“Wonder Girls Nobody Is Best Album of the Year”, Says Music Experts

What was the best and the worst album of 2008? A survey was done with 20 music experts with a report card released with regards to this year’s singles and albums. Taking into consideration the album as a whole and its popularity, they picked the Best Album which met the expectations of people while the Worst Album criteria was that it disappointed as an album on the whole.


The 20 music experts were from different fields in the entertainment business including 10 music show PDs, 6 music critics and the remaining 4 being song writers/composers. The following are the Best 5 albums of 2008 picked.

1) Wonder Girls Nobody Mini-album
Park Jin Young’s producing skills saw the Wonder Girls Nobody mini-album receiving 1 vote from each expert. Songs like Nobody and So Hot have received much love and attention from fans of all generations thanks to their strong addictiveness and inspirational melody. Nobody and So Hot mini-albums are both made in Park Jin Young’s style which also incorporates sensual balllads. Some say that because the 90-ers (Wonder Girls) can make music like this sound so good, it adds a kind of enjoyment to it while listening.”


In second place was Seo Taiji, 3rd was Epik High, 4th went to Big Bang while Shin Seung Hoon, DBSK and Nell were joint 5th for Best Album of the Year.

credit: gomdorii (translation)


17 thoughts on ““Wonder Girls Nobody Is Best Album of the Year”, Says Music Experts

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  2. i hope their album sales also increasing but kpop popular with illegal downloading.. their song is good and appealing to all generation..

    Damn right.
    Best song AND album of the year.
    Now this was just a mini album..
    So one can only imagine all the praise their next full album will be getting.

    thanks coolsmurf

  4. WOW!
    definitely my fav kpop album I bought this year…well it’s the only one i bought…but still~haha

    Yeeun must be proud! the 1st song she ever composed/wrote was in the BEST album of the Year! yay! congrats!

  5. YAY! Definitely the best album of the year!
    Nobody has the most remixes ever @_@ I mean,from ballad to rock to pop to techno to r&b! So many version!
    Such a flexible song it is. And with WG singing it,adding the addictiveness to the song XD
    I never get bored of WG’s songs.

  6. 2008 is definitely a WONDER year!!
    and let us hope more coming for us in 2009!!

    Wonder Girls are truly Wonderful!! =)

  7. Hehe. best song of the year @ mkmf & best album of the year.
    the wonder girls are clearly rocking the music scene. 🙂

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