Wonder Girls @ 同一首歌 in Korea 081218

CCTV 同一首歌 in Korea took place this evening at the Kintex Hall in Ilsan.


Hosted by Chae Yeon and David Wu, it saw singers from China, Taiwan and Korea all gathered under one roof and performing for fans which comprised mainly of Overseas Chinese studying in Korea. Singers performing on the night and representing China, Taiwan included Vicky Zhao, Chen Kun, Jerry Yan, Kenji Wu, Cyndi Wang while Rain, Triple S, Shin Hye Sung, Son Ho Young, Mina, Baek Ji Young, Gorilla Crew, Wonder Girls, Liu Xin and 2PM represented Korea.

Concert organizers Lotte Group also announced the setup of a 2 billion Korean won scholarship for Overseas Chinese studying in Korea.



13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 同一首歌 in Korea 081218

  1. I wonder why the Chinese girl from SM town wasn’t there, she’s a great singer….shame she can’t even represent for China -_-

    I like these outfits better with their natural hair 😀
    I was just saying the other day that I wanted to see them in those outfits with the pony tails lol xD weird o.o;

  2. LOL@last pic!
    SunMi…. xDDD
    I miss a good tell me perf.
    Envious of those who went..
    Or could at least go..
    But I also hope they had fun!
    Asia under one roof?
    Ahaah someday.. I will go see them live..

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. hmm the picture links not working??…lol
    i hope by performing in this, wg will gain lots of fans in china =]

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