Wonder Girls Wins Digital Bonsang @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards 081210

The Wonder Girls picked up the Digital Bonsang award for Nobody at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards Ceremony. Other winners include MC Mong (Circus), Jewelry (One More Time) and Brown Eyed Girls (L.O.V.E). The Digital Bonsang Award are awarded to singers who sell the most albums online/digitally.


Apart from Nobody who dominated online sales for the latter half of 2008 by themselves, the other 3 winners shared the spoils in the earlier half. The Digital Daesang however went to Jewelry for One More Time who outsold even the Wonder Girls by a mile. And so the Wonder Girls only went home with one award tonight. Big Bang who did not even attend won nothing.

So Hee speaking after receiving the award, “Thank you for giving us such a big award this and last year. In the future, we will work harder to show you improved images. Thank you to our managers, our stylists, Park Jin Young PDnim, and Jung Wook sajangnim. Also, thank you to the members.”

CREDIT to Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com for translation

All the award winners on the night.



51 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wins Digital Bonsang @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards 081210

  1. sunye covered up for this one. she looks adorable.

    the group pix looks nice. i feel like overall the show was still missing something…

  2. Is that a sweater I see on Sunye in the last pic!?
    YAY! Lol! I’m glad she was able to cover herself up..
    Grats to the girls~!!
    A little sad that they didn’t win the daesang but still totally happy about their Nobody win!
    Plus they were HOT!
    The hottest there I would say.
    I’m trying to refrain myself from spazzing crazily about their perf but it’s so hard!
    I’ll just say that it was SOOO HOOOOOT!

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. They did a great job!
    I loved Ye Eun’s, So Hee’s
    and Yoo Bin’s performance.
    XDD Can’t help but notice
    they’re standing next to
    DBSK. OO Sucks that BB
    didn’t win anything.

  4. too bad BB did not won anything since they deserve every award that got to be given to them,,, but since they are M.i.a they were ignored,,,,,

    and congratulations to the girls… too sexy…

  5. you can tell that sun yeh put on that jacket because she was way too uncomfortable. i think most of the girls would agree to this but whenever girls wear really short skirt or a tube top, we constantly worry about it and feel very awkward about it because it’s so exposed. i’m sure sun yeh felt the same way…………

  6. im surprised big bang didn’t win anything!!! 😦 they were so active this year… oh well…

    but congrats to the wonder girls!!! omg, their ‘nobody remix’ was AWESOME!!! love it!!! ❤

  7. who won popularity award?…whaaaaaaaaaat??!?! they lost it to who?!?!?! YOU GOTTA BE KIDING ME RIGHT!?!…i should calm down, thats bull and everybody knows it…after last year i never thought GD would’ve pulled that crap again again…and they did…. POPULAR AMONGST WHOM?!

  8. Yayy for WG. Just saw it this morning. It was great.
    ~ Aww sadly Big Bang didn’t win anything. They’re still cool.
    They should come out with some more songs like Forever With You. That was a nice track.

  9. they lost for the YEPP Popularity Award to SNSD and Ft island, which is another shock! overall they only managed to win 1 award… never mind, maybe next year…

  10. WHAT! they really deserved that award! but i think winning isn’t everything… Wonder Girls have a brighter future!

  11. ^^
    but i cant believe they didnt win the daesang. seriously. So Hot and Nobody was wayyyy more popular than Jewelry. uggh. whatevers.

    anyway. the girls were awesome anyway!! ^^

  12. Jewelry win daesang for digital award.
    congratulation to them..

    but it’s ok winning is not everything
    wonder girls has brighter future ahead them
    i believe they will be work hard for next year
    i will support them

  13. I have never seen Sunye like this O_O!

    her dancing was out of this world, very Beyonce and she sounded so powerful..I liked Mandu’s version too ( srry…AHN DAMBI’S version!)

  14. CONGRATS!!!! so happy for them!!! yippeeeee~
    I liked everyone’s perf, but I really liked Yeeun’s r&b version! and did Sohee pull a “hara”? someone said “oh!” when Sun Mi was performing and it sounded like Sohee,no?
    can’t wait to see their perf in hd!!haha!

    i think Jewelry won Digital Daesang for “one more time” (it made over 100 uk on just that ONE song, while “nobody” made about 40-50 uk…so it’s understandable….i guess..)

  15. After tonight Leader’s image is going to be changed FOREVER!


    AND THE PERFORMANCE, she shakes her boootay as if all of our lives depended on her getting it just right!. SOOO FRIGGIN CHARISMATIC!


    SUNYE BIAS THOUGH!!!!!!! 🙂

    ( I have never seen SunYe like this!)

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    IT WAS CRAZYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    omg!….MUST WATCH!

    girls KILLED IT TODAY!

  17. I agree, since soompi is under maintenance, we should discuss here wonderfuls ^_^

    Yes, the girls performed Nobody with those black dresses.


    the girls deserve all the best in this world.. ^^
    they look so gorgeous in the black dress..

    Wonder Girls are truly Wonderfuls.. =)

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