HyunA Will Comeback As Part of 3-Member Girl Group

It was reported today that Kim HyunA, former member of the Wonder Girls will be making her comeback as part of a 3-member girl group next March.

Kim HyunA Making Her Comeback

HyunA who made a move to Cube Entertainment from JYP Entertainment recently is now undergoing rigorous training ahead of her comeback with her new group. HyunA left the Wonder Girls on her parents wishes in July 2007 due to health reasons but she has now recovered sufficiently although not completely to resume her singing career. HyunA’s new group will be specializing in the dance genre and she is now training hard in her rapping and vocals. The 2 other members of this yet unnamed group are yet to be announced.


66 thoughts on “HyunA Will Comeback As Part of 3-Member Girl Group

  1. Yupp.. She’s back, hyunA’s back, this wonder girls are back again with a new group called 4minute and been formed as a five member group.. hyunA you just coming back again, so glad to see you again. kim hyunA HWAITING!!! Raees 🙂 from malaysia.

    Via MebApp.com

  2. i like Hyun Ah, and i will support her even though i don’t really know her…

    Maybe some wonderfuls still wants her to be in WG, but for me i like the WG now… Yoobin adds the power and sexiness in wonder girls… Without Yoobin, wonder girls wouldn’t have that special something they have now… i have to admit that Hyun Ah is better at dancing but as the position as a rapper, yoobin is better…

    I’m sorry if my words effected any Hyun ah fans… i think that time has gone by, we should all be happy for her… instead of comparing lets love them all…

  3. awww so sad at the thought of Hyun Ah never returning to WG but hope for their collab….best of luck to Hyun Ah & her new group and she still my fave♥

  4. oh yea!! such good news!!! XD

    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 HyunA!!! i got into WG after she left, but she is my favorite behind sun ye!!

    i will be watching for this group, please keep us informed coolsmurf and thanks for all you do!!!!!

  5. i always love HA more than YB, ‘coz from what i see, she can fulfill the group by her talents and personality

    WG would be so much more fun and shine if she’s still in the group

    anyway, start with a group of 3 she may shine better than she’s in WG, good luck my dear HyunAh…

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!I CANT WAIT !!! I’ve totally missed her presence on stage and I hope she takes care of herself!! HWAITING!!

  7. re:random

    u are ugly… – –
    go away if u are going to say sth like that…

    HyunAh is pretty..
    i mean.. ~ nobody really compare yubin with hyunah anymore~
    … well seems like u like yubin,, ~ ii guess what u just did up there was enough to make YuBin disappointted~
    u just insulted her one of her good friends..~

  8. she was my fav. member of WG… but i donno why… hearing the news of her leaving JYPE …. took awaay my love in her… ><
    loll… i donno… i like the HyunAh with the Wonder Girls… not with any other groups… lol…
    anway. wish her all the best!! ^^
    i really miss her dances! ^___^

  9. I only wish her the best in her return!! If there is ever a Special Stage with both goups, the place will go nuts!!!


  10. #random
    you’re so rude..
    hyun ah always be wonder girls member in our heart.
    we never mention about hyun ah vs yoo bin
    because they have different strengths, charms & personalities.
    they also good friends
    i remembered when i saw photo
    ye eun & yoo bin attend Hyun Ah convocation school day.

    Hyun Ah good luck with your new group!!!

  11. yeah hyuna is ugly….
    yoobin is so much better anyways
    i hope that she isn’t successful lol
    ugly girls should never be successful

  12. yay! i missed hyuna! i’m so happy she’s coming back!
    wouldn’t be cool if the group was made up of former members from girlbands!
    like sunghee from kara and the girl from baby vox rev! and now hyuna!
    haha..i wish!

    hyuna! fighting! i’ll wait for you! 😛

  13. whoa battle of new girl groups next year!

    female bb
    female shinee
    female ft island
    and hyuna’s group

    personally, im supporting YG’s girl group..and if this group is legit, then they’ll come 2nd =)
    YG + JYP all the way!

    I hope she’s ok.
    She hasn’t recovered fully so I’m a bit worried..
    I hope all goes well and dejavu doesn’t happen.
    But I’m glad for her and I hope she just has fun with it!
    No pain.
    I wonder when she’ll go up against the Wonder Girls ..

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. YAY! Definitely anticipating their debut and her comeback! I miss Hyunah. The other 2 are Gina Choi and that one familiar JYP trainee right?

  16. teehee. congratss yoo. she dances well too so she ll be fine =)
    Hyuna fighting!
    but of cuz WG willl still be OUR FIRST CHOICE. x)

  17. She was the only WG member who made me not like WG at first, sorry I don’t like her, yoobin is a better rapper and prettier than her. But I hope this group does well..YG’s female big bang is the only other girl group I will support though.

  18. @sososorri

    umm… i dont think you read clearly but she’s not under jype anymore. she switched to cube. so im pretty sure jyp doesnt decide anymore…

    in not that fond of hyunah but i wish her luck. nobody want to fail 🙂

    but wonder girls will still always be number one


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  21. aw i was hoping she’d go solo but a girl group’s fine i suppose :] just hope we get a collab with the wonder girls. two wonder girls rappers on the same stage.. awesomeness :]

  22. i think without a doubt, Gina Choi will debut with this group, honestly JYP has no reason not to debut. (im just saying that cuz i want her to debut so badly.) if he’s gonna pick hyunah, for sure he needs other girls that are sexy as well. Gina fits this part so well.

  23. EEK! I can’t wait!! ^^ Hopefully we’ll see some good gg rivalries again. Like with WGs when they first debuted and Kara(old one obviously). Those were good times. Anyway, good luck to Hyun ah 🙂

  24. =O

    I bet she’s the leader since she’s the sunbaenim! ^^

    I agree with Krysti though. This will become the rival girl group of SISTA or whatever the name of YG’s new 4-member girl group! WHOOO! Let the games begin. ^^

  25. I can’t wait for this. I hope her rapping has improved though. I love her charisma on stage, and her dancing abilities were WOW! If the group has Gina Choi and that other girl in it i think i’m gonna love it since they seem slightly mature.

    Also this means no chances of her coming back to WG’s T.T I really thought during the so hot era she’d come back, i was secretly wishing for her picture to be released when JYP was giving us the so hot teaser pictures.

  26. Wooooo, comeback as a dance genre group. I’m can’t wait. I love when she dances. I think her group is going to be very successful just like Wonder Girls. Hyuna group vs. Jiyong’s girl group! fighting!

  27. Ack! I miss her so much! >.<
    Hopefully her condition is A LOT better. I don’t want her disappearing again when she comes back.
    Good luck Hyun A! <333

  28. So Gina Choi and Jang Seohee aren’t confirmed yet?
    I really hope they do! Those three would make a reallllly hot group.

    I can’t wait to see their collabs/interactions with WG! :]

  29. because i am so excited for this group, i will make an exception to my “fan of only one girl group at a time” rule.(yes i know its a long title rule XD) hyunah train hard and knock music fans socks off!!! whooo!

  30. @nene
    yes,he will debut them this month,that group is a project in China,different from the korean groups
    hyuna’s new girl group is under CUBE,so JYP has no reasons to cancel his plan to debut A-Chicks there
    we just have to wait a bit longer to see what will happen

  31. I got into Wonder Girls after HyunA left, so I don’t really know much about her – but I do enjoy her rapping! I’m looking forward to her new group, hopefully they will become a favorite of mine, like Wonder Girls and SNSD<3

  32. good luck for her..
    i hope it will turn out to be good
    this group will be rival to sista’ or female bigbang.
    i bet their music must be different music genre & charms
    from our wonder girls retro concept..
    hyunAh fighting..
    You can do it

  33. i read in soompi 2 other members is
    jang seo hee & Gina Choi.
    isn’t JYP suppose to debut wonder girls china called A*chicks in this month?
    i guess probably it cancel

  34. not very fond of Hyun Ah, but since she use to be a wonder girl… i’ll give my love and support… i think that its better for her to join another girl group, but for me, Wonder Girls will always be no.1, i love the Wonder Girls just the way they are right know! WONDER GIRLS, HYUNAH HWAITING!!!

  35. omg! my fav in WG. i’m so happy.*jumping up and down*.. i hope she can really make it this time..Wish her all the best.

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