Not Quite The Music Bank Christmas Stages Everyone Wanted

KBS Music Bank has finally announced the official lineup for their Music Bank Christmas Special on 26th December which will go live at 6.35pm (KST). Just not quite the lineup that everyone had expected and hoped for.

Nam Gyuri, Tae Yeon, Ga In, Sun Ye

The special stage that most would be looking out for (at least for most) is the special stage of Tae Yeon (So Nyeo Shi Dae), Nam Gyuri (SeeYa), Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) who will be performing Pussycat Dolls Buttons in their own style. I guess it would be something like what Sun Mi, Ga In and Nam Gyuri did on M! Countdown a little while ago. Besides this, Wonderfuls can look forward to seeing Wonder Girls performing So Hot.

Other special stages include performances by Rain, Kim Jong Kook + Baek Ji Young, Seo In Young, Dr. Fish, SG Wannabe, Shinee, 2PM and K.Will. Other performers that are also listed include Big Bang, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jewelry, MC Mong, Wonder Girls, Davichi and DBSK. To watch Music Bank live (or forever), access KBS Able (only method) from their website and you might need to register yourself (pretty straightforward) and login each time you view.


34 thoughts on “Not Quite The Music Bank Christmas Stages Everyone Wanted

  1. This is the first time I comment here and I must say that you give us genuine, and quality information for other bloggers! Great job.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where did you find it?

  2. “The girls will be performing “Buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls.”

    Fresh and hot news from our Korean counterparts.

  3. ^^

    hehe…dunt worry, there are 3 GAYOS because its one for each channel.

    KBS, SBS and there may be a special wonderbang , but I doubt it now 😦

  4. i’m kind of new to this so i’m confused cause i though there was only one? but then when i surfed the net i saw three different ones? so i was :O

  5. actually, nothing has been officially confirmed with WonderBang.

    The only thing that actually has been confirmed is a skit involving SoshiBang

  6. Wow, no WG performance…? WG performance is a must!
    Still will be shouting for leader min though!!

    btw coolsmurf, no wonder girls performance upped in a while eh?

  7. i think its like a christmas carol their doing… beacause all of them has amazing vocals! Sunye Hwaiting!!!

  8. aww ga in’s not a leader so it’s not really a leader stage. i am most definitely looking forward to tae and sunye!

  9. OKAY

    i think we will never see them together again
    sad i know
    but anyway
    i thought this was going to be on KBS Gayo Daejun
    but i think its really on Music Bank cause there are too little special stagesi will try to see this live
    but last year everytime the girls were on stage the thing started to lack

    Luv U coolsmuf
    Merry Xmas

  10. eh Ga-In is SO not the leader of B.E.G.

    it’s Je-A.

    so it’s ALMOST an all-leaders stage. BUT, not quite.

    and no, this is not SNSD’s comeback stage. 😉

    WonderBang fans can look forward to your most anticipated special stage on the MBC Gayo Daejun. A bigger stage for all you MANIA fans.

    Stop the hatred. Start the loving.

    Merry X’Mas to ALL!

  11. Lol no WonderBang like alot of us were hoping..
    If its anything like what SunMi did earlier this year then I’m pumped for it!
    No doubt Sunye will take the spotlight like SunMi did.
    And I must say that perf. was hot!
    I’m not a huge SNSD fan but I do like TaeYeon so I’m glad that the respective leaders of those groups can get together.
    But again I have no doubt that our Leader Min will take the stage. :))
    I agree not quite a lineup I was hoping for but I am nevertheless anxious to see what everyone will cook up

    thanks coolsmurf

  12. haha SNSD comeback to a music stage? That’s nice, I guess. My hatred kinda stopped for them, but if their fans are punks, talking smack about this Music Bank, they’re gonna get told off >.<. Can’t wait for the WG hectic stage schedule :3
    @zhey: Ga In to me isn’t really great, she has her on and offsprings, and she doesn’t make up for her dancing [not her fault whatsoever]. Sun Ye fighting! We should give her support messages on her Cyworld :D.

  13. Well i hope they’re gonna dance.
    leader min might not be the best singers out of all bcoz Ga in is kinda great i think but for sure leader min will be the best dancer. haha

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