work was very well done and well appreciated
    gonna miss ya?
    but will this site still be up?
    Merry Christmas
    hope you come back soon

  68. anyway! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    and also thanks to my siblings here!

    so sad to say goodbye to all of you!

    so sad…

    so sad…

    so sad…

  69. OMG!

    i’m begging you for staying!

    you’re all i have!


    i loved this site first, and then loved WGs later! i swear!

    i can’t understand a piece of Korean, but with this site, i

    really “feel” like my home, my mother-language!

    i’m really crying now, hix hix! please!…hix hix….

    how can i quit typing wondergirls.wordpress.com on my

    address bar?

  70. oh no 😦 this is the only site i got to! that’s really sad ~~
    well anyways, i would like to say thank you for keeping us all updated with the wonder girls, hope you’ll have a good 2009 πŸ™‚ but this is really sad that you’re ending this.. this is really the best site for me, but then again, if that’s your decision.. it’s okay. thanks a lot for the updates! aja aja! πŸ™‚

  71. Coolsmurf, I’ve followed you since the xman days – you put a lot of hefty work into all of this, and this site has been pretty darn great. To the point of it being in my favourites along the top of this browser. You know, for quick access.

    It’s a shame you’re stopping this, it’s how most websites should be, but I understand your reasoning for it.

    Thanks for the work/site/updates.

    this is my #2 site i go on and #1 is coolsmurf
    SIGH!! oh well at least ur not stopping coolsmurf
    i am going to miss this site a lot since i go on it like everyday to see new things about the wondergirls >:/
    what a bummer

  73. i’s still hoping that you would change your mind….
    coz i’m really going to miss this blog… 😦

    checking it’s updates became a part of my daily habit….
    and suddenly…. it’s gone 😦

    ohhh so sad……

  74. Hi coolsmurf,

    While I don’t normally comment, I’d like to comment now and say THANK YOU for helping us get to know the WGs better and keeping us updated on their lives. We understand and support your decision but we really regret seeing you go!

    Here’s to all the time and effort you’ve put in to this blog and here’s to hoping you’ll change your mind one day (soon) and come back!

    Happy holidays! πŸ™‚

  75. EHHHHHHH Noooo, it’ll be sad to see you go =[
    But I guess it’s your decision… Maybe in the future you’ll see how stupid you were in stopping and come back πŸ˜›

    Well, i wish you best of luck, and a BIG THANK YOU for what you have done

  76. argh i feel so sad!
    why why? do you really have to go??
    i just wanted you to know that i appreciate all the hard work you have put in to this blog and i’ll miss you..
    i will miss wonderland
    once a wonderful always a wonderful πŸ™‚

  77. I also understand, but yeah, this site was the one I checked most often.
    If you could, would you please tell me sites that I can continue to follow the Wonder Girls on.
    I usually only came to this site, but now since you’re closing down, I need a new one to go to.
    Thanks for everything even though I only recently came around.

  78. coolsmurf is a guy?
    and does this also mean no more videos of the wonder girls
    on youtube?
    plz dnt do this to us

  79. *tears* THANKS so much for ur articles, updates, news and everything! I visit this blog everyday and now that its ending its sad…i wish u the best!

  80. Thanks for everything. I got hooked on your blog just this year, but I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride… πŸ˜‰

  81. I will miss Wonderland! gah this site is so good for wonder girls news, and I love the pictures and the videos, and all the work you have done. Thank you for everything. And like others have said up there, if you ever return to WG blogging I’d be an avid reader.
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays, always~~

  82. aww……T.T i just started loving this site like a few hours ago…lol and ur leaving!! nooo!!! what a sad christmas! i will miss you!! i will hunt you down too! XD heheheh just keep on luving the wonder girls XD

  83. this is the first site i visit for korean entertainment!!! i love ur site soooo much.. coolsmurf wordpress too.. but i love this one better!!! i grew to love the girls sooo much. ❀
    it’s a pity ur going to quit.. 😦 thanks for all you’ve done..


  85. Oh no, alvin you’re not going. Think of all the supporters you have gotten. I’ve followed you since Xman episodes that you subbed *feels like a stalker* but anyway you’re one amazing guy who really dedicated your time to blog about the artists that you love.

    You gave us informations and subbed the videos fast so that we international fans could see it too. It’s amazing how you can keep it up with both. We appreciate all your work, it’s a sad thing to see you go!

    I just want to thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve done and I will respect your decision of leaving. I agree with Jenny.

    Merry Xmas and a happy new year.

  86. i have a feeling that he has lost his passion for Wonder Girls… even if he wanted to stop Wonder Girls Wonderland, why does he have to stop updating their videos on his youtube account? Once and Wonderful, always a wonderful! i hope he realises that many people are supporting him, and how we Wonderfuls need him… because of antis isn’t strong enough as a reason to stop updating about our girls… We Wonderfuls will always support and love the girls through thick and thin, remember? don’t stop loving The Wonder Girls Alvin, please…

    Their solo concert is coming up… how can you do this…

  87. NOOOO! :[

    I’m kind of in shock. This is seriously a huge loss to the Wonder Girls world. I wish today was April Fool’s instead of Christmas so that someone could tell us that this is just a joke. 😦

    I admit, I’ve been a silent reader & rarely comment, but I really do enjoy visiting Wonderland; I’ve been reading your articles since the birth of my interest in Wonder Girls, and Wonderland is really the reason that my love for WG has bloomed.

    I feel like WG Wonderland is the cleanest & most reliable source to go to for WG’s ongoings. You’ve always been the first one to get the scoop on anything WG-related, and, as cheesy as it sounds, the ‘beacon’ for those of us who can’t directly learn about their ongoings if we don’t live in Korea or don’t speak Korean. I’m really sad to see you go. :'((( I didn’t realize how dependant I am on your site; I rarely bookmark sites, but Wonderland & Coolsmurf have now become two favorite websites which I check multiple times a day. I’ve always taken your site & your consistency for granted, and I know it won’t be the same without you. It’s a major blow to many fans like myself which use Wonderland as a bridge to Korean news. There aren’t any other sites that I know of which faithfully follow WG in the clean manner you do today; in fact, I don’t read any other sites because I haven’t found any as useful as yours. Soompi & Spectacle are wonderful, but they aren’t the same; even those two sites depend on your updates. With all due respect to them & any other WG sites, I’ve always held Wonderland above the rest.

    I (& fellow readers, I’m sure) hold a deep respect for you, and with that, I support your decision, even if it means that we won’t be seeing your updates again. I can only help that the decision is yours alone, and not a result of anti’s, copycats etc; they aren’t worth it.

    Remember, if you ever decide to return to being our source, all Wonderfuls will ecstatically welcome you back!! Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done — you’ve irrevocably influenced & brought together all Wonderfuls around the world.

    Merry Christmas!

  88. where am i supposed to get my wonderful info now
    and where am i supposed to hear updates on the wonder girls tour to NYC in march

  89. ^i agreed, i think you should ask members that are willing to keep this blog going to take over for you.
    I love this blog because it keep me update with the news, plus this blog have become HUGE it be so disapointed if it just stop.

    anyway , we here all love you man it be kinda sad if u go but then look like u getting busy so it unterstanding =D good luck in anything you do.

  90. I agree with redmangolover’s idea…let some other members/writers keep this site running. I think this site has gained its brand equity, too much to lose if not maintained.

    I bet there are some thousands visitors every day. If the main reason you quit is kinda personal, it’s fine. But you can hand this site over to other friends and just wacth it.

  91. frig. this is really tragic to hear..γ…œγ…œ
    i’m going to go cry a river now..
    but before i do, i’d like to thank you, alvin, for all of the work that you have done. thank you.

  92. terribly sad news for christmas T.T

    will u come back? pls come back

    ….i have a shortcut to ur blog and it’s my first click every time i log on to the internet….

    thanx for all the things u’ve done


  93. i come here for a lot of wonderful news about the wonder girls almost every day..this is a great site..i dunoe where else to get all that news from so i’m very sad about the closing of the blog…=(
    i hope i can get enough news to flame my interest in the Wonder Girls.
    regardless, thank you alvin, thank you coolsmurf..

  94. oh that’s a shame:/
    you did a really good job with the website!!!
    merry christmas and good luck with what you do in the future^_^

  95. I check this website everyday..
    There’s nowhere else to go for updates as regular as this ><

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into maintaining this site.
    I sincerely hope you reconsider and keep it going!

  96. This is sad to hear, but if you if you feel that you should stop then thats ok. You should do what feels right. I just want to thank you for all your hard work. Coming to this site was always fun, because you always had news to share, no matter how small.

    Good luck with everything that you do. ❀

  97. aww man this is my favorite fansite it is so much better than the other ones or so i think. well cool smurf you have done a great job with all this keeping updated with the wondergirls was spectacular i will remain a wonderful thanks to u and thanks for everything u have done so far i hope u had a great time doing this as well and also Merry Christmas to u coolsmurf =]

  98. nooo! I’m so sorry you feel you need to end Wonder Girls Wonderland. We all really enjoyed. And thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us!

  99. awww…that’s too sad…you’re on my reader for my WG updates…I’m sad to see that other people don’t give credit to your articles and disrespect you…I’m gonna feed on your coolsmurf domain instead…

    Thanks coolsmurf!

  100. **okay last comment I promise**

    I feel like a member of the group just announced that they’re leaving…..wonder girls and coolsmurf kinda go hand and hand in my eyes……T_T

  101. OMG NOOOOOOOOOO! Seriously this website is the reason why I’m even a Wonder Girl fan!!!! I check it everyday to see what new things the girls are up too! Trust me I’ve been to other sites and they are not like this one at all!!!! This site is made a TRUE wonder girl fan!!! I cant believe you’re going to stop! **sniffle**

    Well all I can say is thank you for all your efforts to keep your international fans satisfied!! I’ll miss your reports! Have a good Christmas!!!!

  102. btw… where did you get this awesome picture of so hee? Is it part of a set? Is there a pic of yoo bin in the same outfit? x)

  103. aww dont stop updating..i really like this!!
    and..your really doing a good job..updating infos bout the wonder girls i mean if we go where are we going to go?
    besides i love wonder girls..
    maybe this website is the only thing that made me LOVE wonder girls..so please…dont..dont mind those antis…

    well..its really ur decision to make ^_^
    just hope you have second thoughts about reading our comments ^^

  104. PLEASE DON’T STOP UPDATING T___________________T Your site is the only Wondergirls site I read cause its always so neat and all this WG news that is easy to find…I read your site all the time…so please don’t stop updating T____T

    your ite was the one that introduce WG to me and i check everyday for new updates.you are the FASTEST WONDER GIRLS UPDATE AND THE BEST TOO.

    but i wish u for the best!!fighting in everything u do.come to our spectacle often.visit the s-box especially.

    your HARDwork and all that u have gave is sooooooo much APPERICIATED.

    T___________T bye alvin.

  106. Dear coolsmurf,
    I am really sorry that you feel that you must go! I wanted to tell you I really appreciate all your hard work. You run my favorite Wonder Girls site and no other site can compare. I don’t trust anyone else but yours. Every time I go online, your site is the first I go to! Thank you for EVERYTHING, you are a true WonderFul.

    Good luck in life,

    P.S. I run a yoobinaday picture community on livejournal. I always credit you and give thanks for your work!! You will be missed.

  107. After thinking about your decision and as someone said I think you lost your passion for the girls which is even sadder…
    Because seriously I dont think the one that created this blog with so much love for the girls will leave us like this because of some stupid comments…

    Anyways u were da best and youll always be but please reconsider….

    Your fan…

  108. NO!!!! Seriously, dont leave. This is super dilemma for me.
    Hope you will take a good rest and maybe someday, return and update on the girls. I just couldnt find any better website.

    β™₯Thanks for everything:D

  109. actually, should I beg u??

    sorry.. but I still hope u will change ur mind..

    well, i guess

    i have to respect ur decision.

    thanx again!

  110. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    i’m really such a fan of u’re blog,,,
    everyday i will see u’re blog just to know the new news bout korean entertainment or wonder girls…
    huhuhu…it’s so sad,,but i understand u do need some break,i respect u’re decision,,,i just wish the best for u!also may u have a wonderful holiday!thx u so much for u’re hardwork all thiz time,we really appreciate it!
    don’t forget bout wonder girls n always being wonderful…
    Merry Xmas n Happy Holiday!!!^^

  111. oh geez..this is really too bad…this was my one & only way to keeping up with the wondergirls!! oh well..i guess i’ll try the sites you suggested. thank you for your help this whole time πŸ™‚

  112. what…? OMG this blog is like my must-visit website of the day. The first ever blog that I have to visit before starting a day.
    You always update something new about them so I really really love this blog.
    But I guess,something has to end doesn’t it? Oh well,as a Wonderful too I will respect your decision.
    Pls remember to not forget being a Wonderful.
    Thanks for everything.

  113. NOO!!!!! THIS IS MY HOMEPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!


    thanks for everything nonetheless though its sad to see this end.

  114. NO,NO!!
    is there anyhow you can change your mind?
    i’ve been following this blog since it started..
    this is the only place for me to know more about my
    most precious girls,the WONDER GIRLS!!
    and it’s all thanks to you..
    but if you’re going to end it,i feel so hopeless..
    where am i supposed to find more news about this
    wonderful girls?

    but somehow,thanks for all the informations that you had been
    sharing with us throughout this year,the WONDER year!!


    Once a Wonderful,Always a Wonderful ^^

  115. I guess this is kinda the last chance now… to comment on this…

    first of all, thanks so much for giving so much to us, oversea wonderfuls…. just so u know.. that i really appreciate it ^__^

    i remember last year… when i first became a fan of wonder girls~ it was so hard to get information of them since i cant understand korean. Thanks to Wonderland.. which gave me so much information of them which allowed me to know more about the Wonder Girls… all their most recent news… videos… pictures…

    Thank You so much..!!! soooo sooo soo much!
    Wonder Girls must be proud to have a WonderFul like you, coolsmurf! ^____^
    thanks for all the help in the past year~
    let’s still give our support and love to our Wonder Girls !!

  116. Thanks alot for keeping all Wonderfuls updated regularly ;D

    It’s a pity you’re discontinuing Wondergirls Wonderland 😦 You’ll definitely be missed but I guess we’ll all catch you on your YT channels πŸ™‚

    Take care and stay Wonderful ❀

    A very merry christmas to you too ;D

  117. From : Wonderfuls Vietnam

    To : Wondermurf !

    Thanks 4 everything u done 4 WGs and WFs ,
    now u’re dissapoiting and tiring about someone ?
    U did good job and I know WFs around the world are thankful and love you so much . Maybe my English not good but hope u will understand that how much I love u ~ .
    Be relax and do watever u want , WFs will always beside u and support to u till the end .
    Althought I will miss u and Wonder Land so much but I respect your dicision .
    You’re the greatest WFs . We’re pround of u – best friend of WGs and WFs .
    Wondermurf , Hwaiting ~

    Regard !

    Love u till the end , support u till the end !

    I β™₯ Wondermurf

    P.s : Let’s visit our site to know how much we love you @ wonderkissvn.com

    _Merry Christmas and Happy New Year _

  118. thanks for all your updates for the past 1 year plus. this is the place i visited everyday & i’ll truly miss it. but every good thing comes to an end. thank you for being such a wonderful wonderful

    merry xmas πŸ™‚

  119. Thanks alot man…! Because of your website, I grew to love the Wonder Girls more and more… This is my only site of information for my beloved girl group…

    I will truly miss WordPress and your daily articles…

    Thanks again…

  120. omg T_T so depressed. i was there when Wondergirls Wonderland first started ! lol so its very depressing that its all coming to an end…but i completely understand where you are coming from. it is not right, at all, to copy you and to take things from your site without credit. it is also not right to disrepect you, in any way, by leaving rude and hateful comments. things like that can ruin it for everyone. even though im sad that you are stopping, i think its whats best anyway. im sure you now have a lot of time to do anything else that you wanted to do and you have more free time to do anything else you want to. i hope one day in the future you make a comeback and make us happy again lol. but until that day comes i just want you to know that i support you in everything that you choose to do, i support this decision, and i am a true coolsmurf fan. thank you for everything that you have given us thus far. thank you for making me a Wonderful ^_^

  121. this is really sad news.. whats worse is that its on christmas eve.. for me at least.. but i do respect your decision.. but if you can maybe reconsider.. maybe theres hope still.. you will come back to us with wonderful news about our wonder girls.. like what a lot of people said.. the first blogs i visit about the korean entertainment and wonder girls is yours.. its going to be hard to not come here anymore because going to your blogs is a daily routine for me.. if i dont go on your page.. it feels weird.. but going on your pages about wonder girls always complete my daily routine.. and the fact that your going to stop just killed me.. but i do wish you the best coolsmurf and i hope.. just hope one day you will come back to us.. thanks for all your time.. if it wasnt for you.. i dont think i would have been the wonderful i am today.. god bless you

  122. Nyah crud, your work on this blog site was super informative and I for one will be sad to see it go. Respects to your decision, thanks a lot for keeping us over sea fans updated and good luck to you on whatever you do next!

  123. Oh no! You’re closing this? I don’t visit forums and this is my only Wonder Girls source! I prefer blogs like this. It’s easier to locate! Thanks for providing us with news! 😦

  124. even though we all don’t want you to leave, i thank you for all the hardwork that you have done until now. you have always brought us joy by providing us with the latest wonder girls news and keep us wonderfuls happy. i now have to find a new website to click to for all my wonder girls news for i always come here like daily. anyway i wish you all the best for the future and thankyou for allowing me to be able to be updated about the wonder girls

  125. im crying! but i wish you all the best!

    i suggest all the wonderfuls sign up to spectacle forums.
    they have only 2000+++ fans only while soshified have 13,000++..
    they have updates there too.. we need a strong international fan sites. since wonderland is gone.

  126. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in~ your blog is the first wonder girls fansite which I visited and I have learnt about them all from here~
    Thanks again!!

  127. oh no!!!! 😦
    aw…. this is sad!!!
    I am SUCH a big fan of your website!!!!!
    this is the only website i go to for updated news…
    yeah… we will really miss this website.
    And also thank you for your hard work coolsmurf!
    You’ve worked so hard for us, the Wonderfuls to recieve the updated news about them… πŸ™‚ 😦

  128. i am so sad that this wonderful land where my fandom with wonder girls will end. i never thought it would end.

    be well. and you did great πŸ™‚

  129. i only look for wondergirls update here.
    the other sites is not as organise as yours..
    im so sad..
    anyway, thank you so much !
    Merry Christmas!

  130. what everyone said is so true.
    everyone goes to you for news.
    you are the most organized, most well kept-up with the news of the wonder girls.
    This website is basically what kept my love for Wonder Girls strong. Even though it will stay strong forever, I will miss this website so much!
    Thank you SO MUCH for doing SO MUCH for us Wonderfuls<3.

  131. hey hey..noooooooo…..your my first reference for wonder girls’ update….wuuuhhuuuu…..don’t do this…

  132. Thank you for all the time you spent for this…
    though its a big loss for most of us, it’s your decision.
    Again thank you~

  133. Aww man, I just recently became a fan of Wonder Girls, I found out about this site 2 weeks ago and now it’s over 😦 I am very sad but I respect your decision and I believe you have your own reasons to finally let this site go.

    Thank you for all your effort.
    If you ever decide to start a new one, please let us know.


  134. oh no! i loved your site because it was a clean, easy-to-read source for wonder girl love! i hope you come back every once and a while; thank you for your hard work thus far.

  135. μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„λ“€ 생각해 λ³΄μ„Έμš”.

    X MAN을 λΉ„λ‘―ν•΄μ„œ SBS의 방솑을 μ‚¬λž‘ν–ˆλŠ”λ°, μ–΄λŠλ‚  κ·Έ SBS의 ν•­μ˜λ‘œ 계정이 날라가고,

    Wonder Girls λ₯Ό μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μ„œ μˆ˜λ§Žμ€ ν™œλ™ν•΄μ™”λŠ”λ° μ–΄λŠλ‚  κ·Έ JYP νšŒμ‚¬μ˜
    μ €μž‘κΆŒ μΉ¨ν•΄ μ£Όμž₯으둜 Coolsmurf κ³„μ •μ˜ Nobody MVκ°€ κΈˆμ§€λ˜κ³ ..

    μ΄λ ‡κ²Œ μƒμ²˜λ₯Ό μž…μ—ˆλŠ”λ°, ν™œλ™ν•  μ—λ„ˆμ§€κ°€ μ•ˆ μƒκΈ°μ‹œκ² μ£ .. μ•ˆνƒ€κΉμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

  136. Also,
    you should be really greatful for all the fans of the site
    dont look at the bad things
    look on the bright side

  137. No please
    I beg you.
    when I open my computer
    this is the first site I go to
    and then facebook
    dont do this.
    i will literally shed tears

  138. noooo whyyy….. too shock.. i love this site 😦 awhhhhhhhhh …. no more comment just sad 😦 merry xmas and happy new year

  139. Aww…I go on here all the time to read up on recent news of Wonder Girls. Really your blog is the only one that has recent news on them. (:

    Well, you’ve done a really good part in making this blog and making all the Wonderfuls happy with every post you made. And of course you will always be a Wonderful. xD Once you become a Wonderful, you can never go back. lol.


  140. gosh. this is my regular website i constantly look at… it will take me a while to adjust not coming here anymore….thank you for doing this from their tell me times… have a wonder”girl”ful Christmas…great wishes to you.

  141. P.S. I don’t know what your reason is, but I’m gonna tell myself that it’s the antis fault or the super fans of WG who bash other groups and become other sorts of antis. >:[ Anti’s spoil everything!!!!!

  142. *speechless* yes, I really am.
    I really don’t know what to say besides

    but really this has got to be the saddest news ever for this christmas eve of mine ):

    thanks again, and good luck~
    Come to wgspec sometimes, yea?
    Got to chat with you on the chatbox once.
    Come through more!


  143. Don’t listen to them oppa, if you wanna make another fansite/blog, you go on right ahead! Your contribution to Kpop is a big one for international lovers of the Korean industry, it always has been and always will be even if you decide to make another one in the future. It started with X-man and it led to this, and people STILL remember you. I trust in your taste that whoever you pick next (if you decide to have a next) will be great and I’ll always be a fan of your contribution. And of course, appreciate it ❀

    I’m sure the people who have screwed you over in the end will realize that without your help, they’d be lost. because without this site, I’ll definitely be lost about WG as well xDDD

    Happy Holidays oppa!


  144. Wow, I’m really sad to see you go – this is my place to get all of my updates on WG. Still it’s your decision and I hope you’ll be better off for it. I’m sorry that negativity is part of what drove you away – that’s really the worst way to go – but I do hope that it doesn’t sour you towards the fandom too much. I’m a late reader but thank you for everything you’ve done for us fans and for the girls. Please continue to support them. Thank you again and Merry Christmas. Good – bye.

  145. OMG 0.0
    so sad ….

  146. Seriously, your site is the only site I ever read… I feel really sad now to know that you’re leaving … and depress too.

    well it’s your decision to make not mine so hopefully one day… I’ll be reading your post again.

    Thank you for everything coolsmurf.
    You are one of the most wonderful WonderFuls.

  147. alvin thank you so much for your hard work. i really have to say you’re the one who got me into kpop and k everything. i’ve been your fan from the x-man days til now. you don’t know how popular you really are and how happy you make people feel. thank you so much! we will miss you a lot!! 😦

  148. Its really sad Wondergirls, Wonderland has come to an END.
    Your site for me is like a News Channel I would stay tune to at all times. Your the best News Anchor man I have ever known. And also you give the greatest details ever too. Seeing your “News Channel” site leave breaks my heart because I wouldn’t know where else to search every morning. “sniff;sniff”

    A question for you; Is this about competition?

    Well, I respect your decision to leave. I mean I can’t keep you here. But I am very disappointed and sadden by this remark. I’m going to miss you a lot. tc. – Krysti

  149. im going to cry, like seriously! ):

    i adore this site completely & always will ❀
    this was like the only site i ever really looked at for wonder girl stuff. oh gosh, im so sad ):

    thank you sooooo much for all your hard work.
    you’ll remain a part in wonder girl history!

    okay really… dont leave!

  150. Every step I take, every move I make
    Every single day, every time I pray
    I’ll be missing you
    Thinkin of the days, when you end this away
    What a life to take, what a bond to break
    I’ll be missing you

  151. i think there is alot of fansites for wonder girls, but none of them seem to have alot of official members signed up… spectacle only has about 3,000 signed up… wonderfuls should join forces, work together to make a more interesting international website! take coolsmurf’s amazing Wonder Girls Wonderland as an execellent example,one of the reason why wonder girls are well known is because of this website, so thank you very much coolsmurf!

    another example is soshified. Don’t bash me on this but we need something like soshified.. their website is good, and it attracts many international fans! i think coolsmurf’s website is fantastic, now this website is closing, we need something as good as this one… spread the wonder love! please don’t bash me, its only my opinion, i just want Wonder Girls to be well known internationally and make their fanbase bigger…

  152. i started to love wonder girls lately…it’s because i read your blog carefully…T_T…so sad you close this…but however…i respect your decisions…thank you for all your hardworking…cai cien…

  153. you’ve been THE best, an amazinggggg, RELIABLE, *wonderful* resource for all things WonderGirls. thanks for all you’ve done. standing ovation for a true fan who has shared and cared so much! πŸ™‚

  154. aww we’ll really all miss you!
    thank you so much for everything you’ve done; i definitely wouldn’t have been as big a fan if you hadn’t uploaded/subbed/made available all the videos and pictures of the wonder girls!
    hope you enjoy your free time πŸ˜‰

  155. ugh. this is a sad day.

    To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed. Not to say i don’t completely respect your decision to leave, of course i do (have the upmost respect for you and your work), but I’m just questioning the reasons for your departure. Is it because of the “individual” wonder girl fansites? The ones “dedicated” to each individual of wondergirls? I for one always thought that was a pretty pathetic idea. hate to sound mean, but is there really a reason to have a own domain dedicated to one wonder girl? They’re a group now so most of the news will be relatively the same on each wg page.

    I always figured you blogged because you liked wonder girls enough to share your own thoughts about them without flaming. Sure, it came off as a blog about news and the latest updates but I’ve been following this wondergirls wonderland site and coolsmurf’s domain since the early “tell me” days and what i loved about most regarding your site if the constant updating and your open opinions. I remember reading your articles and only 5-10 people commented on them but now, comments exceed 50 regularly and sometimes 100. You gathered many wonderfuls into a small but expanding community to converse with each other and chat without many idiots bashing on korea’s top female group (opinionated).

    Coolsmurf! your work and enthusiastic attitude about wonder girls will be missed. From their irony days, this time, ee babo, joyo joyo, so hot, and nobody and much more, I’m thankful for all your work and videos to keep us wonderfuls updated. But PLEASE do reconsider leaving. Remember, blog because you enjoy blogging, not because you have competitors updating on the same stuff. Your wordpress sites (coolsmurf’s domain and wondergirls wonderland) will ALWAYS stand on a much HIGHER echelon than the rest no matter what.

  156. Please don’t discontinue D:
    I don’t like navigating around the other websites.
    They’re not as clean and lovely and simple as this one.

    I loved checking here everyday.
    I loved your updates and the effort you provided.

    I’m really going to miss this forum.
    Please reconsider if you can.

  157. But but but…Coolsmurf, you’re too awesome to go away! You’re always so quick to announce Wonder Girls news and performances. I don’t go to any other website but yours! I honestly don’t think any other website has someone as great as you posting info all about Wonder Girls, with a slight bit of WonderBang :), which I totally love.

    I’m going to miss you Coolsmurf. I really wish you would reconsider, but I guess if you really feel that you should, then good luck with everything you do in the future.

    I’ll always be a fan of yours, Coolsmurf! Maybe you’ll decide the come back next year once the Wonder Girls have their new album out? πŸ˜€ Always hoping! πŸ™‚

  158. i was starting to luvh this iste cuz i just found out about it now its leaving that no fair well at least tell us your other sites

  159. no please what website will fullfil my wg needs please dont i wont know where to go those websites look like they suck

  160. AWWW,
    ure leaving?
    this was always the place that i got my wg info.
    and youtube of course,
    well, good luck with everything.

    and thanks for everything!

  161. oh my im gonna cry juust a bit D;
    u should soo head for te publisher job for WG!
    HAHH. u’ll still hahve the youtube coolsmurf thoo?
    i hope! much lovess!
    keep on being WONDERful

  162. now i have nothing else to look forward to everyday! it’s a pity that u have to go. cos u’re the best WG source ever! it’s like losing the 6th member of the wonder girls. anyhow, thank u for all the things u’ve given us wonderfuls. happy xmas.

  163. Pingback: Thankful Alvin [coolsmurf] for eveything of our girls « <3 WGJJANG

  164. thank you for all your hardwork! i will miss you… Happy Christmas and a Fantastic new year! I hope someone does a website that is fanatastic as this one!

  165. Thanks for you done last days.
    I always like to be here every day.
    But I respect your decide for.
    stll one of WF,dou’t you?
    have a nice day^_^

  166. coolsmurf….
    its christmas!
    i visit your site every single day…
    anyway thank you for all your hard work…
    i really do appreciate it a lot…
    have a merry christmas!
    happy holidays!

  167. I was sad but accepting but now reading alot of the comments I must admit I’m getting to be a little annoyed/angry.
    Not at Alvin of course but the people!
    I mean guys he said he’s made up his mind.
    Stop trying to guilt him out of it.
    And just say thank you for everything he’s done.

  168. oh wow…. i didn’t expect this. this is the only place i go for updates on the wonder girls, this sucks really really really bad T_T, but i hope you get what you want. Merry Christmas.

  169. i know how you feel..
    you must feel hurt
    after all your hard work
    other site used the news & changed it to make worse
    to rot our girl’s name..
    like a**kp*p did..
    i respect your decision
    & thank you for everything
    (Crying~tsk tsk)

  170. Naaaaw i only go to your site for wondergirls information and updates! ><”
    Really is this the end? even the youtube updates?
    Well wish you the best for the future thans.

  171. aww… i will miss this site. this the first one i visit everytime i go online. this is where i learned everything i know about wonder girls.. this is a sad news but all things really do come to an end.. thanks you so much for everything you’ve done for us wonderfuls.. God bless and Merry Christmas

  172. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Your delivery of info has always been top notch! We are all grateful and sad at the same time for you will be surely missed. Thank you again Alvin! Your site was one of the main reasons why I turned my PC on everyday… πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas! And best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  173. Then can we request for news that are important to us??
    Like really big news- Like a new single etc. Can you update us with these type o fnews? PLEASE! πŸ˜€

  174. Oh wow.
    I knew this day was inevitable.
    But I didn’t think that it would come so soon!
    You are the reason why I haven’t turned off my computer since before the summer. Lol.
    I used to go to all the sites, but then it just got to be a hassle since you had them all first anyway so then I just started going to only yours.
    And alot of spectacle’s updates are from your site anyway.
    But now I guess I’m going to have to restart up that hassling schedule.
    I’m not trying to guilt you coolsmurf really I’m not.
    I understand where you’re coming from and if this is really your final decision then I hope for the best.
    I must admit it’s incredibly sad to see you go especially before their concerts and break in to the American market.
    Well Merry Christmas coolsmurf.
    And thanks again for everything you’ve done. You’ve been a bigggggg help to my huge obsession that I have with the Wonder Girls. :)).
    Hope to see you around every so often!
    and now for the last time, I say.

    Thanks Coolsmurf.

  175. I really think that you shouldnt stop because of the hurtful comments. You can just delete them anyway, do not pay attention to those worthless stuff – well that’s my POV , coz i also have a blog and i know how it feels like to read those comments, but i just delete them anyway. But the choice is yours coz like you said, it is really time consuming to update blog. Maybe you can ask some of the wonderfuls to help you update the blog, while you supervise them, in this way your faithful readers(like me ^_^) will still get their daily wonder dosage and the haters, they will get tired bashing anyway. And you can also impose new rule – DICTATOR rule, stating that you will delete comments if it is inappropriate. I hope you consider my suggestion. In the end its your shot, and i wish you all the best. YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB TO SPREAD THE WONDER LOVE – you are a TRUE WONDERFUL<3

    If you quit now, that’s exactly what they want. : (

  177. even though there are billions of appriciation and love, one negative comment overpowers it all. i understand but i think the reason why you continued to keep this blog before was because you have passion for wonder girls and we all share the same passion. i know that you will keep supporting wonder girls but i hope that your motivation comes back. it’s not your job to make the personal fans into a true wonder girls fan….well i actually try making it my job haha even though it’s impossible. if you put your effort into something, i’m sure there are things that are possible in this world.

    here is my thanks for the blog with words that are probably confusing and not very useful. but i hope that it made you feel a fingertip better.

    thanks and take care.

  178. thank you so much!!! You have done so many great things as a wonderul… Wonderfuls will always stick together, remember we will support and love the wonder girls forever! I hope you enjoy your life, and i’m looking forward for you’re comeback… WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!! are you not going to update their concert?

  179. Its time to say goodbye….eh?

    When I first discovered Wonder Girls the Tell me was just released and I immediately fell for them.
    When I started to search info about the girls this blog popped up first.

    I immediately bookmarked this site and from that moment I have visited this blog every day and been grateful for the WG news you have given to us.

    Thanks for that I appreciate your kindness for the WG fans.

    This may be goodbye but I think everyone will remember what you did for the international WG fanbase.


  180. OOhh no, this is just as bad as hyunah leaving the wondergirls….

    Well good luck to your future endeavors and thank you for the great updates up until now.

    They were greatly appreciated.

    And Merry Xmas !!!

  181. aw 😦 i’ve been such a fan to you. Coolsmurf will never die in my story. Thx for all the things given to us

  182. Awww, thank you so much Alvin!!
    You’ve really done a great job!!
    Thank you for all that you have done.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  183. oh no!! i don’t want you to go T-T
    your site is sooo great!!! T-T
    but it’s final… so merry christmas T-T

  184. i visit your site for like a gazillion times a da….i’m not exagerating but i can’t really count how many times i visit your site for a day ^_^ your siteis like the very first site i visit when i open the net and also the last site i visit when i’m about to sleep…….these are all true….anyways i’m still stoned about this news….wah! who will give us the most latest news about WG? with your translations so fast you are the best! argh….i hate this…i also hate saying good-byes…….i need to face reality though that you won’t be changing your mind about this….as you haven’t made a single comment to the responses on this post…………hmmm……….anyways thank you for all the news & hard work that you had put in this blog for the past year with all my heart…i am really grateful to you…..i am like basing my posts from yours coz i don’t really know the right translations for most of the events or whatnots……argh……..i hate this…i really do…i am so sad right now……i can’t express how sad i am my friend…………..hope you will have a great year on 2009 ^_^

  185. It’s sad to see you leave, since this is the only place I’m subscribing to receive my daily dosage of Wonder Girls. I’ve grown accustomed to this site so much I don’t think I’ll ever look anywhere else on current news about the girls.

    I understand you may not change your decision, but somehow I wish you could.

    All the best in everything you do, and have a great Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

  186. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!coolsmurf why does it have to end? now who will give us the fastest news & translations abot the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh! i can’t survive without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is so sadddddd and i’m not faking anything I AM REALLY SAD coolsmurf! wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can you not change your mind??????????????????????????????????????please??????????????????? i will rip the heads of those who irritates you coolsmurf just don’t go!!!!!!!!!

  187. please don’t stop! i’m a very big fan… i visit this site almost everyday, because of you wonder girls have been more recognized by international fans… please don’t stop loving the girls! are you going to start a blog for some other group, Kara? because you’ve been uploading their performances…
    ignore those people who bashed you on your youtube account, you have many more fans supporting you! Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls still need you, even if this site will be closed, don’t stop uploading their perfomances… we still love your incredible work! I’m sorry if i have done anything that made you hurt… i really am, but please… don’t stop promoting the girls… please…

  188. Hey, even though I’ve been checking this blog only since recently, I admire the hard work that shines off these updates and that’s evident from the loving comments. I hope that not the negative but the positive experiences and the appreciation stick with you after you stop doing this work. Thank you and merry christmas!

  189. we respect your decission coolsmurf. we will be waiting until you decided to comeback. coz we the wonderfuls stick together no matter what. tnx for ur hard work.

  190. just a note, i’ve always followed your work since x man so for someone like me, who couldn’t really speak korean, you really helped me and my sister learn our language and celebrities. you’re really my secret weapon whenever i deal with koreans! at church as a youth group leader, i connect with kids way easier because i can learn popular songs and groups thanks mostly to your blog! also, just learning korean words obviously was really helpful! so again, thanks you so much alvin, and i hope you know that everything you do really makes a difference!

  191. awww man alvin!!! i’m so sorry you have to stop but i totally understand. thank you for all the wonder girls love you’ve spread through all your hard work and thanks for always being dedicated and reliable for! im sure wonder girls would really appreciate it tremendously too!

    i hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year! and i’ll always be a coolsmurf fan!!! :DDD thanks for a wonderful 2008!

  192. Did I mention that the first time the Wonder Girls performed in the US, yoobin touched me?! That was all you dude!! Had it not been for you, I would’ve not known about the concert, never attended it, and Yoobin would’ve never touched me haha ❀ So thank you.

  193. You are amazing. I always wondered how you found the time to update and do everything else that you did. The reason I donated in the past was because if it hadn’t been for your site, I would’ve missed out on seeing the Wonder Girls perform in the US [twice!]. And I’m very grateful for all the pictures and animated gifs you gave us <3. You’ve done some great work here, and you will be missed.. I guess I’m off to spectacle :/

  194. Coolsmurf you are the best in the whole world! I had this set as my homepage and even if this is the last article I don’t plan on changing it! This was the best place for me to learn about recent Wonder Girls news!!! thank you so much for all ur hardwork and i hope all the other Wonderfuls feel the same! U r the best!!!!!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas and a WONDERful New Year!!

  195. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alvin WHY??????? I’m so sorry,I hate the people who drove you to this decision! Well good luck in the future!!!

  196. WHAT DA FUCK??? how the hell am I gonna follow the wonder girls???? H ow am I gonna….OMG WHY WHY!!!!

    but I understand you. however I’m gonna miss you SO MUCH T_T

    thanks for everything and meery christmas coolsmurf ❀

  197. alvin, you did a fantastic job of keeping us fans up to date with wonder girls. i will miss waking up in the morning and checking your wordpress before i do anything else to see if there’s updates. thank you for your hard work ! and merry christmas (:

  198. one last question coolsmurf….
    do you know any active sites for park jin hee?????^_^

    she’s also one of my idols but i can’t find any active blogspot for her ….

  199. ohhhhhhhhh what a sad news T-T
    i think there are no better site for the wonderfuls than yours….

    hope you would change your mind….. but still we’ll support your decision as well….

    goodluck to you!! hope our paths will cross again ^_^

  200. there’s gonna be a major shrinkage of wg fans when you close this site down, i kid you not.

    this is like the first site for all things wonder girls. i really wish you’d change your mind… please?

    but! thank you so much for everything that you’ve done. you’ve made a huge impact in my wonder girls fandom and my love for this site – it will never change πŸ™‚

    gonna miss this place.

    merry xmas and a happy new year.

  201. I’ll really miss this website, nothing can replace the daily articles and following of events that made this site unique.

    Thanks for your work.

  202. Drat, I love going on this site for WG updates, but I understand that it takes a lot of personal time to keep us updated. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you’ve invested into this blog, and thank you for giving me access to the Korean entertainment scene (which I would have otherwise not had). Thanks again, and have a nice 2009!

  203. It’s true that they are more popular than ever, but for someone like me who doesn’t have the time to wade through all the side chatter, this site is still the most organized and best one to get up to date on the girls. So I’m sad to hear you that you are quitting…

    Thanks for everything you’ve done.


  205. All I can say is thank you,
    you’re one of many reasons I came to Love Wonder Girls. Though it will be sad to see this updated anymore…
    Best of Luck to you.
    & happy Holidays, and Happy advanced new years.

  206. THANK YOU COOLSMURF.. like what they have said. It feels like losing an old friend. YOu’re like a wonderlife line for me..

    i sincerely thank you……^^

  207. awww…. don’t go! I guess the saying is right, “all good things must come to an end”. Thanks for all the news, photos, everything about WG. Hopefully we get to hear from you from time to time.

    Have a Merry Xmas!

  208. We’ll always be grateful for all your effort, determination, skills and enthusiasm you have put into this wonderful site! Thankyou so much~!

    Have a safe and happy holidays!<33

  209. oh no!!! its CHRISTMAS smurf.. T__T why now?? this is really a sad sad terrible …… news…
    i have more to say but then i only want the best for you. since its your final decision. Ill be waiting for your last updates. but can i ask a favor. can you please accept my friend request over friendster..
    T___T cant think of what else to say. im speechless.
    T____T wondergirls wonderland is one of my beloved sites… i only go to three. wgjjang.sunmijjang. and this. T____T
    ga… wah!!! tears tears….
    happy HOLIDAYs…
    i wish you all the best….


  210. Aww Alvin I was hoping you’ll continue to upload WG’s clips on your YT account but I guess not…it’s okay I’m still your friend & proud subscriber to your accounts.
    I’m happy you did this blog/word account it indeed kept us all inform of WGs info.

    Anywho Happy Holidays Alvin.

  211. thank you!!~
    you really did a
    great job promoting the girls ^^

    its sad that Wonderland will end but….




  212. its like losing a dear old friend.
    Alvin~! i check coolsmurf and this site like at least 5 times aday. i swear these 2 sites are my one-stop for all things kpop. I even bot the Xman set of cds from you πŸ™‚

    Thank u for all that you do. Take care dear old friend!!! *sobs*


    we will be waiting for your comeback special when the wondergirls come out with their new album…(hopefully)

  214. I check your website as frequent as a check my email, which is at least three times a day. Thank you so much for all you work. You really promoted the Wonder Girls very well just as you intended.

    I apologize for the entries I read and did not comment on your outstanding work.


    I wish you good luck, good health, and a happy future whatever you are doing next πŸ™‚

  215. you’ve given us so much wonderful and not so wonderful news throughout this past year.
    I want to thank you for all your hard work.
    When I first read this, many feelings went through me
    First Suprise, Denial, Sadness, Anger!!!!!!……..
    but I realized the decision is yours even though i feel like the only connection I have to wonder Girls is being broken… If this is your wish then I have to let you do it.
    Even if it hurts me 😦
    I hope you were able to read this comment 😦
    Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

    If you ever do decide to comeback:)
    we’ll always support you πŸ™‚

  216. Please dont do that to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im already so sad that the girls wont be active for a long time, and hearing that is heartbraking

    You cannot do that! lol you are responsible for my addiction to these girls and you have to keep being the #1 Wonderful and promoting the girls when they wont be there!

    Anyway I still have to thank you for all the wonderfuls!

    Merry Christmas Alvin!

  217. Nooo !! I’m really sad … everyday i would come home from school and the first thing I do is I always go to your website … because i love the wonder girls and i could tell you love them too and everyday there were news .. ohh i’m so sad .. it’s really … ahhhrgh no words for it im so surprised and it was so unexpected
    I’m really going to miss ur blog
    I think it ruined my christmas xD Noo not that much but anyway i respect what you’re doing and it’s true that there are many wonder girls websites in english but yours was the best ..

    Have a good holidays πŸ™‚

  218. OMG…..This is the second news today that shocked me today first the soshibang and now this…I love ur site its the only place I go to to look for wondergirls updates all the other sites always bash or insult the wondergirls in some way when they post up new about WG…the first thing I do when I get on the computer is check this site….no *sob sob* well I will miss this site…crossing my fingers hope u change ur mind….but tdoes it mean that u won’t be uploading wg performaces in wondersmurf either….sad

    This is The Best Place For Wonder Girls News. I Cant Be leave Its Ending. All The Other Wonder Girl News Places Stink This is Place is 1!

  220. Sad to hear this from you…

    Just to let you know,
    I sincerly respect the amount of work, effort & pain you’ve gone through for wonder girls. Thank you for the quick updates all these time. & I REALLY apprieciate your work on this site. You’ve been a great motivation to me all these time…

    Well then, have a Merry Christmas & a nice break (:

    I’ll always be happy to have you back (just incase if you decide to ^^)


  221. Alvin,

    Thank you so much for Wonder Girls Wonderland. I know it must’ve been a lot of selfless effort on your part to keep uploading videos and pictures of the wonderful Wonder Girls for us, and really, thank you so much. I started liking Wonder Girls at the beginning of this year because I stumbled upon your site. I looked forward to updates every day, not realizing the trouble it inevitably caused for you. I really appreciate your generosity and all the time you spent – and sorry for all the times we took your videos and other uploads for granted.

    Of course we will respect your decision. But thank you a lot for a great time! It gives me some consolation that you’ll always be a Wonderful; thanks so much for being really, really wonderful!

    Hope you have a happy holidays, coolsmurf, and may the New Year be a little less stressful for you. πŸ™‚

  222. T.T u going???awwww *cries in one corner*
    i’m gonna miss this site so much..why does it seems like a lot of people are leaving me this year?! T.T
    First it’s my friends and now you.. such bad luck i have there..but i will always appreciates and remembers the whole-hearted effort you put into the site..i have no power to stop you so it’s farewell then mate..bubye and take care!!

  223. Thank you so much for all the time and hardwork you put in Wonder Girls Wonderland, be sure that you have been highly appreciate.

    If one day you get enough strengh to comeback i’ll be here waiting for sure.
    I know that the recent stupid bashing of some of the girls have affected you, it’s really sad you have to stop like this.

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  225. what??! omg. it’s surprised me really..
    coolsmurf, your site was the really first site that i see about the Wonder Girls. Even if you say ,,end” this site stay my number one favorite site. If you don’t do this site then i’ll never be a Wonderful.. you were the one who make me a WG fan. But then ok. I can understand you.. but also hope someday you’ll continue the WG’s Wonderland, the best site of the Wonder Girls in the whole world..even if it’s not really possible..

    Thank you for your hard work, for always giving us the latest news about the girls, for the videos and the pictures and for all the big love that you give to WG. For me you will be always the biggest fan of WG. Seriously i look up to you.

    Wonder Girls + Wonderfuls + Wondersmurf Fighting~~!^^

  226. btw, wondergirls wonderland is my 5th daily blog to read.

    orders of blogs read on daily basis:
    wondergirls wonderland

    alvin ftw!

  227. oh my god DDDDDDDD:
    i’m so sad to hear this! this is like, the only site i rely on for all things wonder girls because the site is so organized and neat and DDDD8 youtube channel too?!

    please don’t leave ):

  228. eh alvin, don’t like that leh… even tho abit selfish to ask u to continue, but haix, if u really do end this, we all will be super upset.

    ur international fans too many liaoz…

    singapore FTW. u should ask JYP to employ u siaaa… for spreading the WG love to all international fans.

    and pardon my singlish. i have no idea why i’m typing like thisssssssssss.


    merry x’mas to u alvin coolsmurf.

  229. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    dont go
    i love this website its much easier then diggint through the wg soompi forums and that wondergirl spectacle thng website suck ass(sryy but it does to me)
    i like this website cuz its easy n fast n organized

  230. awwwww. that’s sooo sad to hear,this is the website that i go to know the latest update on the wonder girls! but anyway,thanks for making this site.. have a Merry Christmas!

  231. thank you for all your hard work.. You always be appreciated.. your blog also the reason why international wonderful had increased day by day.. i don’t know what to say..i’m still shocked and sad..
    the girls will leave to U.S in this march to start their career in there..so they mostly inactive next year in S.Korea..i will miss them too..
    Thanks Alvin..mery xmas & happy new year

  232. AHHHHH! This is like the first site im viewing everytime i wake up. But then if you already made up your mind maybe this is my goodbye. You did a great job and im happy to have a wonderful like you. ❀

  233. Awh oh man.
    Thank you for always updating us, though.
    I understand and even though I mostly just lurk around here, I’m really gonna miss this.

    Happy Holidays! ^^

  234. You have done your part in society and I thank you for that. Please have a great rest. I hope you don’t start not liking Wonder Girls. Thank you for all the great news and pictures. Hopefully we will always remember WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!! <3333 (^_^)

  235. WAHHHHHH! i am really sad alvin. thnx for all of the news. your 2 blogs are what i check first when i get on the internet. you are so reliable and on top of things. i respect that! i just hope i can still get all the latest news from others. but still even if i already know the news, i still love reading your articles, its always informative and interesting. *sigh* everyone is going away. WAHHHHHHHHHH! good luck in whatever you do alvin! FIGHTING!

  236. I already read your post on coolsmurf.wp, and i thought it was sad, but i was glad because you were coming back.

    …But after i read this, im sad again 😦
    I’d like to say thanks Alvin for this Wonder Girls sanctuary. If not for this, i might have been an anti…
    – – -i read an article about a girl group (snsd) and their behaviours, actions and the Dream Concert and thought that it was the wonder girls (i know, i know, i was really stupid – how could our wonder girls’ unnies be like that?)
    —so if it wasnt for this wp i wouldnt have been able to clear that up.

    Now and Forever, a WonderFul (foreign)

  237. what really, but this is my main source for updates. Awww dangit. Well anyways thank you for all the news and updates. This was the best site for updates on the wondergirls in my opinion. It gonna be hard moving on.

    Merry Christmas!!

  238. NO!!!
    Ive been a silent reader for all this time..
    this is my first time posting a comment but i have this site bookmarked and your other coolsmurf domain too. UGHH!! im really gonna miss this site! thank you for al the work!!

  239. Heeeey Coolsmurf….where are you going?
    Where do we go for Wonder Girls update? This blog is on my top bookmark list…

    Well, good luck for all your endeavors!

  240. I’ve never read any other site… and actually I only really got more into the wonder girls, and korean music in general b/c of you. I already loved the song Tell Me by the time I found your site and YT channels, but this year I’ve really gotten a lot of information b/c of your wordpress accounts. All the information is out there and can be found, but for people who do not have the time or luxory to spend looking for that information, sites like yours become an indispensable tool when it comes to keeping up to date with what is going on. It’s very sad to see you go, and while the time of it all may not be what many of us wanted to have received, it is still within each of us to wish upon you a happy holidays and to seeing that whatever your future plans may be, that they do come to fruition.

    Thank you for the memories and the dedication.

  241. Aw, this is sad. 😦 Especially since I hate going to Soompi/other forums for news and it was really convenient to find WG news on my homepage.

    But seriously, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this. I’ve become a bigger Wonder Girls fan and I’m grateful. πŸ˜€

  242. umm coolsmurf.. u have a yahoo messenger account??..

    you think i can add you.. i juz read this post and it made tears in my eyes..

    hope u wont go.. but its olredi decided..wonderland is still number 1 for me..

    dang this really sucks.. could you reply to this coolsmurf/alvin sshi?..

    tnx for all the hard work u’v done..

    Merry Christmass and may you have a successful New Year to come..


    Kuroro of Philippines..


    You were the best in organizing all the news and was always the one web I could go to for all wondergirls news!
    Thanks for giving so much^^

    Hope you rest well,
    And thanksssss for everything,
    Hope you’ll continue this blog once you’ve rested well enough.

    Fireworks for Alvin’s hardwork \^o^//

  244. T___T ahh damn antis/haters

    thank you for all the hard work and time you have spent uploading WG vids and posting news! I really have enjoyed reading about it! ^__^

    have a merry christmas and good luck in the new year!!

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  246. Why not let affiliates take over wondergirls.wp? There are so many individual WonderFul wordpress sites now, but wondergirls.wp is most definitely the most popular. Would be a shame to just let this site fizzle out. All the individual WonderFul wordpress authors could join forces to contribute to this one. Anyway, I just wanted to offer my two cents. Happy Holidays WonderFuls! Take care.

  247. Oh no! I visit this site every day for news about the Wonder Girls.

    But I totally respect your decision. Thanks so much for all the hard work. I’ve really enjoyed it.

  248. Aww….it’s not gonna be the same when I do my round of checking the news in the entertainment world. :o(

    Well, whatever it is that you choose to do we support you.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year. ;o)

    Truly gonna miss your coverage on WG.

  249. Alvin, I try talk to you but u decide liks this.
    OK I respect you decide. I hope some day u
    will come back. I will alway support and stand
    with u and wonder girls.

    PS : Wonder Girls are Wonder Girls

    Min SunYe is Wonder Girls

    Park Ye Eun is Wonder Girls

    Sun Mi is Wonder Girls

    Ahn So Hee is Wonder Girls

    Kim Yu bin is Wonder Girls

    special [Hun A is Wonder Girls, too.]

  250. Alvin, you’ve done a great job with the blog. I really appreciate all your time and effort. Thank you. I’ll miss the Wonderland.

  251. T_T
    i love this site!!

    Thank you for giving us this amazing site with all the news and information!
    Hope u have a happy christmas and a happy new year coolsmurf!
    Im subscribed 2 ur youtube accounts so…

  252. Nooo!!!!!!
    Nobody but you Alvin T T, you’re the best and my #1 place ><
    But why does it have to be on Christmas Day? T T
    But it’s your decision so, best of luck and thank you so so much for everything ^^ Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR ^_^ We’re going to miss you T T

  253. SERIOUSLY?!

    man, what a lousy xmas eve ><

    Well, seeing as how u won’t budge, man oh man, I’m effing sad =[ Dude, you have no idea X__X I’m really…wow, this sucks.

    ROFL @ Jaime’s comment xD Though I wont lie, I agree aahha

  254. Noooooo~~~~ We will miss you, coolsmurf!! T_T
    Thanks for all the news & updates ^^
    I’m a fan or your site too.
    Wish you Merry X’mas & Happy New Year πŸ˜€
    Stay happy & healthy

  255. its so weird that u had to end it on Christmas day:(

    best of luck alvin:) thanx for always updating us about WG! we hope that you will change ur mind someday.. heheh:)

  256. Aw…we’ll miss you.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for all you updates, translations, subs and pictures.
    You have been great!
    Thank You =D

  257. WHAT? …wow
    I’m sure you’ve thought this decision through…but I can’t hide my sadness. You’ve always been loyal at keeping the blog filled with the latest news (thanks for that) and so I understand how it can be really time consuming..so enjoy the long deserved rest! If any one deserves it, its YOU!
    And, I’m disappointed at those people who have not given the respect you deserve. (give me list of names…I know some people who can take care of these kind of stuff…no, I’m really serious)


    Thank You.

    p.s I’m with Jamie and Breezy, I’ll give you hell if you make another blog about another girl group.


  258. aw this is where i started getting obsessed w/ wg haha…
    always be a wonderful~ merry christmas ^^ and happy new year

  259. Nooooooooooo why why why ??
    your website so nice and the best
    web i saw plz keep going plz don’t end it
    i love your web site so much ~
    will it’s ok have a nice Merry Christmas
    and a Happy New Year 2009 .

  260. NO NO! this is the only website i know where i can get up to date wondergirls news! without you, i’m clueless and lost! is there anyway we can make you change your mind? please?!?!

  261. Aww…. Your site was the only one
    I actually checked. But I understand.
    Hopefully we’ll see you around sometime
    right? Even though I haven’t been here long,
    you did do a great thing by updating us
    Wonderfuls. Thank you for all your hard work!

  262. like jaime said “i will hunt you down if you start a blog about another girl group”..hahahahaha…yeah….don’t let your love for WG fade awayyyyyy…..=)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  263. what a way to spend christmas…
    it’s sad
    but thank you very much,
    you deserve much love.
    the rest of the world might not have known wondergirls as they know them now without you and your hard work.
    much love smurf!
    i won’t say goodbye but…
    see you around!

  264. I check your sites (coolsmurf and wonderland) at least 5 times everyday and now you say Wonderland will end…Urg ~~ “all the good things come to an end”?? If our girls comeback with their next album (in Korea), will you be back, too?

    Actually I don’t like visiting other sites (even the ones that you listed above) because they’re not as succinct and interesting as yours. I like your style. Oh well…I’m not only a Wonderful but also your fan.

    However, it’s your decision and I respect it. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done. Fighting!

  265. Aww T_T I’ll have to find a new site now wgspectacle had their last update on 11th of October O_o and just no to soompi or youtube O_o

  266. OMG!..major attack!!

    noo…don’t goo!…I know that there are more pages n all but U’RE THE BEST!..and the ONLY NEUTRAL one..

    all the others are individual WG pages…I love them..but this is like my second WG home after Soompi..

    bUT i GUess you gotta go…THANX SO MUCH!!!..yu’ll always be known as Alvin WonderSmurf! πŸ™‚

    BTW, if this is because of all the infighting that we WFs were upto and other unpleasant stuff..we’re sorry!!!

    Merry Xmas! much love for this wonderful page!

  267. this is really weird to me…. i’ve been following your blog since you started it….it feels like our love for WG grew at the same time…. I will really miss you….There might be other sources, but this blog is the first one i actually go to everyday… Even though there were some arguments, this place felt like “home”….Except for Spectacle, there is no other place I feel this way about…

    Thank you always updating, for your witty remarks, for your fairness, for everything you’ve done….I’m really really grateful…. hope to still see you around…do come out on spectacle and soompi thread…okay? THANK YOU!!!

  268. OMG…!!!!PLZ… DONT DO IT…
    DONT DO IT….

  269. =(. you shoulda made the announcement after christmas.
    now this sucks. coz you are the only one i go to.
    but okkie. ive always supported you sooo.
    you better not make another girl group’s site. lol.
    ill hunt you down. hahha. just kidding.

  270. Nooooooo Alvin !!!!!!!
    I will miss yooo but anyways keep in touch on FB and on coolsmurf πŸ™‚
    I will know register to the forum cuz I was lazy since u were here for us…

    Have a Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  271. wow, that’s such sad news to hear from you…
    i am sorry to hear the reason behind your choice.
    sadly, selfish people do exist in this world. nevertheless, i have to accept your decision.

    i just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you’ve done for us wonderfuls! you’ve been my source for all the latest news and updates on Wonder Girls over the past year or so.

    without you, i wouldn’t be loving Wonder Girls (and Big Bang) as much as i am today. so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    all the best in your future endeavours & happy holidays alvin/coolsmurf!!!

  272. haha…coolsmurf.wordpress will still continue i hope? (: its quite sad, since its the first website i go to on my favourites when i click on internet explorer..but it was wonderful while it lasted..

    anw, i only check your site and not the rest..*except wondersubbers yt channel* cause the sites you gave are not as organised and meticulous as this site has been. it was just click, wondergirls.wordpress.com and then tadah! all sorts of news, big and small, are there! okay, i guess i have become a spoilt wonderful :/

    you really should be credited for the amount of effort you put in for this site(: hope this post puts a smile on your face…happy christmas and a merry new year!

  273. sorry to ask but what are your youtube channels, and do you know other sites that’s like yours? and DON’T LEAVE! YOUR ALL I GOT!

  274. Aww~ I really looked forward to reading your articles. Thank you for the wonderful updates throughout this whole entire year.

    Have a happy holidays~ ^_^

  275. aw…im so sorry this is the end!
    i really loved visitng this site everyday~
    well god bless and merry christmas!
    forever wonderfuls ❀

  276. wahhhhh, im really a fan of ur site!!!! ): So sad you need to go!!! It’s ok! Wish you all the best next year! MEryy XMASSSS COOLSMURF!!!

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