Ye Eun Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081216

The following is a message which Ye Eun posted on the bulletin board of the Sendvoice Fan Club website. Message translated by gomdorii.

Ye Eun SendVoice Message 081216

Hello Voice Fan Club members, This is Ye Eun.^^
2008 is almost up~
Did you guys have a great year? We’re spending our days very happily.
Christmas is almost here so please enjoy yourself and also Happy New Year!!! (또 새해 복도 많이 받으세요!! = roughly translates to I hope you recieve lots of luck with the coming new year)
Let’s be together during 2009 also~ I love you ♥


29 thoughts on “Ye Eun Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081216

  1. i love you ye eun ..
    me too , i want you and sang wook of queen seon deok will be also partner or loveteam in a show .. actually many peole said if they have a movie or tv show they will be surely watch it ! hope it will also via in california , philippines and japan !

    love you very much ye eun ..

  2. i love you ye eun , take care always !

    hope you and sang wook will have a movie , i will totally watch it swear !

  3. Ye Eun,you are my favorite and I really Love watching you to perform..Even though i haven’t seen you in person, watching your videos with the other Wonder Girls members are really something that puts enjoyment and smiles in my heart..I Love you Miss Ye Eun..I’ll always pray for Wonder Girls success..

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  5. She’s such a sweetie pie!
    I hope she has a great christmas and definately a happy new year to top off a great Wonder Girls year.
    Hopefully the same things or more will happen next year.
    <3Yeeun 😀

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. ye eun is so sweet..

    i really want to wish them merry christmas and happy new year.

    hope they will gain more loves next year!!

  7. omg, ye eun is so thoughtful and definitely sweet!
    I loove her sooooooooooooooooo much!!
    So happy you’re doing fine and spending your days happily

    Enjoy your christmas and have a happy new year full of luck ^_^

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  9. we definitely will have a good year. ye eun wg will also have a good year. ye eun lover here,pls visit ye eun new wordpress,www the site is called ye eun impact.

  10. this really cheered me up… i’ve had a really bad day today… Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls hwaiting!

  11. YES! Let’s also be together during 2009!!!!
    good to hear they’re spending their days happily (:
    happy holidaysssssssss

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