Wonder Girls Shows Their Natural Talent for Gag

The Wonder Girls, matching the spirit of Christmas, made a surprise apperance on SBS People Who Are Looking for Laughter/Otchasa (Gag Concert).


At the pre-recording of the episode which will air on 19th December, the Wonder Girls appeared on the regular segment, Oongie’s Father as Oongie’s mother little sisters and put on an enthusiastic performance.

In a rare showing, Yoo Bin did a sexy dance, So Hee performed cute aegyo (expressions) while Sun Ye, Ye Eun, and Sun Mi showed their hidden talent for gag. The 5 members of Wonder Girls also showed their individual skills. The audience let out shouts of happiness upon seeing the Wonder Girls gags.

(note: Just for your knowledge when you watch the segment. Oongie is the child. The story is usually about the mother, father and this guy who likes the mother. The Wonder Girls will appear as the mom’s younger sisters.)


You will be able to see Oongie’s Father with the Wonder Girls this Friday, 19th December at 9.55pm (KST). Other popular singers who have made appearances recently on SBS Otchasa include DBSK, Kim Jong Kook and Tei.

credit: gomdorii (translation)


19 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Shows Their Natural Talent for Gag

  1. @purrplelover, KBS has it’s own gag concert. in fact, MBC also has it’s own. each tv station has their own. it’s very competitive.

  2. @wondergirls4ever_94, probably a rumor or it got canned. can’t see it happening now since it’s mid-december.

  3. coolsmurf, do you remember that news about the collab sunye unnie is going to do along with Insooni and Lena Park… was it just a rumour??? it was said sometime this year, but its almost the end of the year, so was it cancelled or just a rumour?? please reply… thanks!

  4. I don’t think the Min Leader wears anything but boots these days..and super-cute ones they are!!!!!

    I want to know where I can get them!!..SunYe really is looking adorable in the second picture!

  5. Those boots are too cute. I wonder what brand they are…I wish there was a magazine that had all of the wondergirls looks in them so us way extremely obsessed fans could buy the same clothes as them. Or I guess I could always buy something and send matching kinds to them and hope they wear it. 😀

  6. aww likee what SunMis wearing =)
    Sunye is soo cute ! Sohee and Yoobin + YeEun are just wonderful x)

    I can’t wait!!!!!
    I wonder if each girl picked what they were going to do.. or if it was already chosen for them…
    Either way they’re best at what they do and I hope they have fun!
    Sohee biased but I cannot wait to see the cute expressions she’ll put on!! :DDDDDDDDDD
    And I’d love to see SunMi the 4dimensional dork whip out her gag skills.
    YOOBIN SEXY DANCE?! Ooh man.
    LOL@Sunye in 2nd pic
    SHES SO CUTE! ^^

    thanks coolsmurf

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