JYP Entertainment Looking for The Next Wonder Girls with 4th Audition

JYP Entertainment will having it’s 4th JYP Entertainment audition to search for new JYP trainees in partnership with Korean portal site, Cyworld.

JYP Entertainment 4th Audition with Cyworld

One of the trainees who has debuted with JYP Entertainment is Jang Woo Young of 2PM, having been selected in JYP 1st audition back in 2007.

A JYP Entertainment staff in charge of new trainees expressed that the 3rd JYP audition held last summer received 15,000 applications offline and online. The chances of being selected are however slim, just 1 out of 5000 people. There are huge expectations from this 4th audition. Selected trainees from the past 3 auditions are now training in earnest for a possible debut in 2009.

To participate in the audition, one has to upload their video on Cyworld video event page or sending an email application to JYP Entertainment. Applicants can choose to specialise in either vocals, dancing, acting or VJ/MC for the auditions. Those who gets selected through the first stage will receive 3 weeks of specialized training under the company and then get to perform in an American idol-like stage in end-February of next year. The most impressive final 3 will become JYP Entertainment trainees. (credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com)


55 thoughts on “JYP Entertainment Looking for The Next Wonder Girls with 4th Audition

  1. I’m currently auditioning for JYP atm since it started on January. They kept saying that JYP site doesn’t work properly. But at, its working again, but i haven’t been on it yet. I need to upload more. Hopefully i can get in, but since there is millions of people that are auditioning, and i don’t get it, i’ll understand lmao T_T

    for people that think only koreans can sign up, its not true at all. All asian nationalities can audition. Me and my friend are Filipino’s and we tried out. If your auditioning for JYP and you think your late to audition, your not late at all. There is no dead line for people from over seas, from what i have been told.

    i hope i helped some of yous that are confused xD

  2. Hi,is there any chance that you can translate to English this cyworld video event page, coz, i have a tough time downloading my video. i have no idea how to begin my uploading.

    could you please make a translation on this page..?

  3. …but the question is…!!!!

    …do we people outside korea have a chance to become jype trainee..?????
    ….if so,,,please tell me,,coz, i would like to audition…!!!

  4. mm.. well it’s fine to have another underaged girl group as long as they’re talented. uhh just my Opinion.

  5. I think JYP should scout for another boy band. I think im good enough for it. i hope i can be a trainee at JYP one day. 🙂

  6. DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER UNDERAGED GIRL GROUP JYP!!!!!!!!!!!! its disturbing! i dont mind seeing another girl band…but underaged…..thats juss messeed up!!!!!!!!!!! I REPEAT! do NOT make underaged girl group!

  7. @@@ to everyone who asked…

    you dont really have to live in korea to be able to enter the contest i think..

    you just havta send the video and the korean judges evaluate your technique and vocals.

    then you go and discuss things from there when they contact you XD

    glad i helped:] good luck to those auditioning…me included

  8. haha thats funny. WG2. ” looking for members that are willing to audition for Wonder Girls the Second” XD


    I kinda want to audition but im so confused about all the cyworld video contest stuff…

    i wanna audition tho ._. My voice just sounds funny in amateur vids.

    -sigh- tough luck huh?

    <3333 SUKi :]

  9. There is already another version of wonder girls. The chinese version JYP Sisters. I guess he just making a girl group in korea this time than in China.

  10. Another version of Wonder Girls? There’s only one WG ..no more :[ , and i think if there will be another. The people will start comparing this and that .. etc

    Good Luck to them! :]

  11. anyone know if I want to send the email video audition am I suppose to fill the application form also? where can I get it? Can anyone give me the web to download the application form?

  12. i was wondering if anyone knows JYP entertainment’s address? I want to send in a audition video because it my email is being lame on me -____-. MANY THANKS!!!

  13. i think what he means is another girls group…i really really wanted to audition but i’m not korean 😦
    i was so sad,ohs well maybe i’ll achieve my dream in YG!

    wish me luck!

  14. i support this idea.why ppl only like org WG?of coz they’re good group.But sohee sunmi has’t any good voice.sometimes i surprised to listen when they sing.how they can reach this success.it’s so…………….

    we need other new fresh thing.so i support them.age isn’t important.if the ppl have talent they have to do what they want OKEY~!

  15. do u have to be korean to participate? or live in korea? pls answer if anyone knows!! I really wanna try this out.

  16. Actually, I like the idea~ but to surpass the wonder girls or live up to them is just stupid..

    also, he should sit it out with WG since they’re so successful and try to put that into 2AM, 2PM and Joo.. I mean.. if everything that the wonder girls were doing didn’t happen so fast, maybe he wouldn’t have to get a new group. The wonder bakery, all the TV shows, the online game, make-up, mp3 player, mascots for different companies, clothing line, etc.. WG just boomed in a short few months.. what about the rest of the family? I’d like to see them do more like WG. :/

    Off subject.. my lord.. is it just me or is JYP looking extra hot in that poster? *u* wow.. what an upside, lol.

  17. Lol.
    A 2nd Wonder Girls group is just stupid.
    NO ONE can surpass the original.
    He’ll see that soon and learn his mistake.
    I think it’s great that hes creating another girl group considering how well his FIRST one is going.
    But having expectations of that to the original Wonder Girls isn’t a good idea.
    Even with JYP’s brilliantness I doubt he can get the new girl group as famous/popular as our girls.
    And I agree with some here that he should focus on 2AM/2PM/Joo while the Wonder Girls are off and relaxing.
    Well whatever he does good luck to him.

    thanks coolsmurf

  18. i think the only reason why they’re saying the next wonder girls because wonder girls are very successful and they hope there could be another girl group that is as successful as them

    good luck to those who are entering :]

  19. Um, I kinda think JYP should chill for now, and focus on 2 o’clock and Joo. I think that while WG is off the scene, he should develop 2 o’clock and Joo’s rep, y’know?

  20. how do they assume that pplz from the states are gonna sign up for the audition if they chinese or other type of asian?? cuz my friend wants to and idk how to post up her video haha

  21. so this time round, you go thru all that JUST to be a trainee?

    i know getting into JYP is hard..but still, it sucks to have to go thru all that (especially that american idol-like competition) just to be a trainee who most likely never gets to debut.

    but i guess thats the world of showbiz – you need a combination of talent, luck and determination.

  22. uhm…i hope he doesn’t really make “another WG”. no one can replace them. but if he wants to make another girl group, go right ahead. congratulations to him. just don’t put WG’s name in it ^^;

    to those who are gonna enter, fighting!

  23. Guys, no matter what, wonder girls are always the 5 girls we’ve known since last year. Even if they’ll be forming another girl group, wonder girls can’t be replace! 2Y3S!

  24. yeah i dont think he actualy means a second girl group like WG. because then he would ask for only girls to audition wouldnt he? i agree with iheartme, i think he just means the lvl of success. either way, im too scared to audition. g’luck to anyone who does though!

  25. next wondergirls means next star from jyp.
    it doesn’t really mean that they’re looking for another wonder girls.

    omo~ wooyoung was from 2007 audition?
    he’s famous already. fast stardom. love him truly. 🙂

  26. only perform or debut after 3 weeks of special training..??
    i want JYP debut solo female singer
    special in dancing
    like Park Ji Yoon or female bi

  27. I think it’s fun to have another girl group in JYPE.
    I mean you can’t expect Wonder Girls, One Day and JOO to be the only ones to represent JYPE forever, right?
    Since JYP wants to debut the Wonder Girls in US, so i think it’s alright to have a new girl group in Korea.
    I think the term “Looking for the next Wonder Girls” is just to hype it up a little bit, like to get more attention from people…………?
    Anyways, JYP knows what he’s doing so we shouldn’t doubt him.

    And yes, there is only one Wonder Girls in the world. : )

    JYPE fighting~!

  28. i dont like the idea “next WG”
    yeah.. 1 is enough..
    or he should try to make new band which would be like hip hop girls band not girly 😛 lol

  29. i don’t like the idea of another version of Wonder Girls… he is already planning a chinnese version, lol, one is enough!
    i don’t get the idea of one day either… i though 2AM was in a different company… seriously, i like JYP and his creations but he should think about his other artist, JOO, 2pm and 2am has just debuted this year, they need more attention…

    2PM is doing great but I hardly ever hear anything from Joo … and once this group debut obviously people will start comparing… Wonder Girls is a great succes for him, but they have many things that they lack of, vocals, their lives, and once they improve there is no reason why people look down on wonder girls. So he should focus on the artist he has now… then after they are all very succesful he can start thinking about debuting another group… no offence but, the only power house in JYPE is Wonder Girls… he needs to give Joo something better in the future, i pity her because she is indeed talented! Wonder Girls will never have a better version because the original will always be the best!

  30. Not interested in a second Wonder Girls, there is only one WG and they already have two very young members. JYP needs to focus on WG and One Day and Joo only.

    ONLY them..

  31. so they will debut on February 2009 or just perform on stage??? i hope he produces girls who are younger that wonder girls, i’d love to see their interactions and support for each other, like DBSK and SHINee…


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