Wonder Girls Ivy Club Uniform Pictures (6P) 081212

Collection of 6 HQ quality Ivy Club pictures. All in original sizes.


with paper umbrellas


Group shot


So Hee with Ivy Club paper bags


Are they really awkward? Seems to be together all the time now.


Sun Ye, Ye Eun and Sun Mi


credit: dandibul@daum


27 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Ivy Club Uniform Pictures (6P) 081212

  1. i really like Sunmi, she seems like a nice girl
    that’s why she really looks good in the pictures..

    i adore yoobin, but her face in some pictures looks weird (?)
    did they edit the photos?

    and ye eun, she’s so lively..

    but overall all of them are cute! i envy them 😀

  2. Hahahahhahha
    SoBin always together now..
    Thanks to all the shows pushing them together.
    And the interviews..
    MiSo still my favorite couple though..
    Sorry Yoobin.. 😦
    I would totally buy the uniforms if I needed them lol.

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. so hee is cute in all pics!

    and again… too complex uniform ^^ hahhaha!

    how schoolgirls dress up like WGs in school ? ^O^

  4. omg Ivyclub pics are always edited. Some of the pics look kinda weird.
    But gotta love their poses!! Especially Sunye!
    She look so cute with her girly poses!

  5. I wonder one thing why they try so hard to make Yoobin and Sohee together like sisters, i mean why they try to force it when it’s not natural.

  6. Something really bothers me…and no it’s not Yoobins slightly pedo-ish gleam in her eye lol (still love her) It’s the fact that the top and bottom don’t match in Sun Ye’s outfit in the group shot. Why is that? Why in the world would they do that?! It’s torturing my ocd…

  7. is it me or are those pictures of yoobin unnie look weird? wow, i love those outfits! are you allowed to wear those uniforms to school?

  8. Sobin couple has been together lately. Humm…., what’s up? Is it bc of Mango? It’s good that Sobin are more close now. The awkwardness has flew out the window right? lol. Thank you for the pics.

  9. aww. they’re cute in these pictures. 🙂
    >_< the umbrella one seems so random, but still cute.

    i didnt notice before that in the 3rd one, sunmi is making a peace sign.
    i had no idea school uniforms could be so.. fashionable.

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