Seo In Young and Wonder Girls Are Fashion and Style Icons of 2008

Seo In Young and the Wonder Girls have been chosen as the leading fashion and style icons respectively for 2008. The 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards organized by Korea’s style network, DongAh TV picked Seo In Young as Fashion Icon of the Year while Wonder Girls were the Style Icon of the Year.

Wonder Girls Are Style Icon of 2008

Seo In Young fashion sense came into prominence thanks to her new product lady tag on popular MBC program We Got Married. Her portrayal of a lady with a strong sense of fashion won her the Fashion Icon of the Year award.

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls were recognized as the Style Icon of the Year thanks to their resplendent images shown in their So Hot and Nobody song. Other winners include actor Jung Woo Sung and actress Kim Ha Neul who were named Best Dressers for 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards.

The 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards ceremony will be held next Monday, 15th December at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel ballroom. More pictures!

In other news, JYP Entertainment has created a Wonder Girls Youtube channel where all the official videos like MVs, making of are uploaded there. Still not very cool about them removing my Nobody MV but I guess it’s useless to upload anything official in future. (thanks to I LOVE SOHEE for tip-off)


22 thoughts on “Seo In Young and Wonder Girls Are Fashion and Style Icons of 2008

  1. sohee looks so mature. i think yeeun looks the best, but of course everyone looks amazing.

    i sorta wish sunye hadn’t added that thing to her hair though.

  2. Their style has greatly improved…when the first came out it was a little weird! But I LOVE the way they dress now! I even copied YoBins hair cut!

  3. is it me or is yoobin’s face getting more round and she’s getting more junk in the trunk? she is still so hot!!

  4. OMG! people are starting to bash WG and calling us wonderfools! i never knew this kind of thing would happen, all this wonderbang thing is going crazy! lets show them that we are wonderfuls, not wonderfools…
    So what if wonderbang is over, the most important thing is wonder girls not getting bashed! i hope everything turns out well, show those people our mature side! lets not disappoint Wonder Girls…. WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

  5. I gotta have Sohee’s body. She’s too sexy to be posing like that! lol. Congrats WGs. The style is in your hands this year. Thanks.

  6. Damn right!
    Everytime I see the Wonder Girls they just look SO HOT!
    Or just gorgeous period.
    And it’s partly because of them but then it’s because of their clothes!
    I’m in LOOOVE with their clothes!
    Whether it’s casual wear or gowns they always look sooo cuute and HOT!
    Grats to the girls for having damn good style.
    And Seo In Young lol
    Yay for the WG channel!
    But of course we love your channel Alvin.
    It was the starting point of Wonderfulness.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. Wow…really?
    Hehe…congrats to the In Young and wonder girls…
    The wonder girls really won a lots award this year…^^

  8. alvin please dont be re so wonderful to us..
    i am officially want to be your fan..
    coolsmurf fc… sounds great

  9. they totally deserve it!
    im so happy for them.

    they are SO HOT that NOBODY can deny.

    heehee =)


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