Wonder Girls Backstage Pictures @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards 081210

Pictures of the Wonder Girls backstage in their dressing room at last night 23rd Golden Disk Awards. Besides seeing them upclose and personal (credits to Wonderful Daum Cafe), we can also see them actively promoting their very own lightsticks, just released for sale last night by JYP Entertainment.


According to Kay@wgjjang.wordpress, the official name of the lightsticks when translated from hangul, means Wonderful Queen Stick.


Statue of Ye Eun?!


Click here to get the original sized pictures.


71 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Backstage Pictures @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards 081210

  1. yeeun and sunmi are trying to eat their stick! their all pretty…i luv wondergirls! yeeun is my fave…saranghae

  2. @ MinMaknae really?.. micky and sunye had an interaction again?. where can i watch it?. i wanna know please tell me^.^

  3. So Cute ^^

    I want to buy it ,anyone can tell me how to buy or the place to buy? because near Wonder Girls concert in Thailand.I must have one.Please help me to buy it. >/\<

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  5. soo hee looks more matured know..
    well.. the maknae is growing

    (wonder why sunmi seems more like maknae now)

    oww… ye eun is no longer my ‘park oppa’

    she looks more feminine n has her own style.

    totally in luv with her hair style!

  6. So Hee looks super cute with tat lightstick…n Sunmi …i got to agree with u guys tat it seems tat she wants to try everything,from her kitten to a lightstick….n the light stick really touches her lips lol…reminds me of an baby biting it’s toy….cute

  7. lol statue of liberty would be something i would expect sunmi to do.

    i hope they sell those during the JYP tour.. i want to wave it around while chanting!

  8. YeMi pics are def my favorite.
    They’re so cute trying to eat the stick xDD
    I just love them

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. Yatta….the girls look so cute with the wonder stick…
    Hehe…i want one….and sunmi…she look so cute want to eat the stick..muahaha….
    YooBIn as usual always look pretty in my eyes…keke…
    The others too…pretty….and Ye Eun…haha….Ye Eun statue of liberty…^^

  10. aww..they should design one for the fans maybe do like a “WG Fan” stick that glows !! so people can buy them and use it to cheer the WG wen they perform!! omgosh.. this idea is just soo good.

    The Girls all look pretty xD YeEun is adorabblee.

  11. yeah it’s super cute but we have had some issues with SES fans…it looks like purple, not pearl burgandy and that is too bad. i think it’s hard to get like a weird color with the glow sticks though lol yeah it’s called “queen stick” because the W looks like a crown lol even when the fans were fighting about the color, they managed to always correct the name. 야광봉이 μ•„λ‹ˆλΌ 여왕봉이라고 γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  12. Lol. YeEun’s glowstick is backwards. Still cute.
    *Gasp* SunMi always wants to eat things.
    First Mango and now the glowstick???
    Lmao. Jk Jk.

  13. Hhahahaha! Ye Eun of Liberty??! That’s so funny!

    I WANT ONE!! I’ve been wondering why Wonder Girls don’t have official merchandise like these because I’ve been wanting them! JYP should start producing these products! Every idol group must have these kind of things because fans will EAT them! INCLUDING ME!!!

    I hope YesAsia carries them!

  14. @MinMaknae
    really?! where can i watch it?? do you know where i can watch fancams where i can see othe clebs reactions when WG performed??

  15. Ah, they must be so excited to have a lightstick – and it’s so pretty! These pictures are so lovely – thanks for sharing them~

  16. haha i remember that one phootoshop with ye eun as the statue of liberty lol maybe she’s trying to mimick that. anyway she looks so pretty and cute at the same time!

  17. HAHAHAHA!! Sunye looks so tiny!!
    Okay YeEun is still thinking about MTV, when she met the statue…shes so hilarious

  18. @crystal

    Yep, but we can’t post links here..You can see it in the video where DBSK wins daesang.

    YooChun is right next to the WG table and it seems is using hugging MinHo as an excuse to come closer to the table..keke.

    And, then only these are like bowing to each other.

    Its short but cute πŸ˜‰

  19. YeEun of Liberty made me lol

    I wonder what the sticks taste like (surely it tastes like ordinary plastic, right?) since SunMi and YeEun are both trying to eat them. XD

  20. i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want..coolsmurf..u r in korea right..

    HELP ME???

    >> email – anbu_seven@hotmail.com

    i pay whatever the price and ur tips/service/help..ill pay MORE..please contact me..

  21. hahaha they all look so cute promoting their lightsticks!
    esp YOOBIN, YEEUN and SUNYE!

    love Statue of YEEUN! πŸ™‚


  22. @wondergirls4ever_94

    btw, did you see micky oppa and sunye interacting again..these two are so into each other!! πŸ™‚

  23. I like the lightsticks! Hope I can get hold of one lol.

    Btw @ coolsmurf/anyone, where can I download the subbed version of the Star Show? I remember it was on here somewhere but it has a password, now I can’t even find it 😦 If someone could direct me that would be great.

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