Wonder Girls Crown Bakery Icons Set + Post-Production Celebratory Party Pictures

30 Crown Bakery icons with 6 for each Wonder Girls.


Icons download provided by Crown Bakery website.

The Wonder Girls, their patisseur partners and production staff got together for a post-production party on 17th December to celebrate the successful filming of Mnet Wonder Bakery reality program (8 episodes) for the past 2 months.

Wonder Bakery Post-Production Celebratory Party1230089268_1

Click for original sized pictures #1 | #2


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Crown Bakery Icons Set + Post-Production Celebratory Party Pictures

  1. Aww Sunmi didn’t stand next to her (old?) partner..
    But at least Yeeun is~ it looks like he might even have his arm over her! :O
    & Yoobin’s partner is like sneaking a peek at her lol

    But congrats to all of them for completing Wonder Bakery!
    I loved it<#

  2. ye eun reunites with her old partner!! she was not the same after her partner left. haha look at ye eun’s new partner in the way back lol. he should have treated ye eun better like her old partner did, if he did then maybe she would’ve stood next to both of them lol.

  3. I LOVE THE GROUP PICTURE! Is that Yeeun and Sunye’s old partner? Gosh I missed them.
    WG and the chefs are SOOOOOO CUTE! Especially Yoobin and her partner!

  4. LOL@SunMi in the very back.
    Hahahahah they’re so cute.
    Looks like they had such a fun time filming.
    I’m glad they all got to get together and party one more time!
    LOOOOOOOVE the icons btw!!
    Too much blush on Sohee isn’t working for me but she’s so adorable nevertheless!
    Yeeuns wink!!<33333333333 It never gets old!
    Yoobin is the cutest !!!!!!!!!!!
    Sunye just looks so adorable you wouldn’t know she’s the responsible leader! 😛

    thanks coolsmurf

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