So Hee and Yoo Bin Gets Teary on Intimate Note

Yoo Bin was revealed to be someone who would act really differently when guys are around. The Wonder Girls were on an episode of SBS Intimate Note recently to smooth out the awkwardness between So Hee and Yoo Bin.


In one of the games during the program, the Wonder Girls were asked by the host who would behave really different in the presence and absence of guys. When the moment of truth came, everyone pointed to Yoo Bin in the end.

So Hee explained, “Unnie (Yoo Bin) really goes through a change when guys are present compared to when they are not. Unnie usually has a deep voice. But in the presence of guys, she would speak in a high-pitched tone. It’s really chilly (an eye-opener) when you hear it.” So Hee even went one step further as she imitated how Yoo Bin does it, as everyone broke out in laughter.

The Wonder Girls also gave honest answers to other questions asked in the game like ‘the longest time you stayed angry?’, ‘the one who can make themselves look prettiest on stage?’, ‘which member (Wonder Girls) would you date if she was a guy instead?’, etc which got a lot of attention.

The Wonder Girls also did the Nobody dance cutely while dressed in fishermen outfits instead of their usual stage performing clothes. The teary moment came when video messages from Sun Mi, Sun Ye and Ye Eun were shown to So Hee and Yoo Bin at the end of the tiring but meaningful day of recording.

Sun Mi told So Hee in her message, “Don’t get hurt (or be sad). Do you know how much I am agonized whenever you are?”, while Sun Ye said, “Ye Eun and I have been going to morning prayers times at church to pray for us (Wonder Girls) during these busy schedules.” (All are Christians except for So Hee)

Intimate Note will be shown at 10.55pm (KST) on 19th December.


39 thoughts on “So Hee and Yoo Bin Gets Teary on Intimate Note

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  2. this show is one of the more interesting ones the girls have been on recently..really fun to watch!

    but i dunno how i feel abt yoobin acting way different when she’s around guys – i know girls like this in real life..and honestly, girls who act that way annoy me.
    maybe its just me tho 😉

  3. i can’t wait to see this video 😉 i’m gonna love yah always wondergirls;) All of their are look sister to each other so cute;)

    Sun YE 4-eveR;)

  4. Hahahah I agree with J.
    I am now loving the SoBin couple
    But MiSo will always be my favorite.<3
    She has so much love for her Ahn bang ool ee that it makes me wanna cry with her.
    I will pray for you/them too. 🙂
    And yes Sohee is a buddhist


    thanks coolsmurf

  5. i love wondergirls
    they are so natural in on & off camera..
    their sisterhood touch my heart
    i don’t know why i am crying

  6. aww see, this is why i love the wondergirls. even if i am older/unni i will support them because they are normal sweet girls like the rest of us who are reaching for their dreams & going to the top!

    but yeah…i’m SO glad sunye & ye eun are going to the morning prayers and turning to God for help. i was afraid their busy schedules might keep them from their faith. now if only the rest will join them. i wonder how sohee feels about them all being Christian except for her…i hope she doesnt feel excluded by it.

    anywayyy HAHA yoobin is like me. i also do that & i just recently noticed it. i normally have a deep voice but around certain people it gets deeper & around others it gets higher. xD

  7. Even though EunSun was rocking it a lot this year
    and SoBin (or Yoohee? LOL Idk their couple name) are getting closer and closer nowadays…


  8. Sohee’s religion is possibly Buddhism/Confucianism/Taoism… Unless she’s altogether atheist or agnostic, which is fine too. But it’d be cool if she’s Buddhist ’cause I am too. =P

    But woot for YeYe quality time together. ❤

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