Wonder Girls on Kiss The Radio 081211

Wonder Girls appearing on Kiss The Radio on 11th December hosted by Super Junior members, Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk. H-Eugene also guested.

Wonder Girls @ Kiss The Radio 081211

Wonder Girls @ Kiss The Radio 081211

Spot the differences.

Wonder Girls @ Kiss The Radio 081211


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Kiss The Radio 081211

  1. MISOOOOOOOOOOO<333333333333333333
    I literally just spazzed out when I was looking for the difference xD
    Aww SunMi looks so shy and adorable! Hahahah
    Sohee leaning back! :DD
    I’m wayy too miso biased but I can’t help it!

    thanks coolsmurf


  2. i love how ye eun is not afraid of the boys lol. h-eugene and ye eun back together 😀 and yup ye eun is like an angel to him and also to all her fans 😀

  3. Don’t know where to post this but I love the fact that you constantly update you blog’s banner.

    Also, cute pictures! thanks for the uploads

  4. 5 differences:
    1. ye eun’s expression
    2. yoobin’s looking at different things on the tree in the two pics
    3. sunye’s expression is also different
    4. miso heads together & heads apart
    5. the mics just to the right of sohee

  5. ^
    if i’m not wrong.the difference is the miso couple.:) so cute.yb

    is wearing the sweater from GDS.sunye looks cute with specs.

  6. i love that banner coolsmurf! whats the difference, i can’t spot anything… they look so cute, sunye unnie is the cutest geek in those glasses!

  7. i know whats the diff – yoobins dorky expression! – i think something fell coz she look down, surprised ^_^

  8. ah!!! I just love seeing wg w/ suju
    too bad Shindong isn’t there, I would love to see another Timon & Pumba moment (SunMi & Sindong)…hehe LOL

  9. haha.h-eugene was there.during the radio show, he said that ye eun is liked an angel to him and he wanted ask ye eun out for a meal but ye eun is too busy.

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