Sun Mi SendVoice Message Response 081211

Remember the Sendvoice service that the Wonder Girls advertise a few months ago? Well, basically the fan gets to leave a message for the Wonder Girls through this, much alike a voicemail or answering machine.

Wonder Girl SendVoice Fanclub Service

The following is Sun Mi’s reply to a fan uploaded on 11th December.

Sun Mi’s reply (starts from 1:20) | Alternative Download

Hello! Hello! It’s the world’s ultra best super beauty…I’m so embarrassed! It’s Sun Mi~ Yeah. it’s Sun Mi, who has all of “jinsunmi” (natural beauty), “koksunmi” (typically a S-line beauty), “kaksunmi” (typically a leggy beauty) and to Yuri, I am the the the the the the the the the the the THE beauty…okay…that is what Sun Mi said. yea. Oh! I’m so embarrassed.

And what?! My voice sounds like a man’s voice? I’d like to say that it’s one of my charms, a voice that I can even bet my life on. ah, I’m so embarrassed! And, also! I’ve noticed one of your habits (demonstrates). am I right? (demonstrates again). is it perhaps because you’re nervous to leave a message to Sun Mi? hmmm, then Sun Mi wants to do that too. I’m also nervous.

Thank you for loving Nobody. I’ll continue to show a more prettier side of me. I guess I’ll have to continue exercising then…hmmm…and lastly, should Sun Mi make a joke too? Wherever Yuri goes, Yuri’s charming voice will always be..”yuri-hada” (beneficial)…..uhhhh….yeahhh…I’m sorry. hahah this wasn’t it! ok, poor Sun Mi will go now~bye bye! Yuri, I love you~

many thanks to wonderkid for translation!


44 thoughts on “Sun Mi SendVoice Message Response 081211

  1. sun mi unnie sooo pretty i dream to sing and dance tell me with u!!!!!!! email me n e time id luuuuuuuuuuuuuv to hhhhear from u yea!

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    She’s a really nice girl.. i think she’s a fun girl to be friend with. i like her a lot.
    she just my age, but she’s totally gorgeous.
    i’m so jealous hahaha

    My goodness what a dork.
    I would pretty much give anything to hear SunMi say that she loves me.
    Lucky Yuri..
    Hope more SunMi sendvoices come soon.
    She’s just too damn adorable!

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. awww the 4-dimensional girl that all of us knows<3
    love you sunmi in the way u are^^
    such an adorkable fool…xD

  6. “I’ll continue to show a more prettier side of me”

    that’s the best reply ever XD
    Cheerful Sunmi~~always show the cheerful side of her!

  7. Hhaha she’s so random *ahem* yet cute *ahem* xDD

    by the way, the song is called I Tried in wondergirls latest album, NOBODY!

  8. awww~~
    sun mi is so cute and funny
    she refers to herself as sun mi
    and she definitely has the princess syndrome
    adorable dork

  9. sunmi never fails to crack me up and i love her for it lol x]this was so cute! she’s so sweet to her fans. no sunmi you don’t sound like a man kekeke love that smexy deep voice of hers ❤

  10. omygosh. i would’ve died if sunmi left me a message ! she’s so cute and her voice is adorable *O*

  11. Aww how cute! thats the dorky Sunmi we all know and love!<3 “…..uhhhh….yeahhh…I’m sorry” thats soo adorable! bow down to the awesomeness that is Sunmi and the Wonder Girls! ❤

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  13. oh wow. that was so cute. so dorky. so sunmi. 🙂

    the “…..uhhhh….yeahhh…I’m sorry” was so cute! &the “bye bye” hahaha, sunmi is fantastic.

    thanks wonderkid for the translation!

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