So Hot and Nobody Cyworld Best-Sellers No.3 and 4 for 2008

Summary of what the Wonder Girls achieved with So Hot and Nobody on Cyworld for 2008. So Hot was Song of the Month in June while Nobody achieved the same feat in September and October. In total, the Wonder Girls picked up 3 awards in 2008 and in total 5 awards (Irony and Tell Me in 2007), an impressive record only bested by Big Bang’s record of 6 awards.


The numbers to the right indicate the best-sellers on Cyworld (downloaded, BGM) over the past year. In 1st place was Big Bang with Haru Haru, 2nd was Kim Dong Ryul Like A Child while Tae Yeon rounded up the top 5 with If.


7 thoughts on “So Hot and Nobody Cyworld Best-Sellers No.3 and 4 for 2008

  1. WOOT

    haha you cant help it.
    big bang and wondergirls are the top groups in korea ;]

  2. whoo BB’s 1st with haru haru!
    2008 was definitely the year of the wonderbang, even tho they didnt have any collabs.

    i feel like these 2 groups will be forever linked in some way, as annoying as some ppl find that to be.
    personally, i like it =)

  3. Wonder Girls at 3rd and 4th. :DD
    2 out of the top 5!
    I would definately take that.
    Congrats to them!
    A feat they definately deserved.
    Might be hard for them to beat BB’s 6 awards when they’re debuting in America next year!
    But with these girls I have no doubt they’ll be able to do it.
    Which reminds me coolsmurf
    Do you know if the girls will be back in Korea by the summer or will they still be in the states?
    I’m actually going to see my family in the summer and would be crushed if they were still in the states when I would finally have the chance to see them. lol..
    Reply if you get the chance please

    thanks coolsmurf

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