Wonder Girls @ 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards 081215

The Wonder Girls appearing at the 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards held at Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel ballroom and organized by Korea’s style network, DongAh TV. They were named Style Icon of the Year earlier. While everyone is donned in black, So Hee is the only exception with a blue dress.


Making their way around


Ye Eun’s turn to show some cleavage


Posing for photographers


My lovely Sun Ye and her enchanting smile


Picture perfect So Hee


Receiving Style Icon of the Year award



63 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards 081215

  1. ye eun’s cleavage was no where near sunye’s…sunye’s…poor dear.

    anyway, yeahh everyone looks great, but ye eun has been shining the most lately–maybe she’s in love ! haha

    i wonder if they meant for sohee to be the only one wearing a color while everyone else wears black…

  2. Yoobin, Ye Eun and Sunmi had great dresses that suited their figures, but I’m not fond of Sohee and Sunye’s dresses. Sohee’s is kind of frumpy, especially in the first picture for some reason. And the sequin fabric on Sunye looks too thick to be a dress fabric.

  3. Yeeun look so GORGEOUS here!!!!!!!!!oh my!
    and sunye’s second individual picture look so cute!!! πŸ˜€

  4. omg ye eun really look beautiful…
    she’s so perfect, talent, intelligent, pretty, kind-heart, independent young girl
    lucky man who get her

  5. GORGEOUS ladies! Everyone looked really good.

    OH LA LA, YeEun looks stunning, I mean her hair + her dress <33

    I’d must say that SoHee looks great too.

  6. ye eun is sexy!!!!!!! she should get to wear nice clothes like this all the time, instead of dowdy outfits (she does seem to always get the worst outfits right?)

    she really shines! TT_TT beautiful

  7. lately its becom every apparent that So Hee stands out of the group, its either more pics of her or she wears a different coloured outfit and they all wear black……
    Im getting very suspicious about what JYP is trying to do

  8. Finally the unnies are showing the skin and the young ones are covering up!

    Ye Eun… omg, I just died. The dress fits her body so well! Just gorgeously beautiful!!!

  9. OMG Sohee looks so pretty, she always sticks out…hehehe

    And Yeeun is WOW in the dress…

    But of course the rest of them are BEAUTIFUL

  10. YeEun’s HOTTT!!!
    Yoobin looks diff she looks epecially young and sexxyyy .
    Sohee looks younger too and cutee
    SunYe..aww! Loovee her smileee
    SunMii pretty =)

    WG (Beautifuls) FIGHTING!!

  11. My god.
    These girls are just too damn PERFECT!
    They’re so GORGEOUS!
    I like that dress on Sohee I think it suits her well and she looks sooo cute in it.
    LOVE her curled ponytail with side bangs.
    I agree with some she does fit a strapless a bit better than Sunye did. S line curves or whaaat πŸ™‚
    I have to say I love SunMi’s dress.
    It’s so simplistic but she carries it off so well!
    She’s so pretty it gets me every time!
    Of course Yoobin all sexy with her dress. πŸ˜‰
    Glad to see that she’s not nearly as uncomfortable looking
    THey’re just all so hot ahhhhh.

    thanks coolsmurf

  12. oh my gawd at ye eun in the 4th pic. she looks effin gorgeous!! finally she gets a really sexy and decent dress. wow ye eun just blows me away!!

  13. omg yeeun looks ahmazing!!!
    that 2nd solo pic of sunye is soo cute!!!!
    i love sohee and sunmi’s tights!

  14. this just goes to show, Yoobin does NOT have weight issues. It’s the costume designers fault for not accentuating her assets. Here, the dress fits her correctly, and looks amazing.

  15. OHLALA! XDD Ye Eunh looks lovely! They all do!
    But I think Ye seems more comfy in the strapless
    then SunYe does. Ah well, they all look gorgeous!

  16. everyone looks gorgeous! i love sunmi and yoobin’s dress!both have super pretty lace detailing on them. i dont like sohee’s dress though… it is getting sort of annoying how they make sohee stand out. i guess its cause she’s the most popular? all of them should be given the same amount of attention. anyway congrats to the girls ❀

  17. it’s so incredibly obvious that they’re trying to make sohee stick out. they always do that. they put the other 4 girls in black (always black and white, really basic colors), and then put sohee in some color. it’s so obvious and it’s starting to get annoying.

  18. All the girls are gorgeous. But I don’t like Sohee’s outfit. It doesn’t suit her well. I think the shoulder part is too wide & lose for her since her neck is very long. If I was to make that dress, I would either make the shoulder part near the armpit with an inch of sleeve or strapless. ARGGG! (it’s UGLY) okay. Thank you.

  19. i love sunmi’s dress

    sunye dress look OK to her this time and cute smile sunye…

    yoobin like her usual style,simple……………………………………

    yeeun HOT HOT HOT………….i think everybody will wear half-dress in every award…………first sunmi……then uncomfortable sunye………….now yeeun……………who will be next?????????

    sohee not very cute like everyone thought

  20. So Hee looks so professional and mature.

    Sunmi looks absolutely classy like a timless classic, simple in black. You can’t lose with that.

    Yoo bin looks very cute her hair is stunning like that.

    Sun Ye looks tired but her legs are flawless.

    Ye Eun this girl has always been sexy just peoples eyes are now starting to notice.

  21. Yes I love the lighter makeup. I love Sunmi’s dress, it really suits her. If you take a quick glance at her, she looks like Yeeun!

    Hohoho sohee looks greaaaaat.

  22. I think YooBin looks better with straight hair ^^, but the only curls i like is the one in So Hot promotion.
    They look fabulous especially YeEun-Shes REALLY pretty, who knew she would become an amazing beautiful swan. ❀

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  24. yeheun seems to fill out the strapless dress better than sunye. i mean yeah the dress sunye had was not tight enough, but i mean like yeheun has curves man. so gorgeous. and sunye looks awesome especially since she shows her gorgeous legs more. yoobin looks like she lost weight. she looks pretty too. ❀ sohee always seems to have this sparkle in her eyes. XD and sunmi looks cute as always. but she seems a bit dead in these photos. she needs sleep and time to relax. hyper up sunmi!

  25. light makeup! finally!! the girls look much more softer/romantic esp Yoobin with the lace and all ❀

    very classy and elegant!

    thanks for the pics

  26. is it just me or has anyone else noticed that ye eun has gotten SO MUCH prettier!!! i mean, she kinda outshines everyone now

    girl’s come a long way~ ^^

    thanks for sharing!

  27. Sun mi’s dress reminds me of Prada f/w 08, Lace! And yoobin looks so chic, I love her hair like that.

    Fabulous group ❀

  28. The girls did it again~
    They can’t keep themselves from being so gorgeous huh? XD
    Yeeun is getting so much prettier everytime I see her!

  29. i think sohee’s dress is blue-black?

    ye eun stood out de most

    she freakin gorgeous!!!!!
    she like goddess..

    ~ wonder girls, de generation of beauties~

    WONDER GIRLS FTW!!!!!!!!

  31. hope our leader sun ye gets enough rest after this…can’t bear looking at her so tired like that! she’s losing her glow! ye eun looks hot!

  32. woahh yeeun..
    rocking that dress
    guess its her turn to wear a strapless dress this time and boy,she looks great

    sunye can’t be wearing the same dress from last week.the previous one had those thingies at the bottom.sunye sure loves them sequins.she looks pretty as always.

    yoobin looks mad sexy with the lace-y dress

    the two maknaes showing so little skin.so innocent looking.

  33. wow o.o EITHER sohee is getting much love from her stylists, OR she’s picking a lotof great stylish pieces for herself… she almost just seems to be one step above the other girls when it comes to walkin the red carpet o.o

  34. wow, so pretty! Ye eun unnie looks so elegant, her smile, her hair, just makes her more charming each day! the maknaes have the best legs, i wished i had them! lol, sunmi and yoobin unnie needs too smile more, maybe because their tired… sohee really stands out, she has the best pose, the way she walks… just like a model! sunye unnie is smiling so brightly although you can tell she is tired! WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  35. loving all the dresses, though Sohee look uncomfortable…
    poor girl, sticking out like this…

    YeEun vavaVOOOOM! Yoobin’s dress reminds me of her dream concert outfit, pretty. Leader looks so tired, imma cry…but I see her legs!!! *nosebleed* (after SoHot i was losing hope) Sunmi and Sohee look like nice little girls…aww

    LMAO!! Sunmi and Yoobin have the same expression on every single shot…they look so dazed hahahaha

    Stylist unnie must be proud…*though i’m still mad over Golden Disk*

    our babies look so tired T________T

    Actually, they all are O__O

    This is what I like waking up to in the morning xD

  37. oh wow. sohee really stands out since she’s not wearing nearly as much black as the others
    & wow. sunmi is wearing a lot of black.

    they all look good πŸ™‚
    & of course they’re fashion icons.
    first they rock leopard print, then they rock retro/vintage outfits
    their next “image change” will probably be fantastic as well. πŸ™‚

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