Yoo Bin Also On Good Terms With A Certain Kara Member

The following is an excerpt from an interview which Kara did with Asia Economy News and somewhat related to the Wonder Girls, especially Yoo Bin.

Kara doing well with Pretty Girl

Kara was asked by the interviewer about their reaction to fellow girl groups like the Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae. Kara reiterated that they were not rivals but friends. Kara leader Park Gyuri expressed, “So Nyeo Shi Dae and the Wonder Girls are all amazing groups. They are like our close friends, our unnies (older sisters) and dongsaengs. Especially Yoo Bin of the Wonder Girls, who I often call to check on each other. We are all friendly with each other.”

And so we now know that Yoo Bin keeps in contact with
Younha Tae Yeon Gyuri

translated by gomdorii.


31 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Also On Good Terms With A Certain Kara Member

  1. wow… Yoobin is like an angel above… always kind to everyone… wow!!! i’m really proud of her… i’m proud that i’m her fan….

  2. i dont really like Gyuri actually. her face kinda weird (sorry)

    but i loooooooooove yoobin. this proof that she’s a friendly and nice girl

  3. Eh?? But this is old news. I remember when Yoobin first debuted, I searched for her profile and all about her because I really liked her, and it said her best friend is Gyuri, the leader of KARA, because they went to the same high school, I think. =]

  4. aww binnie is so friendly with everyone^^ she is so cute& kind<3
    i remember a video where yoobin & gyuri was speaking with each other and paddle hands.. they were so happy to the other one^^ it was in maybe a music program? i’m not sure…
    but yeah our unnie is so friendly girl^^

    gyuri is the girl in the middle;)

  5. yoobin makes friends so easily. i didn’t think yoobin would be that close to taeyeon but then i watched a recent fan cam of the golden disk awards, taeyeon and yoobin held hands for more a few seconds!

  6. It’s pleasure to know that members of girls group get along well and support each other even with the competition. You can only be proud and inspirate.
    Since we talk about Yoobin,
    what do you think about Yoobin first acting ?
    for me she was good, really into it, she have shown she have some skills for acting too, i would like to see more of her like real dramas or movies.

  7. Aww everyone wants to be friends with our Binnie cos shes so awesome! Wonder Girls should feel loved ^__^ ❤

  8. ah!!!! Yoobinie you’re so friendly
    hmmm….sorry to say this but I don’t really like KARA that much….hehehe

  9. yup Gyuri and Yoobin have been friends even before debut.
    WG are just those kind of girls, everybody wants to hang out with… Youhna and Gyuri Jjang!!

  10. oh yeah I know that Kara is close to the WG members.
    Yoobin and Gyuri. Yeeun and Seungyeon.
    WG are well-loved by everyone XD
    Lol yeah,I remember an old clip of Sunghee and Gyuri fighting over Sunmi XDD
    Kara is my fave group too 🙂 Glad that Gyuri mentioned Yoobin!

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