Yoo Bin Troubled By Netizens Remarks About Her Weight?

One netizen has bought attention to something that Yoo Bin had wrote on her Cyworld sidebar, “I also know it. But please stop. I feel that this is enough. Please. Now please.“ (the words have since been replaced)


Apparently, there has been a lot of comparisons recently between Yoo Bin’s figure in direct contrast with members So Hee and Sun Mi’s figure. There has also been a lot of talk about how Yoo Bin had gained weight since debuting with the Wonder Girls which has had put a lot of stress on Yoo Bin.

Now to put into perspective the stress that Yoo Bin is going through (wonderkid has done some CSI), her body figure has been hotly debated in Daum message boards. Netizens have been criticizing Yoo Bin’s recent weight gain for quite a while now. It had actually started when the Wonder Girls made their comeback with Nobody and some started noticing her weight gain.

What is even more hurtful is that if you type in 유빈 (Yoo Bin) in the Daum search bar, the related search phrases are Yoo Bin body, Yoo Bin, when she was skinny, Yoo Bin fat, etc. It must be awful to see that especially since she’s a girl. Netizens also posted pictures comparing Yoo Bin when she was stick skinny during the Tell Me days and now. How could she not be feeling stressed.

Standing on the sidelines, I cannot deny that Yoo Bin has indeed put on weight recently. The difference between pictures recently as compared to earlier in the year when she promoted So Hot is evident and fact. All the close-ups on tv and photos also does her no good. It just magnifies the effect and makes it even worse. Plus, it’s just her luck that they have to wear tight body-hugging outfits while doing Nobody promotions. But regardless, it’s still better than a stick-thin girl and I think she looks healthier this way. Fighting, Kim Yoo Bin!


If you are interested in showing your support for Yoo Bin, you can head on over to her Cyworld and leave a comment. Tutorial by jann/meteorstarbb829.

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credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com (news) + wonderkid (CSI)


156 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Troubled By Netizens Remarks About Her Weight?

  1. The moronity of many netizens never ceases to amaze me. It’s just plain sad how far some people are willing to go to insult people who actually achieved something.

  2. She used to be a swimmer, right?

    When swimmers stop training, they gain weight. It’s pretty normal, since swimmers tend to eat a LOT and not gain weight because of training/workout. When they stop, they tend to maintain the appetite, but since there’s no more training/workout, they gain weight.

    Why do I know? I used to be a swimmer, too. And I did gain weight. 🙂 I have a lot of swimmer friends who gained weight when they stopped training, too. So it’s pretty normal. Maybe she can’t go back to swimming due to her busy schedule? The benefits of dancing for losing weight isn’t as much as what swimming can offer. The latter being the best total body exercise as far as I know.

    Skinny or not, we love you, YooBin! xoxo

  3. T.T I cant get into her cyworld.
    I got to know WG recently, about 2 months ago. I like the yoobin in , and i don’t see what’s wrong with her figure. she looks darn cute in the mv!
    anyway, she looks healthier and hotter than ever.

    ask those weight conscious idiots to stop being so superficial. she’s not even fat.

  4. I personally think she’s WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL with her healthy, sexy, gorgeous, womanly, voluptuous curves! I’d do her only like 5 times when she was so skinny back then… Now I’d do her like, endlessly LOL because she’s so hot, her legs are seriously sexy… I want them hahah. 🙂

  5. I don’t think shegained a lot. In my opinion she looks hot and sexy that way 🙂 I think skiny girls aren’t hot 😛

    Yoobin don’t worry and FIGHTING!!!

  6. I have a feeling Yu Bin might have an eating disorder if this goes on.. since now she’s having a lot of stress and pressure about her weight… ughs.

  7. NONONO yoobin unni pleaseeeee dont be bother by all these criticism………….=( it hurts me to see that she is so sad and bothered by all this C***… because it’s total rubbish..

    so what if she gain a little weight? as long as she’s healthy and happy! she doesnt need to be judged by ANYONE… cus we dont know whats she’s going thru…..

    YOOBIN UNNI, please know that all the wonderfuls love you very very very very much=) stay strong okay!



  8. seriously ppl!
    yoobin iz still the best!
    y do ppl hav to talk about her like tat!
    it makes me mad seeing my fave wonder girl treated like tat =(
    evryone can put on weight once in a while and being healthy iz alot better than being skinny like a stick!
    id rather be fat than die ><
    yoobin totaly rocks!

    yoobin whiting~!!

  9. she was super skinny in ‘tell me’ video i could barely recognize her! i prefer how she looks like now. yoobin should be very happy cuz she still looks hot no matter what.

  10. they are dreadful bore
    Yoobin always perfectly!
    no wonder Yoobin so sad before
    I love Yoobin forever
    Yoobin FIGHTING!!

  11. YOOBIN looks perfectly!
    dont care what they say
    healthy is best than having a skinny body
    Yoobin is my favorite!
    Love Yoobin foever!

  12. she gained weight –> i don’t deny it

    but i always love “mandu” girls like that!

    keep eating well, yoo bin!

    i always support you ^^

  13. lol
    when they say YooBin is fat, then I wonder what I am ? XD
    Yoobin is totally normal and I would love to have her body

    and we all know eating is alot fun and we love food ❤
    I hate it when models eat one mint-bonbon in one week
    people must eat ! : d
    we feel better then (hehe)

    Yoobin ~ you are pretty! ^,^ ~~

  14. Yoobin maybe more curvier than before but in no way is she fat. Although she looks pretty in Tell Me days I think she also looks very pretty now and very healthy as well. I hope she doesn’t succumb negatively to the pressure but just be healthy and fit.

  15. well i wanted to leave a comment at yoobin cyworld but could not understand a single thing so i say it here…

    i admit that yoobin look different now than then but she’s not fat..come on…..i was skinny in the past and i gain some weight too and people call me fat but i don’t care bcos i believe i had a healthier body now.

    so yoobin unni….don’t care what people say about you….they had no right to say that to you and you should know that too…this is ur life anyway..why would they want to judge you for what you are??????

  16. these debates are garbage!!! Yoobin is still Yoobin!! I believe I speak for all us wonderfuls when I say we still love her right?!


  17. I posted a comment on yoo bin’s cyworld and got a response but I don’t know what it says can some translate it?

    Is it positive or negative?

    지남현 : 혹시김유빈누나가아침에들려서남기신건가요?

    I posted a support comment on her cyworld. 😉
    I can’t believe people would actually spread that kind of stuff around the net. =/

  18. Omfg shut the FUCK UP FUCKING IDIOTS. Yoobin is not fat she is normal if all what five pounds.. >:O i hate this i blew it off when i first saw it but this is too much… ugh

  19. I’d like to see these netizens face to face so I can grab a keyboard and smash their teeth to the back of their head.
    So easily they criticize people from the INTERNET of all places behind their keyboards and anonymous names.. fricking ridiculous.

    Honestly, netizens need to get a fucking life instead of picking apart and criticizing everything.

  20. damn you people who criticized her!! what would you do if i criticize you.. your not even perfect!! if i know yoobin is way better than you.. 😛

  21. Wth? Yoobin fat? LMAO. They REALLY REALLY need to take a look at people here. Cause we’ll be considered as hippos .___.

    Yoobin is sexy like that. They’re just jealous they don’t got a hot body like her. Either they’re stick skinny or just whale fat.

  22. Ugh, this is ridiculous!
    She’s not even fat!
    I weigh 105lbs if Yoo Bin unnie is fat than I’m obese!
    I did the daum search too & saw it,that really hurts me because Yoo Bin is my idol and I hope all this stress & negative comments doesnt affect her or get her depressed.

    I left a comment on her cyworld I hope she reads all the positive comments because the positive comments rule out the negative!

    We Love you Yoo Bin Unnie!! <333
    Stay Strong!

  23. yoobin shi..you are just perfect..to all netizens out there, (this is not just about yoo bin shi)…..please respect WOMAN!!! who r u without them….lkive in harmony..PLEASE!

  24. it doesn’t matter about weight gain,u can still lose it with determination -.-
    so what if her figure isn’t the best,she’s still the talented her (:
    and i’ll support her..

  25. I love you no matter what ppl say about you. I mean what’s worng with them You don’t fat at all. You’re beautiful , sexy , sweet and cute with more talent. What’s going on here i don’t get it. I feel really sad right now i don’t want you to hurt. Just to think about it i’m gonna cry poor binnie T_T. I hope you’ll be okay many ppl love you and always support you no matter what you’ll be. But like i said You’re really fine to me.

  26. I feel so sorry for Yoo bin not because she gained weight but because some netizens treat it like its a big issue. She is not fat and her body is just fine. Actually its ok that she gained weight…

    I tried to follow the instructions but its rather confusing and I don’t have a cyworld account….can a visitor (w/out cyworld account) post some comments on once cyworld????

  27. why do people say that these girls are too skinny, they need to eat then turn around and say has this one gained weight? be proud of the work they’ve succesfully showed us, not their body.

  28. That’s why I hate Korean netizens…
    They are just too cold blooded to be true…
    Too skinny complain,
    Too fat complain,
    Can’t they just get the fact that nobody’s is perfect?!
    Those netizens who complain better not be fat/skinny. They must be the ideal weight for their height then they are fit to complain!

  29. What’s with all the fussy about her gaining weight?
    Yoobin was darn skinny in the So Hot days that I was worried that she would fall anytime on stage.
    I’m happy she gain some meat. It makes her look sexier and healthier! Hey,who doesn’t like curvy woman?
    Since Nobody came out,there’s like more people love her. I mean, love confessions from celebrities XD
    Who cares if Yoobin is gaining attention from male fans and celebrities now?
    Yoobin-unnie,pls don’t worry. You’re not fat and the netizens need to stop. This is getting too far.

  30. What! Urgh, things like this just piss me off, I love Yoo bin partially because she is one of the more ‘well rounded’ girls~ she looks really good like this, and the people complaining are probably grossly obese themselves.

  31. i am happy that Yoobin is actually gaining weight

    i remember wen they were in one of the variety shows, yoobin was saying how JYP wasn’t satisfied with their body weight and shape, mind you, it was during the so hot days…

    she doesn’t need to be stick skinny to be sexy, as long as she’s healthy… that’s all matters…

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  33. well, I feel that she’s not fat! I hope Yoobin unnie doesn’t be bothered by these stupid comments cos she isn’t fat and has a healthy body and will forever be my hot WG rapper 😀 Stay strong Unnie, saranghaeyo! (L)

  34. omg! yoobin is fine from the way she look… if they say that yoobin is FAT, i do not know how do they really define the word fat in korea… poor yoobin… From what i look, she is one hot and healthy girl!

  35. who says she is fat?
    she is just chubby. and chubby=cute.
    at least thats how i see it.
    yoobin its ok, you’re cute and chubby who cares about what others think about it.

  36. what’s wrong on gaining weight? these netizens are crazy..
    YOOBIN!! fighting don’t worry your still our SEXY RAPPER!!!

  37. aww… yoobin unnie, your still wonderful! she’s not fat! she is not a girl but a fantastic women with a fantastic body! its normal as you grow, everyone will gain weight… the people who hasn’t is not normal! she’s so cute the way she is! no need to stress her, i feel so sorry for unnie… i wonder who she will celebrate christmas with… i hope not alone… YOOBIN UNNIE HWAITING!!! i wish i can send her an e-mail…

  38. If only i know how to speak, write or understand korea i would scream my lungs out and say to yoobin ” WHAT IS THE DEFINATION OF PERFECT FIGURE” and let her see the mirror seriously her figure is way hott hott

    And knowing that some girls out there do say those mean words which idiot wont feel insulted and by the way her chubbiness is very cute

    And if i have the right to hold a gun i will shoot all the skinny ass kids out there cos it disgust me seeing them flaunting here and there with thin legs and flat boobs and trying to use alot of padded bra urghh

    That is so _______ ( fill in the blanks )

  39. Dude… yoobin is not fat.

    If yoobin was fat, then we’re all beyond obese.

    She’s perfect, normal, and healthy. 😀

  40. I can’t believe someone could criticize her. People expect too much from female celebrities. It’s like they have to be stick skinny or else they’re fat. Yoobin is my favorite out of the WG, she’s not fat, and I’ll support her no matter what.

    Yoobin hwaiting!

  41. awww poor yoobin, i tink she lost some weight recently..
    she pressurised herself during tell me and starved herself during so hot, tats why she’s skinny. now she’s happier & can eat more and pple said she’s fat, WTH! she can easily loose weight if she wants.
    these ignorance netizens can really kill someone with their childish and stupid remarks.
    anw she still looks soo sexyy with that little weight gain
    yoobin hwaiting!!

  42. OMG whatever…Yoobin is still hella hot! It’s really sad that people are making fat comments about her! Comments like this will make her depressed! Havent people learned their lesson??

    Yoobin is gorgeous and has a body most girls dream about! She needs to only concentrate on the positive and ignore those haters!!

    Yoobin fighting!

  43. I want to give YooBin a big warm hug!!
    There’s nothing wrong with gaining a bit of weight, people need to leave her alone man.

  44. Oh come on…
    Not every one perfect…
    Last time when im was 16 im skinny like Sunmi(no offence to Sunmi;s fan…i love Sunmi)…but now im put on weight and i kinda have body like YooBin….
    Its really hard to maintain the ‘PERFECT’ body…
    Not all can do that…just give time to YooBin…dont puy pressure on her…
    I bet she herself trying to lose some weight…
    I just love the way she are….

  45. she’s beautiful no matter skinny or not. i prefer this to the so hot days when i thought she seriously had some malnurition problems. yoobin fighting!!

  46. YooBin is still being gorgeous!!! she is HOT!!! i like her just the way she is.!! we love you YooBin!!


  47. i love yoobin and everything and so i’m thinking of her when i say i wonder why she addressed this weightgain issue publicly on her cyworld. it’s totally bringing more unwanted attention onto her and it’s not gonna stop. sometimes as a celebrity you’ve just got to ignore it even if it’s hard. but htat’s what you signed up to do. pathetic netizens are just soething you get along wit hthe whole package :/

  48. What I don’t get is why they’re comparing her to So Hee and Sun Mi? They’re younger and gonna be smaller, duh.

    Tbh, Curvaceousness is better than skinniness, so eff them. KIM YOOBIN HWAITING~!

  49. well, we can’t keep their mouth shut for this.i agree with coolsmurf that she really did gain a bit of weight but i think it’s still on the healthy side.it’s not like she’s as fat as a pig.we can’t compare her to sohee and yoobin plus yb has the ass and the legs..freaking hot.yoobin ah,i hope you will be strong.ignore them!.

  50. This is horrible! She’s not even fat. She’s SKINNY. I hope this stops. Yoobin is stressed from not being with her family and working hard.

  51. I wish Yoo Bin would be able to read all of these comments… Just to prove her the fact that she is NOT fat. Although she has put on weight, I am sure that most of us would agree she looks absolutely perfect.

    Yoo Binnie, if you’re reading this, YOU’RE NOT FAT!!! YOU’RE PERFECT

    ❤ You Yoo Bin :]

  52. this entry breaks my heart.
    gosh, stupid netizens.
    well, i hope yoobin is doing okay ):
    im sure the girls are helping her through this, so she’ll
    be okay.

    i love her unconditionally, so that’s all that matters,
    ok i’m not that important….
    but i’m sure we, Wonderfuls, love her unconditionally!

    YooBin FIGHTING!

  53. for all we know the weight gain may have been part of the concept. if you think about the 50s,60s the definition of beauty was more voluptuous and curvy, modern times is more of skinny. i can see where fans are coming from though. they maybe scared for her health(weight gain to koreans is like bad no matter what!, americans and all other countries see being her size as healthy, but koreans exaggerate it. haha -_-) and they may want to prevent further bashings from netizens on her weight too. either way i support Yoobin and the way she lives life. i just want her to be happy. YOOBIN FIGHTING! you are strong! you will get through this!

  54. YOOBIN~ youre still beautiful no matter what anybody says.. youre figure is actually one of the hottest out there. who cares if your not stick skinny- its better to be healthy than anorexic


  55. Sun Mi and So Hee barely went through puberty. Yoo Bin is already 20. It’s not even a good comparison to compare their body weight and figure. Yoo Bin is already a woman. The other two are still little girls.

  56. Yoo Bin is a sexy girl! I think she should stick to her guns! She’s healthy as she is. In Korea u have to be 5′ 4″ and 80 lbs which is anorexic! I’m that height and 110 which many think is too thin but is very healthy! Yoo Bin fighting!!

  57. Terrible!!
    ._. I think yobin looks so pretty this way, her body is so pretty.. and, his voice is what matters, you think?
    GO YOBIN!! you can keep on singing so beautiful to us :B

  58. they need to get off her case! all girls have a time when they would gain and lose weight, the girl doesn’t need them telling her off as well. and compared to majority of girls, YooBin is still considered skinny or at least average.

  59. i hope binnie doesn’t really take this too much. i mean, im a girl and i understand how she feels. knowing that others are comparing her to her past weight is more hurtful than actually thinking that oneself is fat. and no, she is not fat. like you said, i rather have her healthy than pin thin. yoobin is my favorite member and it hasn’t changed ever since. she’s still sexy AND beautiful no matter what shape she comes in. i love her and i hope that shes doing fine.

    it’s amazing how people define one’s beauty. if you get surgery, your a disgrace. if you don’t get surgery, your ugly. if your too skinny, you get labeled for being too skinny. if your fat, you get labeled for being too fat. then what is beauty really? to me, beauty is yoobin. healthy and gorgeous. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the netizens aren’t oh-so-perfect themselves.

  60. …ive been noticing recently that Yoobin unnie does not smile as joyful as b4 or with full meaning…shes just smiling because she has too, but in truth, it looks like shes gonna cry…

    Yoobin-unnie Hwaiting!

  61. I notice this change also, and it’s sad to say it’s just the way society is.
    I just hope Yoo bin doesn’t go on drastic measures with her food, for example, becoming bulemic or anorexic.
    That’d be awful.

    Yoo Binnie Unnie.

  62. Wow…People complain about people being anorexic
    People complain about people being fat (WHICH YOOBIN IS NOT SHE IS HEALTHY)
    People should stop complaining…
    Love the wondergirls for whatever they look like and who cares if they gain a little weight

  63. i have been yelling at youtube users for months now everytime they mention yoobin s weight. its not her fault that she actually eats. so what she s gaining weight? its almost like its a crime to be over 100lbs in asia. these stupid netizens should really look at themselves because they are most likely heavier than her. they should really just leave her alone. yoobin is perfect the way she is. her curves should be embraced instead of when she was skin and bones.

  64. Fuck the critics. Sheesh, I know when you’re in the entertainment spotlight you have to watch your figure but for goodness sake’s, SHE’S NOT A FAT PIG OR SOMETHING. The weight gain is evident but she’s still healthy looking at least and her face is rounder but I think it’s cute.

    I really hope this doesn’t affect her in a way where she feels the need to turn to bulimia or anorexia or any of those other weight control disorders. Let’s hope she’s trying to ignore all this and getting strength from the other girls.

    I love you in any way you are, Yoobin! Hwaiting!

  65. If Yoobin is fat then most of the female population must be fat or obese.
    She’s in her early 20’s, her body must be changing to woman-like instead of teenager-like.

    So if she ever really turns fat then they’d stop being fans?

    “Fans” need to stop making her feel bad.

    It’s okay Yoobin, you’re not fat at all. We love you! ❤

  66. i think we all need too cool down, they are not antis who are saying she’s gained weight, some wonderfuls too… i think that yoobin is stressed out because in the so hot days people were saying she’s too skinny but i though she looked the best, her body was superb!and now people are saying she’s fat! she’s confused… i think you don’t need to bash those netizens, they are only commenting because they care… yoobin unnie is chubbier these days, but it doesn’t effect our love towards her… i mean, she’s hot! she’s a girl, so i think these kind of issues are sensitive… Yoobin unnie knows whats best for her, so we wonderfuls should support her!


    yoobin is hot/cute/sexy/adorable. period.
    no discussion needed.
    haters are just jealous obviously, or they have worthless lives.

  68. wt.. who said Yoobin’s fat?? she looks perfectly fine and HEALTHY right now.. what?? thos pplz want her to be a stick??!! they crazy?? Yoobin is HOTTT ..and shes perfectly FINE. Gotten prob thos people? if no then just stop bashing and critizing…silly silly.

  69. I hate how people say that someone looks fat just only when they have gain a little wait and isn’t as skinny as they were before.
    These netizens are ridiculous. Seriously. I, too agree with the other comments. I think she looks pretty healthy and still as beautiful as ever.
    These netizens that posted those pictures with unnecessary blogs have got no life. They are just jealous that YuBin is loved by a lot of people.

  70. That is so slack! Dont listen to them Binnie! We love u regardless of what anyone says! Besides shes 4 years older than sunmi and sohee, of course they’re thinner! ❤ Binnie fighting!

  71. Ahhh
    I had a feeling something like this would come out sooner or later..
    She’s not fat!
    And to have those searches pop up when you type only her name?
    Taht’s like suicide to a girl.
    Especially one who’s pictures are posted EVERYWHERE and everyone pays full attention to them
    She’s not fat.
    I was scared for her before because she was so skinny!
    But she curves now and I think it’s HOT!
    netizens are just harsh and they need something or someone to pick on to have meaning into their lives.
    Good grief.
    Poor Yoobin. I hope she’s doing ok and not taking things too tooo seriously.
    She’s sexy as hell and I know for sure I’m not the only one who thinks so, so I hope she realizes that and pays no attention to the bad press.

  72. Adding to my earlier comment:
    Look at the pic on the post before this one, look at Yoo Bin’s legs…I think they’re the sexiest! Toned and tanned…

    The other girls’ are pretty too ^_^ don’t get me wrong, I’m just seeing the good thing out of this.

  73. Hi, I am from Phoenix Arizona USA, and I discovered Wondergirls about 6 months ago. And all I can say is, that Yoo Bin can come and be my girlfriend any time, skinny, chubby, fat, or whatever. I would be so lucky 🙂

  74. yoobin unnie
    its ok dont listen to them
    you look healthy to me!!!!! and still ahmazingly pretty!!!
    FIGHTING <33

  75. Obviously, Korea has a different standard when it comes to weight.

    I think she looks perfectly healthy and like it was said before, I think it’s the costumes that don’t do her justice. B/c when you see clips of her in everyday clothing she’s tiny too.

    Plus, don’t the camera always add on a few extra pounds…

  76. oh come on, all because she gained some weight doesnt means she is fat. If u want to see fat then look at rosie o donnell, now thats fat. Yoobin looks completely fine. Honestly it is because of stupid criticism like these that causes people to become anorexic.

    I’ll pray that she’ll feel better and just ignored these dumb comments. I hope she doesnt turn super skinny cuz of all this.

  77. The people are so poor. To compare Yoo Bin with Sun Mi is extreme, that Sun Mi seems that his body frame is thin … Well, So Hee seems so unpleasant to me .. .. So Hee is also not very thin .. >_<

    I think that Yoo Bin is healthier than all XDD, she is cute with the fans when he singsetc, so, the rest should not matter. If weight goes up or down does not matter, that it is good.

    Yoo Bin is very very cute!!!

  78. yeah she has gain weight… but come on, during the sohot and tell me days people keep on saying how skinny she was! i thought she looked really good then! and know people are saying she’s fat! i’m a girl and i would be stressed out too! yoobin unnie your still gorgeus… don’t stress out…

  79. Yoobin gets criticized for not being skinny, while Sun Mi gets criticized for being too skinny…sigh….-_-

    on a lighter note, I thought I was a private agent? hmm…haha

  80. She looks fine to me, although there is definitely a change from her Tell Me, and So Hot appearance. I think it’s just stress, I mean, they started Nobody promotion a few months ago and haven’t taken a break since, I’m sure that crazy schedule took a toll on her eating habits.

  81. i don’t get why the korean netizens are going crazy over it. the fans themselves aren’t stick thin either. she’s pretty either way. why stress over something that isn’t your own weight problem

  82. Ugh. In ‘Korean’ standards YooBin is fat. How sad and mean.
    I’d rather have her gain a bit of HEALTHY weight then loose
    weight and be stick skinny and UNHEALTHY like other people out there. She’s just as sexy and beautiful no matter what.

  83. I think they look fantastic. always.
    They could all gain weight and still look great.

    She’s not “fat.”
    People just obsess over nothing.

  84. Ugh, this is as bad as when Gyuri cut her hair and all the netizens went ape-shi7.
    Seriously, I’ve seen worse weight gains, this is something YooBin can lose in an instant if she really wanted. But if she’s happy, then she’s happy! If she’s not, she would have done something about it by now.


  85. Ugh, people are ridiculous!
    It’s not Yoobin’s fault that she’s curvier than the other girls. Sure she has put on some weight, but its being HEALTHY that matters. I know I wouldn’t want Yoobin to suffer being stick-thin instead of being healthly, happy, and at a nice weight (: I LOVE YOU YOOBIN-UNNIE! Don’t listen to those haters!

  86. wowwwwww i know this would happen. im so mad.
    she not even fat. people who says shes fat are like
    annnoying and needs to get their eyes checked. at
    least shes not anorexic. this post is going to bother
    me majorrrrr.

  87. Damn i knew there was something strange with Yoobin, i have this bad feeling lately, it was gone since Yoobin was in WGM but before you can sense something is wrong by looking at her Cyworld message.
    I hope Jype know how to handle this and confort Yoobin since she is with no family in Korea.
    It must hard to be labelled sexy member and then getting bashed like this, just hope there also fan who can take her defense and show support in Korea since us international fan can do nothing over there.

  88. it is kind scary how the people reacting about her weight because she not fat or something she has a normal body und the people say she gained weight… maybe she does have more meat on her body but whats is the problem she is looking good and healhy so whats the hell is their problem???

    yoobin is pretty and the same person how befor… fighting!!!

  89. i feel both way for this topic…

    the only reason that fans are saying “please lose weight” is because we WANT her to look good in the outfits especially for nobody because the outfit is really tight and shows a lot of arms and legs. it is true that she should be keeping herself in shape without us telling her. on the other hand, we shouldn’t stress it too much because she takes it personal. what i’ve noticed in my years of being a wonder girls fan is that fans pick a specific person to whether or not say something straight out or not. i remember that yeh eun has also gotten the weight factor comments and soh hee has gotten hurtful comments about different topic but never sun yeh. they say that she is too prideful and we shouldn’t hurt her (자존심이 쎄다고……나참) honestly, if you’re going to be striaght out, you should be straight out with ALL the members. there was a time when sun yeh was chubbier than others but no one ever pointed out but when yeh eun or yoo bin gains some weight, they are all about it. there shouldn’t be any of that when it comes down to this. either you say it to all or not say it at all. this is the matter of bashing people about saying it. it’s about fixing yourself on what you say next time. don’t blame others.

    is it me or has yeh eun and yoo bin gained weight after they joined the group? usually, people lose weight because of their busy schedule. i’ve always wondered.

  90. LIke seriously, who doesn’t get a little fat in them? I know i do, esp. when the winter comes. I hope yoobin stays optimistic despite all the talk about her weight. I swear, being stick-skinny doesn’t look that great, only works for some people. i’m happy to see yoobin with the curves, shows how sexy she can still be.

    Just watch! Yoobin’s going to show all those who called her fat why she’s the sexy one in the group.


  91. I hope the comments won’t trouble Yoobin for long because the message she posted shows that she is bothered by it. I don’t want her to start losing alot of weight because of the netizens. I think her body, especially her legs, are well-proportioned…and she has curves. So she should stay optimistic and not let those comments get to her.

  92. UH! Poor Yoobin. I just don’t know what to say but to ignore all those negative comments about her weight. She is beautiful from the inside out no matter what body figure she has. (Kim Yoobin) be strong and gain strength from all the positive things you have done as a Wonder Girl. Don’t sacrifice your weight for anyone especially netizens who are selfish and pathetic. They can do all the talking but hey baby girl, your still walking so don’t give a damn about them crazy Netizens. I love u lots KIMYOOBIN. Fighting!

  93. i love the way she looks
    she doesnt look “Fat” at all just really healthy
    and people in korea need to learn that stick doesn’t not = pretty

  94. oh, goodness, what is wrong with people?! -.-

    you can’t compare yoo bin to so hee and sun mi, ’cause sun mi eats at night and hardly gains any weight. *jealous, jealous* XD so it’s not even valid to compare their body size–not to mention their age difference. -,-

    and it’s not like yb can’t shed off a few pounds if she NEEDS to–which i don’t think she needs to. ’cause it’ll be more healthy for the girls to gain some weight once in a while–taken how busy they’ve become. no biggy.

    hope yb isn’t too affected by those criticism. gooooooooooooooooo, yoo bin! 😀

  95. I actually did the search on Duam and it really hurt me to see that…

    Yeah she’s gained weight and it shows, but she’s still beautiful. It shows that she’s healthy. It’s bad enough that she’s in a group with 4 other girls who are skinnier than she is. I bet people compare her to the others all the time. Poor girl…

    Hopefully this won’t cause her to quit (or something worse).

    Kim Yoo Bin = Beautiful ❤

  96. I’m sorry the weight she gained is not even a whole lot you can kinda see but she looks like average weight person. I hate it when people say, “OMG yoobin got fat!” Since when was yoobin’s size fat? She gained a bit of weight all around but that that does not mean she’s fat she is healthy. Have you seen yoobin in the sitcom that person is coming she’s perfectly normal!

    Her comment is really sad to read about (not to mention the tone of it) because it’s more pressure on her one she’s a celebrity from a very popular girl group and the other girls look like their losing weight. You don’t need to be the size of sunmi (I love alien but not my preferred body type does not not take away from her though) to be beautiful.

  97. Amid all the negative remarks, I hope she sees the positive. All of us support her and she is still one of the sexiest Korean stars today!

    Also, being in the public eye, she has to get used to this. People will always comment, and especially look for the negative more than the positive. This also stems from jealousy. When people are jealous of someone, they will always look for something to bring them down. Understand this Binnie and dun let them get to you!

    You’re still beautiful, you’re still sexy, you’re still so hot!

  98. i seriously can not stand korean netizens. and they call themselves FANS? that’s just completely wrong. who the hell are they to criticize her figure when they don’t eve know what she has to go through? and honestly, she looks FINE. so what if she got a little chubbier? she looks healthy, so they need to back off. i’m so worried right now, i hope she doesn’t take drastic measures to lose weight…

  99. WHAT?! that’s mean… shes not even fat she just gained a lil weight… dont mind them Yoo bin… u are still SEXY!

  100. okay, why the HECK is yoobin fat??
    she may have gained som weight, but erm, that’s pretty normal for her age. get it? it’s NORMAL for being a 20 year-old woman!!!!

    if you ask me, sunmi looks way less healthier, because she’s TOO skinny! sometimes when I see their perfomances, I’m shocked because she looks like an anorexic. I may not be as skinny and sexy as her, but it doesn’t envy me at all, in fact it scares me and I’m rather concerned about hers than yoobin’s weight.

    and to all those out there who post stupid comments saying that wonder girls’ rapper yoobin’s fat, check out yourself and look at you in the mirror. I bet you’re at least as “chubby” as you say and maybe even “fatter” than her.
    so SHUT UP.

  101. yoo BIN is the best AND VERY HOT HOT HOT
    and at first she was tooooo skinny now she has the PERFECT SIZE

    SMEXY YOOBIN 4 -ever 🙂

    and by the way sun mi is very skinny but i heard that she cant gain weight 🙂 lucky girl 🙂

    WG 4-ever

  102. technically she didn’t get fatter though she isn’t as firm around the tummy or upper arms. But it’s not even a big deal just stress related hormone imbalance. Once she relaxes it’ll just melt off. Besides they are just getting pissy because she isn’t staying in that sex icon mold they tried stuffing her into. She and Sun Mi are naturally cutesy types. It’s not her fault everyone wants to make her oh so sexy when she’s just a sweet cute girl (woman).

  103. im so mad right now….yoobin is NOT fat….i rather be her size than sunmi or sohee….yoobin is actually around the size that your suppose to be and she is REALLY HEALTHY(did i spelled that right?)so those netizens or how ever you spell it can sit down cause there just jealous and if they wanna talk about someone it should be sunmi cause she is skinnier than the rest of them im not trying to be mean but it’s true….

  104. Pingback: ❤ Only Yoo Bin ; Only Wondergirls ❤

  105. so what if she gained weight? does that make her less than the person she was before? does that have any effect on her talent? koreans (and other nationalities for that matter) need to stop being overly obssessed with how celebrities look like and focus more on the TALENT they have.

    Honestly this is another classic example of how retarded people can get. stupid netizens

  106. ^i agree sunmi ah has problems gaining weight i hope she doesn’t get sick

    but people make wait gain sound so bad
    compared to when yubin first came out
    i think she looks a lot more healthy than
    before when she was stick skinny
    even Sunye said when she first saw
    yubin she looked so fragile

    gosh its tough being a girl as it is
    and its even tougher in the lime light
    cause everyone is watching you


  107. That’s messed up. Yoobin is still perfect. People can’t compare her to Sun Mi or So Hee because they have different body types. Not everyone can be as skinny as the next person. Besides it better to be a little more muscular than to be rail thin. You never know what can happen once you take a tumble. Yoobin should keep doing her thing and just beat up the haters… Yoobin FIGHTING!!!

  108. that’s so awful, especially since yoobunnie looks so good! she’s not fat at all, you can tell that she’s keeping her body in good shape (she’d have to, with all the dancing they do). she’s just curvy~ also, she’s older than sunmi and sohee, so it’s not strange that her body is different from theirs.
    really, korean standards of beauty worry me sometime. like sunmi, she’s so thin, sometimes i worry she’ll get sick…!
    yoobunnie, you’re beautiful no matter what they say! FIGHTING!

  109. how sad,
    WTH she is still hot why critisize
    I hope all these stops too and they leave her alone
    its just weight, it varies. gahh, she seems really stress about it.

    Yoobin! ALL THE BEST!!

  110. seriously, i STILL think that its the makeup and the hairstyle that makes the difference between the Nobody and So Hot image so starkingly different…

    yoobin has a chubby pretty face by future.. that little bit of weight she put on is because she has to grow too!

    lol these girls are still growing adults.. :/

    HWAITING yoobin ah~

  111. i have no problem with it.
    people are just so annoying, why do they have to talk crap about her when she’s good already??

    but of course, we still love her.

  112. i feel bad for her. she is not fat. its just that the korean definition of skinny is ultra skinny.

    but she does look healthy. she should just eat.
    i have noo problem with it.
    there’s more for me to love!

    Yoo Binnn fighting!

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