Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball CF Photoshoot (7P)

More pictures of the Wonder Girls shooting for their CF for FreeStyle Street Basketball have been released by JC Entertainment today.


The CF was filmed in a basketball court situated in Gyeonggi-do. A variety of basketball tricks including 360° dunk, 3-pointers, etc by the Wonder Girls will be shown in the CF which was quite a torture for them. As it was already winter in Korea, the Wonder Girls had to be clad in basketball jerseys and shorts but it was a fun experience for them nevertheless. CF will be released on 29th.


Download | password: wondergirls.wordpress.com
*They didn’t include Ye Eun solo picture unfortunately


72 thoughts on “Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball CF Photoshoot (7P)

  1. oh and i wanna add ye eun give the definition of ghetto fab so so hot hot in this. and sun mi wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to cute i love sun mi and yoo bin shoes someone send me that too.

  2. could yobin be any prettier than this?
    not to fond of ye eun, the headband, hair and earrings, oh no, why stylist, why??
    sunmi looks like lil baby ^^ adorable!

  3. @ snsd

    well, isn’t she better than all your 9 girls whom trying to act cute extremely in stage.. no offence..
    stating the truth..

  4. lol, sunmi trying to act cute?! she is cute! go back to soshified… we wonderfuls really don’t want you here… i think whatever we say, and whatever we do… you immature fans will never change… so bash all you want, its pointless really especially in a Wonder Girls fansite… lol, I’m like snsd too and i know alot of soshi fans that are mannerful and nice, don’t ruin their image by bashing Wonder Girls… I hope you immature fans will someday change into a better person! have a nice day…

  5. lkjsfd, uhmm is yoobin like trying to
    act gangsta? all right wearing hats and headphones
    makes you look gangsta. ohhhhkayyy. and she never
    even got plastic surgery. if you dont know what your
    talking about then dont say nothing.

  6. it is crazy how makeup and plastic surgery can change a person. let me know when you finally realize your own stupidity that yoobin isn’t one of them (plastic).

    i also didnt know that wearing a fitted cap with headphones make you gangster. guess all customers of the hatclub and cap stores are gangsters while the employees are the mob bosses.
    hm, “lkjsfd” you sure made yourself look incredibly dumb and absent-minded. its okay though, i dont expect much from a person who tries to put down others to make themselves feel superior to have any sense of pop culture or any sense at all.

    WonderGirls ftw

  7. sunmi looks hella cute in this one.

    and yoobin..doesn’t she know that NY Yankees is BASEBALL?! dumbass…but her headphones are cool
    and she shouldn’t try to be gangsta. crazy how makeup and plastic surgery can change you.

  8. I love Yoobin’s look .< Me want.
    And I also love how she’s wearing the number 23, Jordan! Lol, and her shoes are so “BAM”.
    Yoobin’s just awesome.

    The CF looks and sounds great.. I’ll be waiting xD
    Wonder Girls Hwaiting~!

  9. is the wonderbang news real? i need to know! by when will it most probably be confirmed that they’ll have a special stage or not?

  10. yoobin looks oh so ssmhexy ! and sun mi’s
    hair is like super cute ! those are some cute bball
    uniforms lol. anddd the wonderbang news better
    be real or i might kill someone ! lol

  11. it worries me to see YOOBIN loosing weight way too fast…
    hope she’s doing it the healthy way though.
    anyone noticed it?

  12. lol the wonder girls big bang stage is a rumor. which means there is 99.9999999999999999999% that it won’t happen. IT’S FAKE. IT’S NOT TRUE KIDS. MOVE ON

  13. Also… even though i really don’t like ye eun’s look with the headband.. it fits.. so I REALLY hate how sun ye has those ear muffs on.. it really ruins everything.. :/ they aren’t even the same color.. but geez.. that was a stupid idea.

  14. i don’t know if someone already said it, but the headphones binne has on are mix style headphones.. they have a couple designs.. 🙂 look them up whoever would like them.. they have them on yesasia to buy..

  15. on a lighter note, WONDERGIRLS &BIGBANG (thanks to many wonderfuls/vips who constantly pushed for a wonderbang special stage) ARE TO COLLABORATE WITH EACH OTHER on MBC music core by years end.


  16. @yg…
    hmm… it’s nice of you saying sorry, i’m glad you realised your mistake… i’m sure wonderfuls will forgive you, we wonderfuls will always defend wonder girls, thats our duty… lol, you should get to know Wonder Girls, they are very good!!!

  17. sorry to all wondefuls who are annoyed by my stupid comment… i have no right what so ever to do something as immature as that! now I understand why Wonder Girls will always be on top, its because of great fans like you… you wonderfuls are mannerful, and i’m very sorry… even though i bashed them, you defended them in a mature way… WONDER GIRLS AND WONDEFULS FIGHTING!

  18. Lol @ yg.
    No offense but at this point I doubt any new girl groups can top the Wonder Girls. So really no I don’t think we’ll be seeing rivalry against them but thanks for the heads up.
    Perhaps they (the new girl group) can compete with SNSD instead.

    I think the girls look ADORABLE in their pink jerseys and LOL@all the tricks?!
    I can’t wait to see how they pulled that off.
    And WTF! No Yeeun solo.. :(:(:(
    Ah. they always seem to do this..
    And I agree yoobin’s headphones are so cute I want some too!

    thanks coolsmurf

  19. YAY!! The CF will be released on my b-day 🙂

    @ YG

    Please don’t start stuff here. Why not go start your own blog for the new girl group or something.

  20. no music core tomorrow. the mnet was their “last performance” on nobody and last week’s performance was just a special for the hope concert or whatever. they will only be performing the christmas winter specials from now on and also end of year MBC SBS KBS gayo deh jun (music festival). i heard that they will be performing on music bank on the 26th for winter special but i’m not sure about music core.

  21. lol @ yg…

    You do realize the only group that YG girl group will be up against is SNSD?

    They’re lucky too because WG wont even be in the country during their debut, they’ll be doing concerts including a solo concert and be the only girl group from Korea in decades to ever do a solo concert. lol

    Don’t even start shit here because you see what happened to SNSD can easily happen to them, that’s what happens when people get too arrogant and cocky too soon.

  22. gahh~ i’ve siad it before but i’ll say it again,
    esp Sunmi and Yoobin’s!!!!
    and dear Sunye look way too cute in that fluffy earmuff~~!
    and they look really good in jerseys. *SPORTY*
    and woohoo yoobin’s hiphop look is so COOL~~

  23. you guys need to give them a chance… don’t take it to seriously, they aren’t representing Korea or anything… its just for fun, why do you think the company chose them? i’m sure the company ain’t that dumb, he must have a reason… and its a fun experience for them…

  24. Ye Eun doesn’t look too good here.

    I don’t think picking the Wonder Girls as spokemodels was a good idea. I don’t see them as basketball type people…even if this is a virtual game.

  25. get ready wonderfuls, YG is releasing a girl group… and everyone is hyped about it… all the best to wonder girls… i’m sure we’ll be seeing alot more of their rivalry in the future… and JYP better train his girls to sing better cuz YG is releasing an amazing groups who will pawn all girl groups out there…

  26. this really saddened me… why always neglect ye eun. this make feel that she does not belong to the same group.

  27. I feel like I’m the only one who is not so excited for this… >_> Maybe, because I’m not a basketball fan. At all.
    I wish it was soccer instead. Or football. Whatever you want to call it.

  28. Ye Eun really fits this style…although I think she would have looked cuter with pigtails rather than that pony tail! Sun Mi looks adorable!!!

  29. Love how Ye Eun looks. Her & Sohee looks like they are ready to play so b-ball. Sun Mi just looks to cute. Sun Ye & Yoobin look more for a photo shoot..lol
    nonetheless I am looking forward to the CF

  30. Ahhh, Yoobin even has bling with her outfit. I never noticed before. That, and the headphones really sets her outfit (and her) apart from everyone else. xD

  31. YE EUN?! why no solo pic? 😦
    she really fits the “ghetto” image. her hair and make up really do it!! (don’t kill me, i’m from NY) sunmi looks uber cute~ and everyone else is pretty as usual. yoobin’s headphones! i totally have them in green and white

  32. NO Park Oppa?..why?

    Leader strikes a pose in the group picture (ATTITUDE)!..the three unnies look so gangsta in that picture while MiSo is soo posy!..keke

  33. “A variety of basketball tricks including 360° dunk, 3-pointers, etc”

    WOW!..can’t wait to see this.

    Our leader looks tired :(…take some rest Min Leader!!

  34. sad why always left out ye eun.
    This really made me MAD!
    Can’t they think of fan’s feelings.
    But the rest og thr girls looked good!

  35. @soheejjang
    yesstyle has them [search up mixstyle headphones]

    cute cute cute !~ i love these pictures
    they really do alot of cf’s-
    but i miss them, all im waiting for is this CF and itimate note and wonder bakery
    i guess ill see them active again next year

  36. they all look so cute!!! sunmi si so kawaii with her hair like that! everyone looks great, can’t wait to see the cf!

  37. where can I get me some headphones like yoobin!!!!
    I’ve looking for some cute ones.. I havesome from skull candy but..
    I want something like the cutesy one with stars!! Ah!! Help?
    So her looks cute, but yoobin looks sexy and the best!

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