Wonder Girls 2009 Valentine Day Concert Information

With slightly less than 2 months to go, JYP Entertainment has finally released some information about the Wonder Girls first-ever solo concert in Korea which will take place on 14th February, 2009, coincidentally Valentine Day.

Wonder Girls First Solo Concert 14th February 2009

The long-awaited Nation’s little sisters first-ever solo concert will see them performing their many hit songs like Irony, Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody, etc live. Having debuted only less than 2 years ago, the Wonder Girls have swiftly won over the hearts of many in Korea. You will be able to see them perform many of their songs which they weren’t able to perform on tv. We sincerely invite you to the Wonder Girls first-ever concert for an unforgettable evening.

Wonder Girls Valentine Day Concert erupts on 14th February 2009 starting from 6pm at the Jamsil Olympic Fencing Stadium. The stadium can seat 6,890 fans and prices range from 79,000 KRW (1,662 VIP seats) and 55,000 KRW (5,228 economy seats). Tickets available from 8th January starting at 7pm.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls 2009 Valentine Day Concert Information

  1. wowww the best sears are so cheap!! hope to see them in america with the best seats that low. [yeah right] once again, jyp’s best seat tickets are $150 usd compared to wonder girls best seat tickets which are $60 usd.. crazy lol.

  2. some body can see WGs but I can! T_T
    I come from Viet Nam and Iam living in a countryside!
    I can’t to see them anytime!
    I love them forever WGs!
    so hee, sun mi, yu bin, ye eun, sun ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    why! when ! where wil I meet you!??????????????
    your crazy girl fan!!!!!!!!!!!

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