Park Jin Young Happy 36th Birthday Clip from 2008 JYP Tour

Footage of everyone involved with the 2008 JYP Tour coming on stage at the end to celebrate Park Jin Young’s 36th birthday with a birthday cake.

credit: jypentertainment@YT


17 thoughts on “Park Jin Young Happy 36th Birthday Clip from 2008 JYP Tour

  1. haha sunye look so cute with her specs~~
    JYP family ❤
    papa and his accomplished proteges~
    the WGs were having so much fun esp sunye and yoobin!
    *jumping jumping*

  2. That genius.
    Happy birthday to him
    I hope he had a good one.
    JYP Family is just. more than I can say for !
    17 siblings and the dad? hahahah.

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. 2PM wasn’t there..sad..i mean i’m sure they were at the concert but they didn’t come out..

    anyways..i love the clip because it was nice seeing JYP’s artists just having fun. It’s like a big party…seriously I love JYP FAMILY…

    Happy Birthday JYP!!

  4. aww that is so sweet! i love the jyp family. also ye eun is so cute hugging jyp and then being by his side or in the back dancing the whole time lol. i bet sun mi was jealous of both jyp and ye eun.

  5. JYP Family is awesome!!! seriously look at YeEun hugging JYP!! i love this see this happy family!! Happy Birthday Pdnim! You are my favorite!! Please take care of the 17 siblings!!

  6. at the last part, Ye eun is between Sun mi and JYP..
    i bet sun mi wants to be beside jyp also…hahahaha ^^v
    silly sun mi =)

  7. i dunno why, but some how i was touched… JYP has done so much for the girls! i’m so thankful for him, he is the reason why we wonderfuls exist and why wonder girls exist! thank you for creating such an amazing group… he is so lucky to have so many people supporting him! JYP, WONDER GIRLS, WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

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