Wonder Girls @ 2008 Seoul Doll Fair 081225

The Wonder Girls attended the 2008 Seoul Doll Fair this afternoon. From 23rd December to January 1st, the 2008 Seoul Doll Fair gives visitors a doll exhibition of the biggest scale in Korea, at the Pacific Hall in COEX, Samseong-dong, Seoul. They were presented with their own teddy bears wearing Nobody outfits.



Just decided to keep the updates going until 31st December ^_^


40 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Seoul Doll Fair 081225

  1. ahaha! the bears do look rather scary at first glance, the hair totally shocked me! :/ and yes yes i share the same thinking as wonderlover! yoobin looks really cute in her specs!

  2. omg ty so much for keeping up until the 31st!!!!! ty tyt ty ty ty ty ty ty ty!!!!! i was like so empty. (im not even kidding!)
    they look awesome and pretty and gorgeous!!!!

  3. oh my, my first reaction (towards the dolls/bears) was, scary, but after taking a secnd look. it looks cute. lol. dressing like the WGs. haha, and whats sunmi trying to do in the fourth pic? hahahhaa.
    yoobin look ultra cute in her specs πŸ™‚

  4. I’m glad Alvin is still here XD I can’t live without this blog >.<
    ooh WONDER BEARS ARE SO CUUUUTE! but the girls are cuter lol.

  5. OMGosh~ Oooohh…… they’re sooo cute.. :O
    The girls I mean, the bears are alright, xD

    3rd pic, that bear scared the crap outta me!!! xD I thought it was a person.. and I was like…. O__O FURY?! … a mask?! lmao~

    4th pic —
    So hee: er.. why are these heads like this?
    Yoobin: Mmm.. are these wigs even going to stay on..
    Sun mi: Mm… can’t we just eat them??

    Sun mi first solo pic —
    Mama bear: Do take care of my child.. dear wonder girl..
    Sun mi: I shall mama bear.. I will treat this beautiful creature as my own.. *tear*

    So hee solo —
    So hee: Gimme a break.. I still don’t know how to work this thing… Mmph…

    Last pic; Sun ye —
    Mama bear: *lurks in the shadows* Who told that girl to have my baby.. who does she think she is.. mm.. i’ll show her.. she’ll get it alright.. when she least expects it.. *glares*

    *squee* I HAVE to add text to these pictures.. keke β™₯

    Sigh.. I still can’t believe WGW is ending.. soooo many nice memories here.. still. 😦 But i’ll stop my whining and use this time to thank you for these entries until the 31st!! I am, we all are, VERY grateful, for everything that you’ve done. Running this excellent site, the site that was added to my favorites and checked everyday instantly.. obviously because it was the best around πŸ™‚

    I hope your Holiday has been great and will continue to be. Thank you so much for introducing this all to me, and furthering my love for our one and only’s :3
    You man, are truly awesome for that, keke~ β™₯

    WG Fighting!!

  6. the dolls are adorable.. as well as the girls…
    i wish to have one of those…hehe..
    thanks for the pics..
    love sunmi… eating alot of things.. haaha she’s really picky on foods…mango>trophy>light stick>doll what’s next?

  7. Aww soo cute!
    So this means they had to work on Xmas? : / I thought they would have to, but I was hoping they’d at least get that day off.

  8. ur site is still d 1st thing i open today when i knew it was closing, but then i saw this post…thanks alvin!

    btw, is it just me or yoobin has lost some weight? must be her glasses. she looks gorgeous in it.

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  10. !!! ur the best!
    i thought u werent going to post anything anymore…
    and i just happened to come here … as usuall… and remembered that u are ending wonderland… T^T…
    and i saw this!!! wooooww


    the teddy bears are heellza cute

  12. Lol thanks coolsmurf.
    SoBin absolutely fascinated with their Nobody dolls.
    While SunMi is in the midst of eating hers…
    I’m glad they decided to do Nobody bear dolls instead of people dolls cause you couldn’t possibly capture their beauty in a doll.
    The girls again look GORGEOUS!
    And it really looks like they’re having fun πŸ™‚
    Hope they had a wonderful christmas.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  13. thanks for the update, alvin πŸ™‚

    ah, the girls look so gorgeous. i really like sunmi’s bun. so adorable on her. and mandoo! so cute. yeeun is so gorgeous.

  14. thanks alvin for the update, I am ally glad that you will update until 31st. haha,ye eun looked gorgeous today.

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