Wonder Girls To Hold Their Own Solo Concert in Bangkok in 2009

Great news for Wonderfuls living in Thailand and neighboring countries. It was announced yesterday on GMM International forum that the Wonder Girls would be holding their own concert in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2009.


Wonder Girls Live in Bangkok 2009
Date: 28th February, 2009
Time: 5 – 8pm
Venue: Nimibhut Building @ National Stadium
Ticket Prices: 2,000 Baht, 1,500 Baht, 700 Baht

This coming Friday, 19th December, there will be a press conference regarding the Wonder Girls Concert in Thailand. The Wonder Girls will not be attending due to their tight schedule but NichKhun of 2PM will be there for the press conference. He will also participate in some activities with his fans.

Event starts at 4pm at Discovery Plaza Siam Discovery. A special video message from the Wonder Girls to Thai Wonderfuls will also be shown. After that, more details about the sale of the concert tickets will be announced.

According to wawa*, the concert venue is very small and horrible.

credit: wawa* + DIY_MAN


97 thoughts on “Wonder Girls To Hold Their Own Solo Concert in Bangkok in 2009

  1. Wonder girls please come to Indonesia 😀
    Indonesian wonderful are waiting for them to come!!

  2. TO WF,

    Please read carefully. I’m Thai and I didn’t find any of the comments offensive. Well, maybe some but they’re not criticizing Thai per se. They’re just making a point about our political situation, which is totally over now. Please don’t take it personally and criticize other countries when YOU don’t even know what you’re talking about.

    Thailand doesn’t not have problem because of any other nations but Thailand itself. The “Maley” hope to get “my” country is utterly… ridiculous. This is a Wonder Girls blog. Don’t turn it into one of those political propaganda nonsense.

    I’m not even gonna say anything about your grammar… *sigh*

  3. why u dont think about thai wonderfuls ,how do we feel? we want to meet them like u but why u said that WG should not come to thailand. u r wonderful we r wonderful ..Why u r a selfish person?

    even if it’s very small .. but so what? It’s can make a happiness to us. If i say WG “should not come to your country because most people in your country have a bad innate character” How do u feel?

    Thailand have many problem because U.. u know that? Maley hope to get my country u know THAT!!!

    that very bad right?

    therefore dont curse my country.. your mind are my mind ..GET?

    Use ur brian think about good things .. r u can NOT?

  4. please update on this. i want to come. ><
    hopefully there are international packages. but hopefully the FT ISLAND cancellation wont happen this time.
    good thing its a diff events organizer.

  5. wondergirls4ever_94
    x tau la ramai ke tidak.. cuma krg aktif je.. jom la meriahkanya.. saya pun ada kat sana.. no bashing at that thread.. just a love 4 WG! 🙂

  6. @hujanlebat

    org Korea memang mkm pedas la… hari 2 DBSK dtng, Yunho suka nasi lemak, junsu suka sate… terima kasih sbb bagi info tntg website too… as long as there is no bashing i’m fine… ramai x orng join???

  7. wondergirls4ever_94
    teringin gak nak tgk ye eun makan nasi lemak @ sambal belacan.. tp ye eun bleh tahan pedas ke?? he..he..
    jom la join thread WG kat cariforum.. totally.. guna BM..mari kite berdikusi ramai2 kat sana yek..

  8. do we have a malay fansite for wonder girls??? i think we should have one, in malay because the other one is in chinese… and i don’t understand anything… rasenye diorang suka x Malaysia… teringin sangat tgk Ye eun unnie mkm nasi lemak atau sambal belacan, since she loves food… yoobin unnie suka snorkling, dkt malaysia ada byk pulau yg best! saya rase, buat masa skrng Thailand lebih sesuai kot, lagi banyak sambutan dari sana…

  9. @unnie fan
    saya pown duduk dkt kajang… betul ckp hujanlebat, dekat stadium putra bukit jalil memang sesuai… tapi biasanya artist korea buat concert dkt dataran merdeka… macam mana kamu semua boleh minat dkt Wonder Girls???

  10. rase stadium putra bukit jalil sesuai kot.. x besar & x kecil.. kalau nak wat terbuka, dataran merdeka…
    nanti bleh kite sama dtg2 yek… berharap sgt WG dapat dtg sini! he..he…

  11. Waah. Why announce now?! I planning to go to Bangkok on Feb for the SuperShow that was canceled recently,, aaa. I must adjust my leave for school to watch Wonder Girls!!!! 😀

  12. #iloveGDRAGON
    saye dr kajang
    rasanye stadium mane sesuai ek utk konset wg kalu ade la..
    mana tau.. terbuka hati juga JYP buka konset WG di Malaysia ni..

  13. SINGAPORE PLEASE!!!! ohgod why not around the world? Like singapore, malaysia and others u name it … urgh i hate it when only one country hope i can go overseas !!!

  14. ThaiFans So Lucky!
    They Will See WG for Second Time!
    So, hope thaifans will be enjoy!
    i also hope WG will come to Malaysia!

    Hello. Kite pun peminat WG!
    Malay Girls. he..he..
    kalau WG datang malaysia satu hari nanti, kite patut bertanggungjawab hebah satu malaysia & kumpulkan ramai org datang tgk WG! kite wat rekod antara fans yang paling ramai support WG!he..he..

  15. yeah they should really come to malaysia!!

    i hope they will receive many love from thailand wonderful!!

    the girls look gorgeous but a little bit tired in the picture.. T_T

  16. well, for those of u who r afraid of the situation in thailand

    i’m telling u now that there’s nothing to be worried about

    the girls and all wonderfuls can be sure of the safety



  18. I’m Thai. It’s true that the place is way too small. Hopefully I’ll get the ticket. Fingers cross…

    Ahh…why don’t you just hold it in some bigger place GMM?

  19. theyve been choosing all the venues for the girls solo concerts to be at small, small places, i guess they dont want the house to be filled and after all its their first concert so they want to see the turn out, but i heard for the Korean solo concert that if the sale goes well they might add another concert date, hopefully its the same for Thailand too, and theyll probably raise the prices….

    but i dont think that small concerts are too bad because you know Ye Eun loves to fanservice and this way the girls will feel more comf…

  20. Thaii Wonderfuls are the luckiest of all!!
    i just wish to go to korea x)
    if they ll be holding any concert there in the future..cuz id thnk they will come to Canada…will they? = =
    anyways..GL WG!! WG FIGHTING!!

    Disappointment yet again.
    SO envious of Thailand wonderfuls.
    Hope you guys have fun though!

    And wow that picture is ancient!
    I missed Yeeun’s hair like that.

    thanks coolsmurf

  22. true, they should come to malaysia. at least it’s closer to brunei. but wth. thailand pun thailand lah! I’d cross the sea/ocean just to see their first solo concert! I’d go broke for them! thailand, here i come!

  23. how much are 2,000 Baht, 1,500 Baht, 700 Baht in us dollars??? wow, its good news for all kpop lovers in thailand… sm town is coming for a concert too… a week after that is wonder girls turn…

  24. @iloveGDRAGON
    saya dari Kuala Lumpur, kamu? Saya mula minat wonder girls semasa membaca majalah klik, kamu?

  25. yeah thailand isn’t in such great shape right esp at the airports. i hope khun and wonder girls will be safe too. anyway this is exciting news even though i don’t live there lol

  26. I think GMM should set up this concert at Impact Arena because Nimibhut Building is too small for the wonderfuls in Thailand.

    Thank you for the concert anyway!

  27. Yeah yeah finally my dream comes true!

    The situation is Thailand is better now. I think JYPE already knew that WG’s fans are waiting for their performance, that’s why they decided to come to Thailand!

    Wonderfuls in Thailand will you more for sure!

  28. Thailand Wonderfuls, get those fancam ready & stalker you get ready to take those wonderful pictures too. (I want good ones..no shaky, my head hurts) heehee all though I wish I can be there too. Thank you.

  29. The tickets are so damn cheap and the place is just so small You guys deserve better than that!! :/ Any way i’m glad you come to Thailand agian and i’ll def be there. Luv You WG~

  30. so tiny…omg!
    happy for all you thai fans!!
    it would be great if you guys could
    get a hold on the queen stick!!!
    have fun and show your wonderful spirit!!

  31. These pics show just how slim Yoobin is.
    She ain’t putting on weight.

    We like her for who she is, not what she is.

    Don’t we? =)

  32. GOSH~!!!
    The tics are cheap~!!!Well…the place so small!!
    i expected to be bigger~!!

    I want the 2000baht seat/standing tics~!!

  33. bangkok??

    wish i’ll be der..

    i’m going to give up.

    der is no way i got de chance to meet dem in real life.

    hope I’ll meet dem in my dream!

  34. O MI GOT!!!

    this time i’m going over there for sure!!!

    i mean!! the ticket is really cheap…

    please let us updated about the ticket alvin…

    and thank you so much for sharing.. you are sooo kind… ^_^

  35. ooohh..
    i’m surprised at the amount of malay/malaysian wonderfuls in here
    i’m also a proud malay wonderful
    we should email JYP and bg tau brape ramai wonderfuls in malaysia yg nak tgk WG perform

    seriously though,they went to bangkok and s’pore and totally skipped malaysia?come on,JYP!

  36. The ticket is really… cheap for a concert. I do think WG deserves more. I’m expecting a HUGE crowd. The stadium is also -_- Seriously, JYP has his concert in US and wonder girls get bangkok?

    I’m more worried about the safety of the girls and although I’m Singaporean, I think many of you are right, having a concert in Malaysia/Singapore seems a wiser choice at this current time. Sigh.

  37. what more can i say but “MY DREAM COMES TRUE”

    anyway, i wish they chose the better+bigger place for the girls

    since ticket price is not expensive(in my opinion, it’s kind of cheap for WONDER GIRLS!), i’m afraid tickets might be sold out very quickly!!!

    i’m so afraid of not getting a ticket TvT

    thanx for the news 🙂

    i’m surprised that u even have pics of Nimitbutr Stadium LOL!

  38. lol, so many malay wonderfuls! do you guys speak malay? hahaha… macam mana kamu semua dpt minat wonder girls??? best la ada malay fan juga, biasanya org malaysia lbh sukakan DBSK, SUPER JUNIOR, RAIN… agaknya berapa ramai peminat wonder girls dekat malaysia, i hope we all can spread the love…

  39. I wish they could do a concert close to texas. ;(
    Because I live in Austin…
    but they are only going to the major cities in America like Los Angeles & New York in 2009.

    But that is cool that they are going to Bangkok. ❤
    I wish I could go!

  40. i didn’t know many Malaysian wonderful.. me too^^
    Wonder Girls, Please come to Malaysia..
    you have many interesting places to visit and..
    Malaysian peoples also nice too.

  41. yeah, malaysia is very strategic… its close to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore… and @ kataYANAgi i have the same problem, but i’m facing pmr next year….

  42. yaaa…Wonder Girls plz come Malaysia… isk isk… even though it’s like a dream come true if Wonder Girls come to Malaysia, i just hope n pray…. =)

  43. i’m from malaysia too..
    even the flight to bangkok are not that expensive since we have airasia…but..my fam wont allow me anyway..duh..i got spm next year…
    aiyoo WG, come to malaysia laa..we have big stadium for you…we are in the centre anyway..thailand, indonesia n singapore fans can come here too..

  44. yeah come to singapore again!
    i miss you wondergirls!
    i only get to see them from far during kpop night..

  45. hha wow so at least they’re having a concert closer to where I live now 😀 but anw, I hope that one day they hold a concert in s’pore (!!!!) kpop nite wasnt enough for us Wonderfuls )))):

  46. @ min-joe-kie
    you’re from malaysia too? wow, i hope they come to malaysia… but i think if they did i couldn’t come anyways… huh! such a disappointment, but have fun thai wonderfuls! that stadium looks awful but when wonder girls step in i’m sure it will turn into a very beautiful stadium, perfect for their concert! when is their concert in Korea??

  47. that looks kinda small!!!!…but am so jealous..

    umm..i think the other girls look nice too (sunye bias!..lol)

  48. yeah ,
    singapore indoor stadium’s consider small but this is way smaller ?
    hope they’ll come to singapore again & thai wonderfuls have fun yo 😀

  49. come on wonder girls…
    do a tour in south east asia countries especially malaysia….
    pleaaaaaase….it’s not that easy to go to bangkok…
    woo wooo….

  50. wa so small? i considered singapore indoor stadium small already , this is even smaller .. it’ll be warm inside i guess .

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