Sun Ye Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081209

The following is a message which Sun Ye posted on the bulletin board of the Sendvoice Fan Club website. Message translated by wonderkid.


Hello/How are you~ it’s Sun Ye. ^^
These days, I enjoy listening to our Voice Fan Club
Nobody poems 2008 is already almost over
This year, I feel like we’ve shared a lot of memories together~
For the rest of 2008, I hope you all reflect back on what has happened this year
so you can start 2009 with a clean start/plan.
You all made 2008 better than 2007, it’s truly a year we’ll never forget,
and I really want to thank you all for that. have a merry christmas

I think love is something that can move the world.
It’s better when you give than when you get love, because its beauty doubles.
I wish that we’ll always stay together whenever and wherever.

Always gain strength. Hwaiting!!


20 thoughts on “Sun Ye Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081209

  1. ^o^

    Sun Ye unnie~
    >,< v

    when you come back.
    i’ll hope u’ll all be as prettier, charming and beautiful as ever!!!

    tAkE care always! ❤

  2. i love you forever (3x) your my energy;) Sun Ye i love it when sing it;) co’z your my energy you have nice voice really cute^.^ wish you all the best in your group Wondergirls love yah all see yah next year;) many blessing to come more power;) go go go …..

    Sun Ye-4-EveR;)

  3. I seriously love this girl!! Her message is so wonderful and I love that last paragraph…<3 Leader Min, happy holidays to you and the rest of the WGs<3

  4. Spoken like a true leader
    She gives us so much love as a person and as the leader of the Wonder Girls that it’s so hard not to love her
    Congratulations on 2007 and 2008’s hard worked successes and awards and just everythign and I hope that 2009 is even bigger and better for them to come.
    Considering that they’re coming into the American market and they’re having their own concert!
    The love can only grow.

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. me too! i always pray for them, 2009 will be even better and brighter! Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls hwaiting! sunye unnie seems sick lately, i hope sh’s getting better!

  6. I pray that year 2009 will bring good foryune to the wonder girls…
    Remember to prays always girls….God listen to your prayer…
    Merry Christmas..^^

  7. lol…always feel good to read this…
    sunye ah~~!! wishing u and the rest of the
    girls the best! 2009 hwaiting!

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