Wonder Girls Vita 500 Pictures + Wallpapers for January 2009

Vita 500.com website has updated their website for January 2009.


The above plus the 2 below are new pictures for January. Don’t ask why there is only solo for Sun Mi and Yoo Bin. It’s a company decision, not mine.


3 new wallpapers, two of which you can use as a desktop calendar for January 2009. But I am thinking most of you would be using the 3rd one instead.

1280×1024 | 1024×768

1280×1024 | 1024×768

1280×1024 | 1024×768

All the above in one pack
Download (4shared) | password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


39 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Vita 500 Pictures + Wallpapers for January 2009

  1. I so Support the WONDER GIRLS I am so glad that they are in “the USA” and I supported their single “Nobody” even though I prefer the korean version better. I look forward to them translating future korean songs off of their other mini-albums like the “the Wonder Years” and the “Trilogy” and I hope they record “Saying I Love You” or “Irony” or “Anybody” especially or “Nobody” Rainstorm mix. I am also happy that Seven is now in “The States” and I am happy to see that this is the summer for “Talented Korean Music Artists” Boa, Utada Hikaru (even though she is orginally from the good old U.S.A.) and now WONDER GIRLS! I support them on the Wallpapers! Wonder Girls Fighting!

  2. lol!! yeahh absolutelyy using the thrid one as wallpaper =)
    cuz its big enough..thnx!!
    The girls look nicee =) WG FIGHTING!!

  3. omg i like sohee smile in the first picture XD so cuty and sunmi is too skinny shes need to swell a little bit… shes need to be like sohee body 🙂 or other member of wonder girls

  4. it’s true that the third picture is more tempting but the big bottle isn’t appealing. My choice is the first one.

  5. coolsmurf, i don’t say this enough, but you are a life saver…thank you, thank you…Loving the new header!!

    lol..i will be using numero 2…

    Nyuma <333

  6. 2nd wallpaper when they perform nobody ‘but chu’ pose.. i noticed scar on so hee’s knee.. probably she got from knee ligament surgery after falling off a motorcycle during the filming of I Like It Hot.. poor my so hee.. it’s had limit her dance movement

  7. yeah, me too… my sister has shinee… and i think since we both love wonder girls it will be perfectly fine! but, i think when my friends come over they will get awkward… but i’m still using it, who cares if i love wonder girls… i love those pictures, especially the first and the last one!

  8. @S and Nana

    Haha i just think its too awkward for me since im the only one into kpop out of my friends and siblings. Its like if i found a picture of Rain on my brothers desktop instead of someone like….Hyori >_<

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  10. i’m girl too… but i’m going to use this for my desktop wallpaper.. don’t care what will my siblings think

  11. @Phe0nixtears
    yes me too.. i wanna use that, but because i’m a girl it’s kinda odd. so i also stick to my BB wallpaper.

    this picture looks really great. i like the first and the second one ^______^

  12. First!

    The girls are GORGEOUS.
    So jealous :/

    Haha, i wanna use these as my desktop wallpaper but i think that might be awkward for anyone who uses my computer since im a girl HAHA. Ill stick to my big bang wallpaper for now :]

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