Wonder Girls To Perform At 同一首歌 in Korea Open Concert

The representative music program of China, 同一首歌 (literally translated as The Same Song) will make their way to Korea next Thursday, 18th December at the Kintex Hall in Ilsan from 6 – 10pm (KST). This will be a great opportunity for singers to promote themselves to millions of viewers in China and also the world when it is broadcasted on television (delayed telecast).

同一首�� in Korea

A list of performers from Korea and also Chinese singers will make it one of the grandest line-ups of singers with regards to recent China-Korea concerts.

China: Vicky Zhao, Chen Kun, Wen Zhang, Jerry Yan, Cyndi Wang, Kenji Wu, KungFu String, David Wu (host)

Korea: SS501, Mina, Son Ho Young, Chae Yeon (host), Gorilla Crew, Shin Hye Sung, Bi (Rain), Liu Xin (JYP China Debutant), Wonder Girls, 2PM, Baek Ji Young

Event is organized and sponsored by Lotte Group.
(Card is subject to change)


26 thoughts on “Wonder Girls To Perform At 同一首歌 in Korea Open Concert

  1. Wonder Girls, 2PM, SS501<33333333333333333333333333
    I wish I could go..
    Sounds like so much fun and completely sheer awesomeness.
    I’ll definately catch it on tv though

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. I love all JYP creations.. i hope one day artists was under JYP like Bi/Rain, G.O.D, Park Ji Yoon, Noel, Byul (JYP still good in term with them though) will reunion together with JYP current artists: Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, Joo, Lim Jeong Hee, Liuxin, Min, G-soul in one concert..

    JYP really genius producer…Thanks JYP for create our lovely wonder girls

  3. Wow almost all of the JYP crew are going to be there! but what’s up with 2AM? How come I never see anything from them anymore?

  4. I think maybe JYP co-sponsor or organized for this event too. Coz whenever JYP had their own event. SM will never take part. Remember the collaboration of JYP n Jackie Chan and also the other one. No sm artist. But nevertheless, it was for good cause. With any SM artists maybe will be more chaos as it is.

  5. OMGOSH. seriously?? WG is performing on 同一首歌??!! yay!! im chinese so i thnk it will be on the chinese chanel in CA. YES!! im watching itt. =)
    WG fighting!!!

  6. oooooooh 2PM and Wonder girls!
    + rain and son ho young~

    can’t wait to watch this.
    and yeah i agree with anna – weird how there’s no sm/yg here.

  7. this looks like a JYPE fest to me and I love it….I can’t wait to see WG’s new unnie Liu Xin debut..huhuhu

  8. wow.. kelly chen.. vicky zhao… jolin tsai… leehom… all those chinese line up are fantastic o_o. wonder girls shouldbe proud to be on the same stage as those accomplished singers XD!

    i think it’s weird that there’s no YG or SM representative in the korean line up.

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