Yoo Bin Hosting Lee Juck Ten Ten Club 081209

In the absence of regular DJ Lee Juck who was away preparing for his concert, Yoo Bin who has a weekly segment with Chansung on the show, hosted the show by herself for the first time. It was cushioned nicely with 2PM being her guests for the night. The 10 points out of 10 girl meets the 2PM boys.

Yoo Bin and 2PM


click for original sized picture


27 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Hosting Lee Juck Ten Ten Club 081209

  1. I just watched this on YT last week and I must say that she did well in this stint…i hope she gets to do these more often 🙂

    loved her with either long or short straight hair, it makes her more young and cute…taec and yoobin look good together 🙂

  2. YuBin did a good job. Congratulation.
    I bet she had so much fun hosting it all by herself and all With the 2PM guys.The one wearing the black beanie (ChanSung I think) and the one next to YuBin is sexy hot.

  3. OH! HOW EXCITING! I hope this gets subbed! Wonder Girls should totally get their own radio show! ^^

    Really cute!!

    I love Yoobin’s last picture, and their family picture. :]

  4. its cute how close they are (: yoobin got chunckier haha its cute though thoes chuby cheecks im envious of her >:[ than again who wouldnt haha it seems like wg is close to 2pm than am

  5. lol Yoobin and the 2PM boys are so adorable!
    AH Taec has a ‘2PM’ cap! XD
    Love the first picture of them together. JYP FAMILY ❤
    lmao Wooyoung’s kissing face XD

  6. how beautiful is this family??? 10 out of 10!!
    Jay please stop being sick T______T
    Yoobin has a good voice to be a radio dj <3333

  7. is yoobin sitting on taec? hehe that would be cute. she looks so comfy with the guys! i think it’d been cool if all the wonder girls were there hosting but having yoobin is already good enough 😀 2pm+wonder girls<333

  8. yoobin unnie looks super cute! i heard taeyeon unnie texted her, saying good luck or something… 2pm are so hot! its a good start for her… maybe a radio show hosted by yoobin and ye eun? that would be awesome, the Golden Disk Award is today right? i hope they perform something exciting! It would be amazing if they won the daesang, all the best! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

  9. Omg Yoo Bin looks really cute in these photos!!

    Must of been awkward hosting a radio show and interviewing 2PM because she can talk to them anytime!

    haha Yoo Bin hwaiting!!

  10. I LOVE 2PM TOO!!!
    theyre all so adorkable & cute yet so hot & 멌있어! 🙂
    & i love yoobin 🙂 gosh i love wondergirls + 2PM action !
    haha asdjflsjkljfdk 🙂 yayy

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