Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009 Concert Press Conference 081219

Nickhun from 2PM told fans that they should definitely not miss seeing the Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009 concert. Besides solo performances from each Wonder Girl, there is also the bonus of seeing 2PM in action as well!


A press conference was held yesterday evening at the Siam Discovery Center for the Wonder Girls first major concert in Thailand titled Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009. The concert will take place on 28th February, Saturday starting at 5 and ending at 7pm at the Nimibuth Building, National Stadium.

At the press conference, JYP Entertainment sent a young Thai man, now making a name for himself in the land of kimchi. NichKhun Horvejkhun who is now part of the boy group 2PM and representing JYPE to meet the Thai fans.

The event started with cover bands showing their talent and love for the Wonder Girls as they danced to Irony, Tell Me, So Hot and their latest hit, Nobody. All wore costumes and had props like the Wonder Girls.


A JYPE representative expressed, “Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009 will take place on 28th February, Saturday at the Nimibuth Building, National Stadium. The concert will start at 5 and end at 7pm. It will be safe for young adults to attend because it’s not too late while concert tickets are very affordable too, going for just 700, 1,500, and 2,000 baht. Not only will the Wonder Girls be bringing their sexiness and cuteness to the stage, their colleagues from JYP Entertainment, 2PM will be the special guest.”

Seating Plan

(click for larger view)

He also added, “I don’t want any of you to miss this concert because this is not just a huge event but also the first independent Wonder Girls concert outside of Korea. The best and special part for Thai fans is that we will get to see each of the Wonder Girls member show us their solo performances too.”

After the announcement from the JYPE representative, the moment that most fans had been waiting for finally arrived. A video clip with the voice of the Wonder Girls straight from Korea was shown to Thai fans.

(credit: BrightenSunye@YT)

After the clip ended, it was time for Nickhun Horvejkhun, representing 2PM to speak. NichKhun was aked by the MC about how famous were the Wonder Girls in Korea. He revealed, “They are very well-liked and popular. Not only do they have teenage fans, even ahjussis and ajummas like them a lot. They can easily sing along and everything so they are really popular and hot with them.”


He also revealed the Wonder Girls habits and characteristics in his own opinion, “To me, Sun Ye has a lot of self confidence. She’s the leader type and she is really the right person as the leader of the group. Ye Eun, she’s a really hardworking person. She’s studying and working at the same time. She also tries her best too. And for Yoo Bin, you probably noticed her deep boyish voice right? For rapping. But to tell you the truth, she’s always acting cute (laughs). For So Hee, she’s a quiet person. But whenever she smiles, the world seems to be brighter. Everytime you see her smile, you would also let out a smile instantly. And finally, Sun Mi. She’s an adorable person. She has her own world, her own jokes, and most importantly, her own way of talking. Sometimes, she would joke with people but they just don’t understand her joke (laughs).”

Nickhun also revealed that he is really close to So Hee after working together (tango performance at the 2008 MKMF). “I am kind of close to So Hee because we had to practice tango together for a show recently. Therefore, we had the opportunity to go out, eat together, etc. So we’re especially close.”

(credit: jypentertainment@YT)

Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009 erupts on 28th February 2009 from 5 to 7pm at the Nimibuth Building, National Studium. Ticket are priced at 2,000, 1,500 and 700 baht. Pre-sales will be available at Pingbook.com starting from 25th December to 8th January 2009 while tickets will be made officially for sale through ThaiTicket Major from 9th January, 2009. If you are a foreigner living outside of or in Bangkok but would like to attend the concert for the Wonder Girls, please visit wgjjang.wordpress.com for more information on how to get them in a guide written by DIY_MAN. Seats are really limited!

Article was translated by Thai correspondent, Ivy (*wawa).


56 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009 Concert Press Conference 081219

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  3. Their english are so cute! Yeeun has an awesome eng!
    awww I love how Khunnie describe each member of WG. Seems like they really know each other very well.
    Am I sensing a SoKhun couple?? XD

  4. i’m so jealous with thai wonderfuls!!!

    nichkhun and so hee?? I prefer KhunMi couple.

    and I think so hee n seul ong(2am) look sweet tgther.

    wondergirls fighting!

  5. btw…. why wouldn’t they come to Canada!?!?!? ><
    …aww… or maybe Seatle?… T^T…
    i really want to see them

  6. i feel really happy to know that Nickhun and SoHee are kinda close! ^^
    they are the the cutest one in the two groups and i mean.. sohee is really hard to approach!! lol

  7. @Ivy: Yes yes nothing to worry just senior-junior relationship *Cough* I hope T_T

    My jealousy just reached an all time high hahaha.

    Can’t decide whether I should go for this or SMTown 😦 I want to see sohee’s solo perf hehe

  8. #Soheeismine nikhun
    relax man..
    their relationships just like oppa & dongsaeng
    JYP family really close to each other
    JYP family.. aja aja hwaiting

  9. I can’t wait to see the concert! i think there will be alot of crying at the end…and many touching moments, it may not be the biggest place for a concert… but that doesn’t matter, the main thing is that its a Wonder Girls concert! I really envy you thai wonderfuls… i want to go!

    Enjoy every minute of the concert, show your love and support! i know the fans in Thailand are amazing, make the tickets sold out in seconds! lol, Wonder Girls are trully amazing, just 2 years of debute and they are about hold a fantastic concert! I’m so proud to be a wonderful, to see Wonder Girls reaching their success inspires me to work hard and follow my dreams! This will be the most memorable concert ever!


  10. the concert is gonna be a blast!
    their english improved alot!
    YeEun is very fluent!
    her english is loud and clear!
    very nice!
    khun and SoHee…
    whats their name KhunHee?
    im all for it! lol

  11. I’m sure SoHee’s fans got nothing to worry about. It’s just grandpa Khun and his grand kid SoHee went out for some food that’s all lol XD

  12. 0_0
    “Besides solo performances from each Wonder Girl…”
    so, not only is it a solo concert, there’s also solo performances?!?!
    kfndinsfnusighsnjfn omg i cant believe this…
    okok, im happy for the lucky fans ^^
    guys, takes lots and lots of fancams…
    ..but last i heard they don’t allowed any type of cameras
    or i’m wrong…
    but when my sis went to DBSK’s concert in thailand,
    they dont allow ANYTHING inside AT ALLLLLL….
    and its not like the concerts in u.s. where they say the
    cameras are not allowed but you can still sneak it in anyway.
    i believe they’re more strict…
    ahh i hope nottttt

  13. i just saw the seat plan… the audience is kinda far from the stage though… i hope the tickets get sold out in seconds!

  14. awww yay! now sohee has another person that she’s close to besides sunmi πŸ™‚ i heard khun is really nice so i’m glad he’s nice to sohee.

    i wish i could go to a wondergirls concert sometime but i have no time or money. 😦

  15. Oh man.
    I wonder what Sohee obsessed fans think about that last statement from Nickkhun about him and Sohee being close and going on basically dates.
    He should’ve just said “Are you kidding me? The Wonder Girls are #1 in Korea. Come to the concert and you’ll see why.” πŸ˜›
    I love him for saying those things about each girl they are completely true!
    Especially about Sohee and SunMi. :))
    I’m SO jealous of thai fans right now you have no idea.
    First ever Wonder Girls concert…
    Anywho I really hope everyone has fun and the girls don’t get too nervous everything wil go perfect.

    thanks coolsmurf

  16. awww thats soo cute!! I like how Nickhun was revealing to WG’s personalities and all that lol and hes especially close with Sohheee x)
    lucky thai fans =(
    thnks for the info Wondersmurf πŸ˜‰

  17. khunnie is so cute! I’m in love with 2PM lately, khun is really friendly! being close to sohee doesn’t seem to be easy to me…cute couple though! I can’t wait to see the fancams and the news about how great this concert will be!

    i have to say, putting sales in affordable prices are a very good idea! the time it is taken is not too late or too early, if I lived in Thailand my parents would let me go for sure!


  18. isn’t 2AM in another entertainment? I really don’t understand this whole one day thing, 2PM are in JYP where as 2AM are in cube… is one day ever going to happen? personally i think 2PM is good the way they are right now, they are really hot!

  19. For So Hee, she’s a quiet person. But whenever she smiles, the world seems to be brighter. Everytime you see her smile, you will also let out a smile instantly

    kyaahhhh perfect couple ❀

  20. NICKHEE!? Hahahaha! I like Nickhun. Definitely one of my favorites in 2PM.

    But I ship all of 2PM with Sun Mi. HAHAHA! Sun Mi just seems to have a special relationship with 2PM in my opinion, and I think it’s significant that Nick even saved her for last when describing the Wonder Girls. =D

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  22. Wow! Nickhun and Sohee, close with one another? Of course they’re close no wonder when he sees Sohee’s smile, his day gets brighter. Do i smell love birds? lol. But they do make a very cute couple.
    And to the Wonder Girls messages, it’s so bubbly and cute with the English Assent. They’re much improving. Wonder Girls Fighting! Fancam get ready on FEB.28 Thank you.

  23. @MKY
    Though it hurts me that 2AM isn’t performing in all these overseas concerts (I’m mad as hell), but they have their comeback on Feb 14th…Which means they won’t attend WG’s solo concert (very unlikely) in korea (stab in the heart)…Please support them too , when they release their mini-album…T_______T

    the thing that worries me is the small amount of seats…hope as many thai fans will be able to attend…Live in Bangkok will be a hoy evening! lucky…:)

    Why yes, I find Khun and Sohee a very adorable pairing…<33

  24. AWW! Nick’s so cute! XDD
    But I’m starting to wonder
    what’s happening to 2AM
    these days? I rarely see
    them performing or doing

  25. oh yeah that’s sound great they are famous now;) hope they come here at Phil. its my dream hope it will come true^^ i wan’t see Sun Ye in person i love the m a lot……

  26. Nichkhun is a really nice person and he’s really perfect one ^^

    sorry for my shakes fancam, i’m really excited hehe

    i’ll take a lot of fancams if i has press card again ^^

  27. Nichkun has good personality & handsome too
    perfect package
    i dont mind if he date to one of our girls..hehe
    2PM also coming….
    what can i say? i got jealous to Thai fan

  28. YE EUN IS WOAH! her english is really really good now with hardly any accent! wondergirls fighting! πŸ˜€ come to singapore!!!

  29. haha,h-eugene Khun and sohee. perfect match. I really admired ye eun, she must be feel vry tired. n I just know that yoobin has temporarily stopped her university study.it must be vry hard 4 the girls to be study and work at the same time.good how I wish I live at korea or thailand. lucky thai fans.

  30. Wow…wonder girls solo performance sounds good!!! Waiting for it <333

    Of course people don’t understand Sun Mi’s joke cuz she is an alien Lol…so dorky

  31. THAILAND WONDERFULS , this is great news… please help those who are not there spread their love for wondergirls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let the wondergirls feel loved=)



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