Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball Wallpaper

Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball team wallpapers for your desktop.


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If you post them on your site without any credit, I am really angry.


33 thoughts on “Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball Wallpaper

  1. SNSD is loved by their songs and faces..
    BUT..!But, but, but…
    WONDERGIRLS is loved not only because of their songs,dances, and faces but also because of their great attitudes and great realationship to fans..!
    and about the picture..it’s so cute..!MinMaknae is right..it’s funny how they are trying too hard to reach the ball although Leader Min is the shortest member..haha..love her..!!!

  2. 2009 will be very interesting, first the concerts, then their trip in US with maybe a lot of surprises who knows and finally a comeback(so exciting to see what will be the new concept).

    Toward SNSD, i just wish them good luck for them comeback cause i’m glad that SM provide such great singers like BoA, TVXQ or The Grace and those girls too have talent.

    But still Wonder Girls is what i like the most because of the music JYP provide through them, their stage presence and charisma, and their personalities on all the show i have watched with them.

    Even if there is a lot of rivality and competition this can only be good cause all goups will want to show their very best.

  3. @YO…
    lol, well you are right in some parts… but then again, why bother saying it all here? do you know why snsd have antis, its because of immature fans like you… you can say whatever you want, and by the way wonder girls had alot of competion this year, DBSK, Brown eyed girls , big bang and ect… its not like snsd is the only opponent to wonder girls… SNSD has higher sales than wonder girls, so what?

    i really hate it when people bash Wonder Girls, and i’m sure you will to if we bash snsd! and snsd is lucky that wonder girls will be away for along time, so they will be inactive until mid year… so don’t be too confident, I pity snsd fans because i know alot of them who are really nice, and yet they have to face antis… and its really because of fans like you, you don’t even respect other idols… so please, if you want snsd to have a better start in 2009, stop hating other groups… that will help alot since the antis will decrease…

    I really don’t know why I’m wrighting this long, i should just ignore fans like you… All the best to SNSD!!! and to all wonderfuls, let them bash wonder girls, but be patient and and respect their opinions don’t bash snsd, because it will only make it worse, as long as they don’t go over the top, just laugh at their stupid comments, obviously to them snsd is better and to us wonder girls is better.. lets just keep on supporting and loving Wonder Girls…


  4. The “only” reason why WONDER GIRLS won BEST GIRL GROUP this year was because SNSD was inactive the whole year. And thanks to Nobody & So Hot for being popular. But I dont think they could get soo mny awards if SNSD was active at all.

    wait till 2009 and see what happens 😀
    you can say snsd is most hated, but you cant deny the fact that they still have sooo many fans (: even now, their album sales are higher than wonder girls. they were inactive, but just in the month of december, they’ve made 5 CF’s already… what more when they comeback ???

    i really cant wait till january… its finally going to be wondergirls vs snsd this time…. because this year, wg didnt have an opponent 😀

  5. @wg is love

    don’t your worry..
    SNSD is like the most hated group in korea..
    ha ha ha ha..
    WG is the best.. with talent and manners..

  6. wow. yoo bin looks awesome in basketball jerseys. I can’t believe anyone will look at tt awesome body and say she’s fat. x(

  7. I believe WG is gonna make their comeback in mid 2009 or maybe later than that. JYP surely know what he’s doing. It’s gonna be like in this year. WG was on hiatus early this year for a very long time since they were gone to NY and stuff. And then came back with So Hot! After that,Nobody.

    It’s okay,as long as WG still exist. I don’t think any other group can surpass them as the best girl group ever. They are totally on a diff level of popularity now.

  8. ? are they not going to the us next year ??
    how they gonna fight against snsd when they are not in korea ??
    or did i missunderstand something ????

  9. I don’t think they will be that inactive… and look at DBSK, they left korea for so long and still able to clinch awards. Best girl group belongs rightfully to WG heehee.

    Anyway YAY for wallpapers, I love the fact that they appear in a lot of CFs.

  10. Lol wg is love…
    I truly don’t think SNSD has any sort of chance of taking WG’s best female group title.
    Even with their comeback after what a year?
    Their music is kind of predictable. Probably cutesy and too young appearing for their age.
    No need to worry.
    The Wonder Girls have already surpassed the level of only girl group rivalries and have gone off to just top group rivalries. And again I really don’t think SNSD can get to their level.
    If you didn’t know WG also makes their comeback with a new full album in Jan or Feb I believe with their very own concert.
    No girl group has had their own concert since Finkl.
    Which was ages ago lol.
    And I’m sure JYP will create even more catchy songs.
    He’s kind of known for that..
    So again no need to worry about SNSD being a threat at all, I’m positive that our girls are safe.

    As for the wallpapers,
    How adorable!
    I’m glad they get to wear anything other than heels!
    Those poor girls and their blisters! Good grief.
    Haha can’t wait until the CF comes out.. I hear there are amazing tricks involved!

  11. i’m really worried about next year… it will be the battle of female groups… the Wonder Girls vs Snsd will be everywhere, and obviously that involves alot of bashing and hating… Snsd will have their comeback in January, so they will be very active in 2009… unlike this year, i have a feeling that they will take wonder girls title as the best female group in Korea…. sorry to bring this up, I hope JYP makes songs that is catchy but shows their vocals, especially sunye, ye eun and sunmi! and fix sohee’s weaknesses in her singing and live…i trust him, so I can’t wait for their comeback!

    please pray for their success! May God bless them, and make 2009 another Wonder Girls year… WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!! again sorry to bring this up…please don’t bash me…

  12. i really miss the girls… they should get some rest… I can’t wait to see their comeback! by then, i will be focusing on my education and on my exams! Wonder Girls keep on working hard! althought there is alot of competition in 2009, i’m sure you will outshine them all! I think 2009 is tough cuz alot of famous female groups like Jewelry, snsd and ext. making their comebacks… i’ve been praying lately for their success for the future! lets all pray for their health and success!!!


  13. you know whats really funny! Leadah is the shortest and the second picture shows the others trying really hard to reach the ball..keke 🙂

    Min Leader kawaii!

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