Crown Bakery + FreeStyle Basketball Pictures (4+1P)

Some pictures captured from Crown Bakery website.



Picture from FreeStyle Basketball online game photoshoot.


Would be fun to play against them 5-on-5.

Point Guard: Sun Ye
Shooting Guard: So Hee
Small Forward: Yoo Bin
Power Forward: Ye Eun
Center: Sun Mi

The above is just for fun, seeing how they are posing like a team.


25 thoughts on “Crown Bakery + FreeStyle Basketball Pictures (4+1P)

  1. LOL~~!!!SunMi suits a CFcuz of her height~hehhee!!
    And SunYe is PG…she must be a sharp shooter~~!!

    I wish i can play with them T_T

  2. LMFAO!
    I agree coolsmurf it would be soo much fun to play against them.
    I am just loving the crown bakery pics.
    They’re SO CUTE!
    Verry christmas themed. 😀
    Ahahahha I love their hats too.

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. lol at Yoobins pose in the third pic! she does look cut out to play basketball, i think it rather fits her image…aww so cute!<3

  4. aww theyre soo cool et Prettiee x)
    aww i love Yeeun’s outfit in the second and thrid picture!! Def. lovee her scarf !! =)

  5. Those pictures are AWESOME!
    But I can’t help but notice that in the last two (same pose), SunYe has bags under her eyes. I wonder if she’s tired.
    And frankly YooBin’s shoes in the basketball picture are so cool.

    I was thinking about it and I realized that if YooBin didn’t have dark skin, I don’t think she would look that great. Then again, she’d probably look more like SunYe. But I like YooBin.

    Wonder Girls Fighting!

  6. Sohee looks like she’s ready to play ball. lol. Shooting Guard does match her pose. Thanks for the crown bakery photos.

  7. I really like them in that basket ball jerseys…ke ke..
    they are really cute…
    ho ho,,.so hot

    but i think yoo bin is the cutest on that jersey… she looks cool

  8. those little snowman (?)
    on their head remind me of
    big bang baskin robins cf..

    love so hee outfit!


    sunmi on de last pic looks pretty cute!!

  9. Haha..Sun Mi is the center?? I think ye Eun will be a better center since she’s stronger… ahaha..

    Somehow, I think YuBin kind of suits being a b-ball player.. haha..

  10. yeah .. ye eun might look abit too mature than the rest but i think in 1-2 years .. shes gonna really fully blossom !!

  11. wee~ i love their boots i nthe second pic and the little snowman hats are so cute.
    and i love their shoes in the last pic.
    they look so sporty. 🙂

    loving xmas style WGs~~

  12. yes its just u Lamia 😛
    yeeun is getting prettier day by day!! omg
    im so jealous .. i dont mean that she wasnt pretty
    but she is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look at yubins face at 3rd pic.. lol 😛
    love their outfits

    WG fighting!!!

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