Wonder Girls Endorses FreeStyle Street Basketball Online Game

It was revealed today that the Wonder Girls have been signed on by JC Entertainment to endorse their FreeStyle Street Basketball online game.

Wonder Girls endorsing FreeStyle Street Basketball online game

It was announced today by JC Entertainment that they have inked a contract today, 16th December with the Wonder Girls as models for their FreeStyle Street Basketball online game. The Wonder Girls are expected to take part in several events to promote the game towards the end of December.

Besides that, the Wonder Girls will also appear as game characters (modeled after them) within the game itself. Gamers will have the opportunity to chose their favourite Wonder Girls member to compete online against others.


FreeStyle Street Basketball is an online game that blends two popular elements, Hip Hop and basketball together and is highly popular in Korea, China, Japan plus other countries in Asia. With the Wonder Girls signed on as models , this is another opportunity for them to raise their profile in Asia.

(click for 1024×768 wallpaper)


A JYP Entertainment representative expressed, “The Wonder Girls will be appearing in the online game as Q-version characters and we believe that they will attract even more gamers with their participation as game models.”


Full-scale launch of the Wonder Girls endorsing the game and the TVCF will be released on 29th December through the gaming website and television.


46 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Endorses FreeStyle Street Basketball Online Game

  1. i think their style would look best like this

  2. They all look great but the websites in korean so don’t really understand much. Cn anyone pls try and describe the steps for signing up for the game. Your help will be greatly appreciated

  3. Well Yoobin looks nice.. with her ear phones too.. but what is weird is Sun Ye with ear muffs :/ Who thought of that?
    I hate Sun mi’s shoes and ye eun with that head band looks rather like she’s gonna play tennis than this, lol.

  4. they always endorse the most randomest things ^^
    it looks cool!

    by the way,
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header picture!!

  5. Lol this is far from keroro fighter! GO WG!
    Yoobin look hot with the headphone and cap. She looks ghetto.

  6. woooot!!! i stopped playing freestyle coz i’m getting bored at the game but after seeing this!!! O.O i think i’ll re open my acct and play ball!!! lol XD

  7. i thinks its great! they all love sports, especial the 3 unnies! this can be their huge chance to be well known in Asia! and the players don’t compete them, they compete the modeled version of them! so it has nothing to do with their ability on basketball! just give them a chance, i’d love to see the sporty side of them… i mean, the company must’ve chosen the girls for a good reason right??

  8. Hummm…, Wonderbasketball? Idk, but maybe it might work out since, I guess Yoobin and YeEun are more of the sporty type.. I think? or maybe Sohee too.. lol. Hey, who knows, maybe all of them can play. Thank you.

  9. GAAA!!! i love their shoes!
    esp yoobin and sunmi’s!!!

    and only Wonder Girls can make basketball oh so cute!

    heehee Sunye and Yoobin with the earmuffs and “headphones”?

  10. aww man…wish we can buy their jersey if theyre selling it!
    looking forward to the game xD
    ill play it in the Christmans breakk =)

  11. Omo….and i love basketball…haha…
    I like YooBin style..hehe…and YeEun…
    Anyway…the five girls are pretty with the basketball jersey…^^

  12. woww hip hop basketball. hmmm this seems to suit yoobin~ hip hop & sport..i tink most pple’d choose yoobin to play against the others haha..

  13. admittedly, i wouldn’t have expected the wonder girls to endorse this game. or any girl group in general.

    but i like yoobin’s cap + headphones look. hehe.
    & yeeun’s pose amuses me. >_<

  14. yoobin’s S-line! XD i check the website. interesting game. haha. i think yoobin is wearing headphones, not ear muffs

  15. yeah i have to agree Ye eun &Yoobin looks the greatest in basketball outfits! hahaha ^_^ pink! hehehe yay hehe i can’t wait for more pics! is Ye eun’s hair black again? oh and i love Yoobin’s HEADPHONE ^_^

  16. they signed as the model and also the character for the basketball game. i don’t know if this fits them right lol i can see yeh eun doing this but the rest………….

  17. w0w cool……..
    from now on i’ll play freestyle!!!…………

    hope they would endorse cabal online too…
    here in the philippines their tell me dance steps are taken for the dance feature of the game…..

    Go WonderGirls!!

  18. Yeahh Yoo Bin would definitely work in a jersey.

    Hahah why are Sun ye and Yoo Bin wearing ear muffs while playing basketball xD

  19. Hey they have this game in Thailand too! But a boy band endorsed it instead. They even made a cool song for the game. Maybe WG will make a song too ^^

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