Selca Pictures of Yoo Bin and Wonder Girls by Korean Wonderful

A Korean Wonderful managed to go backstage and meet the Wonder Girls at Gwangju where they are participating in the 2008 JYP Tour. But I guess she was a Yoo Bin fan since most of the pictures had Yoo Bin solely and she even posted a picture with Yoo Bin’s autograph (Yoo Bin only autographed).


To. Tae Eun mom
[Yoo Bin’s signature]
Mom T-T I miss you~
I miss your soft embrace
kyo kyo kyo~
mom ❤

the kids got me this signature ke ke ke
I get the feeling they added the mom part after ke ke ke ke


Rest of the pictures


credit: gomdorii (translation)


21 thoughts on “Selca Pictures of Yoo Bin and Wonder Girls by Korean Wonderful

  1. hai yoo bin im your number1 fan here in philippines and i hope i can see you at personal and plsssss go to philippine and perform here plsssssssssssss!

  2. I will always love Yoobin!
    She is so pretty!
    Dear Yoobin,
    hope to see you in Singapore as soon as possible!
    please also bring the other Wonder Girls members with you!:)

  3. yahhh…. yoo bin is so pretty!
    wer twin!!
    hehehe..we have the same face!
    hope to meet her in person!

  4. Wow no Sohee. :((
    Lucky fan.. I’m burning with jealousy.
    Hahahahhah@the signature!
    I get it..
    Yoobin originally signed it to the fan.
    But then the fan gave it to her mother. 😛
    How sweet<3
    Yoobin looks so adorable here I could just pinch her cheeks!
    That’d be pretty awkward though considernig she’s a good 5 years older than I am. Lol.
    SunMi’s bangs are so long!

    thanks coolsmurf

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