Wonder Girls Crown Bakery Christmas Pictures (15P)

Crown Bakery spreading some Christmas cheer ahead of Christmas Day by finally releasing pictures of the Wonder Girls photoshoot for Crown Bakery in cute Christmas hats. Great set of pictures including group and solos.



Group close-ups


Solo shots


Download (MF) | all 15 original sized pictures


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Crown Bakery Christmas Pictures (15P)

  1. MY sUN -Ye luce beauty
    super cute
    super inocent
    super intelligent
    super of all good

    Soo-Hee beia
    Sun-MI cute
    Yoo-Bin beauty
    Ye-Eun cute

  2. wOW..
    THEY all are so pretty..
    ah i wish i can be as pretty as them!
    love so hee’s legs!
    sunmi’s outfit is the best i think..^^
    so cuuuute!

  3. yah.
    s0hee g0t that cut in an accident that happened when she was still filming her first movie “some like it hot”.
    anyways,still,no one can beat mand0o’s cuteness.

  4. WGs is the best of the world!
    I come from VietNam! and I don’t have more time to search about WGs! but I love WGs so much!
    tellme tellme tetetete tellme
    I’m sohot
    I want nobodt nobody but you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh my god! I want to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my idol in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i m hangan i cum from VietNAm and Wgs is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uh moad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. omo!
    haha they all look so cute! totally brighten up my day !!
    so hee looks so adorable 🙂
    love sun mi’s hair xD
    ye eun is getting prettier ^^
    yoobin ❤
    sunye is super cute

  6. the group picture with the cake in the middle reminds me of Big Bang’s Baskin Robbins commercial
    I think in the first few seconds where the guys are around the cake, matches up with the pictures in terms of WonderBang couples
    it just popped into my mind while I was looking at the pictures, lol.

  7. i think yeeun and sunmi’s outfits are the best… or maybe i just dislike the colour red lol
    and sohee has cut on her right knee =T

  8. …were these taken a few weeks ago or just recently? i read an article on allkpop that said that yoobin was being harrassed cause of her weight. from what i see, she doesnt look like she even has a lot of weight on….i’d say she looks skinny!

    Yoobin ❤ Hwaiting!

  9. Ahhh, such cute pictures. I swear Sohee looks like such a cute baby, with the hat as a baby bonnet. xD The group closeups are my favourite.

  10. i dunno why Sunye thinks that she has ugly legs, those legs are ANYTHING but ugly…wish I had her legs..(wishes)

  11. This has got to be my favorite photoshoot of all time. The girls look simply amazing. And Ye Eun has received an equal amount of photos, finally! I love how they can all look so cute in one photoshoot, and freaking hot in another one. I know I can’t stand the cutesy image, but if Wondergirls were to promote it through cfs and photos, I am definitely a fan.

  12. OH MY GOD!
    I’m in LOVE with the 2nd and 4th group close ups!!!
    Sohee in the 2nd with her tongue ahhhhhhhhhdorable!
    And then Yeeun in the 4th looking like she’s gonna eat the hat! xDDDDDDDDDDDD.
    Speaking of which, I LOOOOOOOVE Yeeun in the middle in the group pics (not closeup)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE SunMi’s bangs and how they flip out.
    She’s so damn pretty!
    Sunye and Yoobin look sexy in that first picture hahahaha.
    I am again in love with their outfits!
    Very Christmasy but soo cuute!
    This is why they won the best dressed thing. :)))
    Totally saving these

    thanks coolsmurf

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