Ye Eun and Friends Selca 081221

Ye Eun’s friends continues to keep us up to date with what is happening to Ye Eun when she is not a Wonder Girl. Here they are at someone’s house on a 2:2 gathering. Pictures were taken on 21st December around 12.41am.



credit: Ye Eun’s Friend Cyworld


12 thoughts on “Ye Eun and Friends Selca 081221

  1. ye eun looks very happy!!! Its nice to see that she;s having fun with her friends, and so happy to see her to still have time with her friends~

  2. hanging out with friends is a good thing to do when you want to relax.yeun looks vary happy,that’s a nice thing. i want to see our yeun happy.marry christmas and happy new year…

  3. i’m happy ye eun has a lot of friends. she’s very outgoing and friendly, i bet everyone wants to be her friend. she already had her fun before training and debuting. i feel sorry for sun ye, so hee and sun mi because they didn’t have much of a chance to make a lot of friends and have fun outside of jyp entertainment much before they became trainees and wonder girls.

  4. wow her girl friend looks like shinji. like a lot!
    im happy yeheun makes time for her friends. she;s just awesome!

  5. It’s nice to know that she can have an actual life on top of everything. Her friends look like they’d be fun to hang with

  6. seems she’s really happy 🙂
    now that there’s no more WG promotion,
    i miss her and the rest of the group!!!

  7. well,i was so happy to see the ye eun is just like any ordinary young lady,she needs friends .look like she had a good day.

  8. Aww!!
    I love these!
    It reminds people that they’re just regular people that love to just hang out with friends.
    She looks happy :).
    I hope she has a great christmas with friends and family.
    and of course the Wonder Girls. 😀
    Aw. It makes me so happy to see her like this..

    thanks coolsmurf

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