Tae Yeon Encourages Yoo Bin during her DJ Challenge on Ten Ten Club

It was revealed recently that Tae Yeon (SNSD) & Yoo Bin (Wonder Girls) had been exchanging text messages together during the live broadcast of Ten Ten Club this past Tuesday which caught the attention of many fans.

Yoo Bin 1 Night DJ Challenge

Yoo Bin had hosted SBS Power FM Ten Ten Club on 9th December for 1 night, replacing Lee Juck who had to rehearse for his upcoming concerts.

Yoo Bin revealed, “I was nervous as it was my first time being a DJ by myself. People around me gave me lots of encouragement, including So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Tae Yeon”. Tae Yeon who hosts Chin Chin Radio with Super Junior’s Kangin was a close friend of Yoo Bin and as a senior in this line, she gave advice and encouragement to Yoo Bin, telling her to relax & just have fun with it.

Yoo Bin appreciated Tae Yeon’s kindness & replied her during the live broadcast saying, “Thank You so much, I shall give you a treat at a later time.”

credit: kazaf10@kimyoobin.wordpress.com

Apparently, there’s no M! Countdown tonight and the reporter must have gotten it wrong. So if I guess correctly, last Thursday, 4th December was the Wonder Girls last music show performance on tv. The girls are not scheduled for Music Bank, Music Core or Inkigayo either so it should be right.


19 thoughts on “Tae Yeon Encourages Yoo Bin during her DJ Challenge on Ten Ten Club

  1. oh Taeyeon is a close friend of Yoobin? Didn’t know that but it’s good seeing them supporting each other 🙂
    I bet Sunmi is jealous of Yoobin XD

  2. I’ve been think she is the right person that may fit the radio show.
    Dang I so want to hear them broadcast but I don’t understand nor am I in Korea.
    I support you YuBin!!! ^^
    He style is always cool.

  3. now thats what Im talking about, honestly its just the fans who keep on forcing them to take the word “rivals” in a seriously exaggerated level.

  4. Whoa! That’s so cool! Sun Mi must be jealous! XD

    Yoobin and TaeYeon seem to be friends. I’m lovin’ it! WONDER GENERATION, GO GO GO!

  5. taeyeon is so kind^^
    and we can also see some TaeYoo moment during the open concert on dec. 2.


  6. No, TenTen is under SBS while Chinchin is under MBC.

    I’m surprised they got so close, I thought it would be Sunye and Taeyeon instead, haha. But cute nonetheless~!

    Here’s more interaction:

  7. Hmmm, is Ten Ten Club and Chin Chin Radio both in the same building? Maybe that’s how they interact with each other? Would explain why they’re becoming good friends nowdays 😀

  8. Wonder generation yeah! lol I love how the girls are friends and they’re supporting each other 🙂 I just hope that the fans dont see it in a wrong way 🙂

    thanks for sharing coolsmurf 🙂

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