So Hot Is KTF Most Downloaded Song of 2008

KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel) released some figures this morning with regards to the best selling songs (most downloaded) on their mobile service, with the top 100 songs listed. The most downloaded song was So Hot by the Wonder Girls, which according to KTF, accounted for 14.4% of downloads in 2008.

Wonder Girls No.1 Most Downloaded on KTF

Nobody was placed 4th. Idol groups Big Bang and DBSK were placed 2nd and 3rd with Haru Haru and Mirotic respectively. Tae Yang’s Only Look At Me was placed 8th while Daesung’s Look At Me, Gwi-soon was ranked 68th. Big Bang had 8 songs that was ranked in the top 100. Here are the top 10.

1. Wonder Girls – So Hot
2. Big Bang – Haru Haru
3. DBSK – Mirotic
4. Wonder Girls – Nobody
5. Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
6. Davichi – Love and War
7. Brown Eye – Don’t Go, Don’t Go
8. Tae Yang – Only Look At Me
9. SeeYa, Davichi, Black Pearl – Blue Moon
10. MC Mong – Circus


27 thoughts on “So Hot Is KTF Most Downloaded Song of 2008

  1. I had a great time in Korea and have a bit of a soft spot for Korean pop. But what gives with all the top billing of this blog? Are there really that many Koreans on wordpress? If so, anyonghaseo to y’all.

  2. So Hot!
    Ahahahah that’s awesome!
    I’m glad it was brought back everyone seemed to have forgotten about it..
    It was just so damn catchy!
    And then of course Nobody makes it top 5
    2008 is just the Wonder Girls year.
    Grats to them again!

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. ho ho ho!
    look at that. 2 spots in a list.
    how cool is that.
    they’re fantastic!

    and look at yoobin and sunye.
    looking smashing sexy in the picture~

    woohoo WGs!! ❤

  4. I thought So Hot was a bit more popular than Nobody. too bad they didn’t perform both at the award shows. TT_TT…

  5. congrats to our girls^^
    i can’t believe that they won so many awards in 08′.. so proud<3 keep it up girls!^^
    WG is Jjang! Hwaiting~~

    Lol i think they should get an award for ,,who get the most award in 2008?”xD haha just kidding…^^”

  6. 2OO8 is definitely a WONDER year for our precious Wonder Girls!!
    i hope there’s more coming in 2009..

    I wish Wonder Girls all the best in 2009.. ^^

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