Yoo Bin That Person Is Coming Sitcom Preview 081211

The preview for the 12th December episode of MBC That Person Is Coming features Yoo Bin who is making her acting debut. As reported earlier, Yoo Bin will be the body double/replacement of Lee Young Hee (Seo Young Hee) for a television aerobics program, playing an aerobics instructor.

Tune in to MBC at 7.45pm (KST) for Yoo Bin’s acting debut.


30 thoughts on “Yoo Bin That Person Is Coming Sitcom Preview 081211

  1. @MinMaknae
    i think its confirmed… although this makes me very sad, i think we all have to stay positive! if there is a Karabang collab, i hope there will be a collab between wonder girls and DBSK or SHINee! if YG and DSP artist can collab then so can JYP nad SM artists… i’m a big fan of SHINee and DBSK, and if they do collab with wonder girls, it would make me very happy since wonderbang is gone…

  2. Supposedly the KARA and BB is not finalised yet , as in its still not confirmed.

    What I do know is that the girls are going to be on the same Music Bank show!..So lets keep our fingers crossed!


  3. Big Bang and Kara will do a collab together, they will sing a christmas carol, pretty girl, and sunset glow! I was just praying for a Wonderbang collab… i’m sad, guest wonderbang will be replaced by KaraBang? i doubt if wonder girls are going to collab with DBSK! lets hope for a collab with SHinee, key is a fan so why not!

  4. this is enough to show that SHE IS STILL SLIM to the people out there who keep claiming she’s become fatter lately!!!!!

  5. LMFAO!
    I agree she’s HOT!
    Aerobics instructor?
    Hahahahhahah oh my gosh I can’t wait till this comes out.

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. I just realised after watching the clip again, the lady looks like shes having an orgasm. ROFL

    Anyway, Yoobin looks gorgeous, can’t wait ^^

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  8. LOL!! Yoobin is soo funny xD gotta watch it like seriously!!
    and…why is the girls face expression so strange? she looks so wrong…..=.=

  9. Woo!
    teach nobody’s dance!

    Yoobin is so cute to be an aerobics instructor!
    It’s looks funny!
    can’t wait to see That Person Is Coming !

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