Wonder Girls @ Tablo Dream Radio 081216

Wonder Girls posing for pictures with fans and Tablo at a recent recording of MBC-R Tablo Dream Radio on 16th December. Not hard to spot them.

Wonder Girls @ Tablo Dream Radio 081216

Still With You (original by Eric Benet)

Stickwitu (original by Pussycat Dolls)

Click for original sized picture. Videos credit to booloveswondergirls@YT.


41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Tablo Dream Radio 081216

  1. people kept saying snsd can sing better than wondergirls.
    well because they has 9 members.
    obviously some of them are talentless..
    wondergirls is much way better than snsd..
    snsd fans why are you wasting ur time in wondergirls blog..
    jealous? our girls are doing so well..

  2. wow, you SNSD fans really spend your time visiting this site… we appreciate it but no offence but if you’re going to bash, i suggest you to go away! you’re not welcome here… lol, antis should get a life….

  3. While I agree that their rendition of “Stickwityou” was not the best, mostly due to them being tired *quite obvious if you pay attention*. I have to disagree that they need to learn more english. If people bothered to look up many of their english performances you would see how great they are at singing in english. Most recently their appearance on Chocolate was a great showcase of their vocal and english abilities.

    And I still don’t get how anti’s of the WonderGirls find their way on here knowing the fact that this is a pro wondergirls blog and still make their stupid comments. And yes your comments are stupid because they are not even worthy of being called pointless.

  4. This stick with you song is nightmare, they have to work on their english, your not ready yet, to go to the U.S.

  5. Wonder girls are going down the tube…. (HAHA), why do they always copy the snsd songs that they sing. They cant’t even hit the right notes. Tiffany is better in singing this than any if the wonder girls =Q

  6. ^ No one thinks badly of you ^^ You’re probably just a Wonderbang lover so the news got you excited, right? 🙂

  7. well, i’m sorry if i acted immature… thank you for making me realise, and sorry once again for posting a comment that has nothing to do with wonder girls… sorry… please forgive me… very silly of me, and i hope you don’t think bad of me…

  8. No offense to wondergirls4ever_94 …
    But I don’t really understand posting a comment about Kara/BB/and Shinee if it has nothing to do with the Wonder Girls here..

  9. SUNMI<333333333333333333333.
    She’s just such a dork!
    I just finished watching Wonder Bakery 7th episode so that might’ve helped some..
    She’s so cute hahah
    Oh man.
    She never fails to put a smile on my face

    I truly believe nothing is standing in their way of becoming world famous.

    Lucky fans in the pic.. -.-

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. not to be bashing sohee just ruined the song when she sang her part and onward. everyone did great and that’s good. but in mine opinion tiffany of snsd did a whole lot better. the first song was great also but wish that yubin could had sang too.

  11. hmm… they should work on their vocals… i know they have been improving, but they need to push on their vocals rather than their dancing… Ye eun, Sunye and Sunmi have great voices but they should practice more on their pitching and how to control their voices, i belive if they fix on their weaknesses they will be able to sing with much ease and more power!

    yoobin and sohee didn’t sing much, i think they have a nice voice but still lacks, but you can’t blame them yoobin’s voice is more suitable for rapping and as for sohee, her voice is very high pitched… if she had more control, she will sound better… don’t bash me, these are only my opinions… they are not a ballad group, so its wise that singing isn’t their strong point….

  12. Both performances were really nice. Their English has improved a lot since what… Don’t Cha days? It was pretty easy to spot the girls, except for Yoobin. It took a couple extra glances to find our Snow White wannabe.

  13. OMG their StickwitU performance was horrible! They messed up so many times =____=. They should practice their english first before they sing english songs.

  14. @John

    i knew! lol she has an amazing voice. she just doesnt get the chance to sing that much because its always yeeun and sunye who gets to sing. not that that’s a bad thing. i just hope she gets to sing more often. she has an amazing vocal range. very versatile. she has good english pronunciation as well. sunmi jjang!!! ❤

  15. i will stick wit u foreverr..
    omgosh i lovee this song. =)
    Wg sang it so well!!
    WG i loovee you. FIGHTING!!

  16. Still With You was ok, but I didn’t like it; Sohee and Yoobin didn’t sing ._.’

    Stickwitu was just perfection *-*
    I mean… I love that song, and they sang it perfectly
    Yoobin sounded sooo AMAZING!~

    WG ❤

  17. still with you was beautiful 🙂 so pleasant to hear!

    but yeah, they seemed very tired/down during stickwitu :X

    my sister was like why do they always sing the same songs as SNSD? i said no they dont. and shes like YES THEY DO, THEY ALWAYS DO.

    …they dont always. and whenever they do, who cares. korean singers usually do covers of popular american songs so of course theyre gonna do the same songs. duh. it’s ridiculous living in the same house a wondergirls anti. -0-; it’s the story of wondergirls fan & anti living together. blah

  18. Yeah this radio show was good even if Yoobin and Sohee seems down, Yoobin was still talkative.
    I wonder if someone can to do a report of what they talked about, and why they mentioned so much about Sunmi and Yoobin? please.

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