So Hee Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081212

The following is a message which So Hee posted on the bulletin board of the Sendvoice Fan Club website. Message translated by wonderkid.


To all the fans at Voice Fan Club, thank you so much, your many messages always gives me strength. Looks like 2008 is passing by and 2009 is fast approaching. I hope you all enjoy what’s left of ’08 and wrap up the year well. I wish you more happiness in 2009 and a year jam-packed with only the best news.^^ Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!


32 thoughts on “So Hee Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081212

  1. hi sohee ur so cute

    i wish the next of ur concer are here in the phil. wish u ol the best……………..^_^

  2. HaHa .}} I like You very much.

    I hope you ilike me too. I’m Church from Thailand.

    I want to see you . nice ….

    you so good. have a good dreams .God bless you.

    i ting of you every days. ^^ /(- -)/ l(- -)l/(- -)/

  3. sohee u r the best and all of us want ur e-mail adress plzzz?
    i’m ur no.1 fan in the uae so i have ur pictures and ur name and ur songs all over in my room and i’m emaraty so i don’t know how 2 speak korian but i try 2 sing ur songs & i’m verry good in english


  4. hi so hee

    Im ur No. One Fan In The Philippines I Hope U Will Make Another Song Like Nobody More Power To You ANd To Ur Group

    God Bless

  5. Wonder girls…Will your next concert be take place in Australia? please….:)
    cuz i really see you’re all
    Cute—> SoHee
    Funny—> Sun Mi
    Sexy—> Yoo Bin
    Lovely + Friendly—> Ye Eun
    Talented—> Sun Ye

  6. So hee is so the bomb. I wish they’d come to hawaii to perform I would toatly go to it buecause I live in hawaii.its hard to say which is the best of the wonder girls.

  7. LUV SO HEE…hope u’ll come to m’sia next….can’t wait for WG song to come out…u’re the hee kiyo

  8. hope so hee will be more successful…
    i’m ur truly fan of you….
    plz come to m’sia for next wonder girls concert….
    love (^^,) ahn so hee….

  9. I don’t really like her.
    she looks really arrogant and so not cute.
    i think people are the one who force her to look cute, while she actually doesn’t looks like that.
    I think sun mi is the cutest among all of them. and then yoobin, ye eun, and then her. Sun ye is adorable tho.

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  11. 2008 was the year of the Wonder Girls and so will 2009! I love you Sohee! your sooo adorable! the message was so sweet! ❤

  12. YAY!
    Lol J.
    I think it’s because even though she’s the maknae, she’s the most mature. And so it would be weird for her to put in silly/cute emoticons when that’s not who she is.
    But we all love her the same because even if she doesn’t try to be she’s just tooooo cuute!
    but then when she speaks (or doesn’t speak) she’s just so mature and I love that.
    I love the message and I hope 2009 brings the same if not more amount of love rewards and success that 2007 and 2008 have.

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. Yay, I love to hear from her 🙂

    It’s pretty amusing how she pretty much types in sentences and not much emoticons even though she’s the maknae, whereas leader min’s has a lot of emoticons and is in that kind of paragraph-line-by-line typing style lol.

  14. The message so sweet…
    So Hee….thank you….
    Year 2008 has been a lucky year for the wonder girls…
    Keep up the good work in year 2009…^^

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