Vita 500 Promotional Posters for December 2008

Vita 500 has uploaded 6 posters featuring the Wonder Girls for their December 2008 advertising campaign. Apart from the first two poster which has them in their winter outfits, the other 4 has them in their Nobody outfits.



Posters are in actual sizes.


30 thoughts on “Vita 500 Promotional Posters for December 2008

  1. @ krysti – Really? I can’t see any resemblance to Twins. xD The only thing that she has in common with Charlene (from Twins) is a smallish head?

    I see Yebin and Miso luuuvin’. xD

  2. nice pictures o f them…

    really envy all of them.

    but why everything has to be so hee? i just wondering

    no offense.

    i love all of them tho’, they look really amazing πŸ˜€

  3. i love the first pic so much!

    all their face look really naturally happy ^^

    and so hee in 2nd pic was so relax ^^

  4. Our precious Mandoo look so sweet in the 2nd pic.. ^^
    The first pic is so much love.. =)

    Wonder Girls are truly the most precious wonderful lovable
    people in this world!!

    WG Jjang!!

    First off I’m in love with their winter clothes.
    Theyr’e so cute
    MiSo’s definately my favorite though
    And second?
    Sohee grabbing SunMi’s scarf.. SO CUTE~!
    Sorry for the MiSo bias.
    I think I like Sohee’s hairstyle in the 2nd pic.
    IT’s different from what we’ve seen her
    But in a good way.

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. Nooo! My beautiful Sun Ye! How dare she let people look at her amazing 5-star legs. =( It’s going to take me awhile to recover lol

    MISO MISO MISO! <333333 (need I say more?)

    I just realized what amazing lips Ye Eun has…dude I want whatever chapstick/lipgloss she has!

    Yoobin and her baby cheeks, did she loose weight? Where did her beautiful baby fat go?!

  7. SoHee seems a lot happier now a days! The girls looked great, SunYe’s outfit was my favorite in the first photo!

  8. all of these pictures look so nice!
    did they dye sohee’s hair? my favorite
    is the first one! they are look so pretty!

  9. In the 2nd pic, Sohee doesn’t look like herself. She kinda resemble those two Chinese girl. I forgot the names but, (the twins) maybe? Thank you.

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