Park Jin Young Celebrates 36th Birthday With Juniors Wonder Girls, Joo, 2AM and 2PM

Singer/CEO/Producer Park Jin Young celebrated his 36th birthday with his juniors Wonder Girls, Joo, 2AM and 2PM during his solo concert.


Park Jin Young’s solo concert tour Dirty Party 2One Night Stand in Korea opened on 13th December at the Bucheon Gymnasium. Idol group 2PM performed 10 points out of 10 for the opening act with the rest of the concert also featuring guest performances from 2AM, Wonder Girls and Joo.

200812151056581002_1142AM200812151056581002_221Joo dueting with JYP

Park Jin Young also performed many great hits himself like Nobody, This Song and also Delicious. One of the highlights was the bed performance.


Dirty Party 2One Night Stand will have 4 more live performances on the 20th and from 23rd – 25th December at various locations.



35 thoughts on “Park Jin Young Celebrates 36th Birthday With Juniors Wonder Girls, Joo, 2AM and 2PM

  1. That’s so cool. I hope people got fanvids or something of this, especially Joo’s appearance. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from her!

  2. heehee is that sunye standing beside JYP in the first picture.
    she look so cute!!

    and yes, i wanna see his version of Nobody too!!!


  3. OMo…JYP just 36 years old?!
    I thought he would like…
    But never mind…he is a great singer and he produce lots of good singers under him like Rain,Wonder Girls,2Am,2PM..

  4. Ommo! I thought he’s 40 something

    you look so old Mr hahaha

    but happy birthday

    thanks for produced Rain and producing Wonder Girls


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  6. LOL!
    I thought he was in his 40’s.
    And I would love to see him perf Nobody!!
    My goodness I love the JYP family!
    They’re seriously a family :DDD
    Vids up soon I hope?

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. I like all the JYP family ^^ YeEun was dressed so cute this night with her casual clothes. I wish we could get a better view with the pictures..

  8. lol! yeah.. i didnt believe that wen wondersmurf said hes 36.. im like doesnt he looks older than that? O_____O

  9. well its just JYP’s face. its really unique which always made him look older than he really was. but i like. sets him apart and gives him that wise, serious look. haha. happy bday PDnim! hope you produce more great music and lets ur legacy always be remembered!

  10. ohh Joo! It’s been a long time since I saw her. Glad that she duet with JYP!
    OMG JYP family is like a real family!
    Look at how close they are to each other!

  11. HEY! does anybody know where to watch THE STAR SHOW featuring the wonder girls with eng subs? youtube seems to have only the first part! but i would really like to watch the rest! please and thank you! 🙂

  12. *poofs back in*
    wait why are the dancers upfront?!?! lol…please
    get in the back so I can see what looks like Joo

    *poofs back out*

  13. JYP is married man.

    well.. i think evryone agree dat he looks older.

    no offends

    HAPPY B’dAy JYP..
    thanx 4 produce such talented group.

    we owe u so much!!


  14. hahaha… like everyone else, i thought he was older… he’s my uncle’s age and my uncle looks younger than JYP.

    i actually really liked his performances at NYC chuseok ’08 when i went to see WG. i bet a lot of people went to the concert just for Wonder Girls!

  15. he’s 36??? i though he was like 40 odd… lol, my dad looks younger and he’s 42! but i still have my respect for JYP, he’s the ultimate king of music! Happy Birthday JYP!!! and by the way, JYP married or still a single man???

  16. I can’t wait to see this. And yay Joo! I thought she dropped off the edge of the planet 😦 Happy B-day to the JYP-ster

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