Yoo Bin That Person Is Coming Sitcom Cut 081212

Yoo Bin had a small cameo in the 12th December episode of MBC sitcom That Person Is Coming. Weird to see a lack of coverage on her cameo unlike So Hee earlier on. No pictures from MBC, no reports from the media. So bias!

Many thanks to gomdorii/ktinsj for subbing this so fast.


25 thoughts on “Yoo Bin That Person Is Coming Sitcom Cut 081212

  1. yup..i think there is a bias..and i wish the press would do some coverage on her acting..but we wonderfuls know that she has done her best and will continue to support her..hopefully one day people would open their eyes and see yoobin’s talent other than a sexy rapper, yoobin as an individual..yoobin fighting!! WG fighting!

  2. LOL, YooBin surprised me, I didn’t know she’d be so natural. I enjoyed it; thanks for the subs~ ^^;

  3. haha..omgg..yoobin the evil third party..normally i would hate the third person who would snatch someone’s lover in dramas but i would have to make this as an exception cos yoobin is just soooo…cute!!lol..i thought she did pretty well in acting.

  4. well sohee can’t go anywhere without wondergirls unless she wants to act but i can’t imagine her being a A-list actress.

  5. hilARIous~


    what a cute cameo.
    was that the actress from the mermaid drama? hm…

    now i want to see yoobin as a regular on a sitcom 😀
    her acting was quite natural and cute

  6. i agree. there is a bias. of course there is. no surprise. and it can make it harder for other members to shine, but it could maybe become a double-edged sword for sohee in the future if she doesn’t handle her career carefully. she’s only abt 16 after all. so it’s fine that she has a cute image. but it’s only fact that she will age, and no doubt a new younger “cute” idol will reappear and snatch the hearts of audiences. it happened before. and it for sure will happen again. hyori even mentions it and talks about how hard it is. but she is genius in the way she has marketed and reinvented herself IMO despite the fact that ppl might not like her… you still have to admit.. she’s lasted a LOT longer. and still has so much influence on korean pop culture. and it’s because she had personality and tenacity. so yeah. sohee is cute for me. but yoobin is actually a lot more interesting to watch on shows. maybe it’s because she’s older and more comfortable with herself? who knows. i guess we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the wonder girls.

  7. Of course there’s a bias. This was mentioned in Introduction to this site. Sohee has become, for lack of a better word, the mascot for the Wonder Girls. A lot of people think she is cute, so she will draw more attention. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just that the other girls have to try harder to get noticed.

    Anyway, this video was so strange! That actress seemed deranged towards the end! lol

    Go Yoobin, your Wonderfuls are cheering for you!

  8. i think it’s not biased. maybe yoobin was asked to do a cameo there by the sitcom, but she was never meant to be an actress. so it’s only like singer popping out in a movie? but sohee is meant to be the actress of wonder girls right? and she had played in a movie before so everyone was anticipating her acting again.

    we all love the wonder girls right?

  9. oh calm down with the so bias…all the girls deserve coverage, but Sohee will always have more…thats a fact…

    I loved watching it without subs, thanks for subbing, I shall watch more later on

  10. wow… thank you thank you for the subbed version…awww
    yeah havent heard about this one on news… anyway i want to see all the girls in a movie in the future… that would be soooo cool… hahaha

  11. that’s awfully… unfortunate.
    Maybe it’s just because So Hee was already in a movie? :/

    Either way, I’m sure all the wonderfuls saw/will see this episode. 🙂
    *support, support, support!

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