Wonder Girls Performs Nobody 5-In-1 @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards 081210

Just when you thought the Wonder Girls tango and dance version of Nobody at the 2008 MKMK last month was their best-ever remix, here comes another one from the girls to top themselves again. Taking some inspiration from their 2nd fanmeeting earlier in the year, the Wonder Girls gave a 5-in-1 Nobody Remix version where each Wonder Girls performed a specific themed remix before coming together with a sexy hot dance to close out. It was great that every performance at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards was kept a surprise.

Sun Ye – Jazz Live Band


Sun Mi – Pop


So Hee – Club


Ye Eun – RnB


Yoo Bin – Rap


Coming Together


Sometimes pictures don’t quite tell the whole story.

All the lookable original sized pictures from the red carpet, performance, finale, etc has been compiled into a zipped file for you to download and keep.
Download (UU) | password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


97 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Performs Nobody 5-In-1 @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards 081210

  1. Sohee in the future if shes still a singer, for her style of music it can be techno/tecktonick or Club style , cuz shes can sank a music like that πŸ™‚ and shes dance so well πŸ™‚

  2. sunye part in the beginning when shes day are u eady 1,2,3,4 she sound a man :s and sunmi when she dance shes too skinny :s and the 1st picture of yoobin a dont like it :s

  3. Aww.. all i’m thinking is.. this seems like how a last live for nobody would be.. but since it isn’t.. i hope the last performance they do is cool like this :/

  4. OH MY GOD. Sohee! Wow, I didn’t know that side of her! SoHee’s performance blew me away! So did Sun Ye, this was Sun Ye’s comeback to me. YooBin, although It sounded more like rock. I loved the dance, and how the music went on with the moves perfectly. Sun Mi’s was adorable and I loved the arm warmers, but it could have been a bit more. Ye Eun on the other hand, WOW’d me. It was like watching a porn? no..xD But this was their best stage!

  5. wow….i was watching tell me video and was thinking to myself that yoobin looked different ..

    anyway…they keep getting better……they must have worked really hard…..love them!!!

  6. OMG! how awesome was that!!? im speechless
    it was incredible!! i hope they amke a studio version of this or smthing…WOW *goes to watch again*

  7. i think ye eun’s part is the best! very sexy ! OMG ^O^

    other parts are amazing too!

    sun mi doll is sooooo cute ^^

    so hee is really a girl in da club! very lively and sexy, too ^O^

    the classical theme is good for sun ye!

    and yoo bin … OMG! so wonderful ^O^

    our girls are sooooo amazing!

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  9. oh my goodness!! YE EUN!!! So freakin GORGEOUS!!! she also danced really well!! Hers was the one that I liked most!!!!!

    sun mi was so cute, and I like the idea of hers being like really futuristic.

    sohee’s club remix was just the same as the original, its just that some voice alterations were made, but she danced great!!!

    yubin SO COOL!!!!!! hot rapper girl!!

    sunye was also nice!! liked it too!!!

  10. it was a really good remix! all the girls did well… and of course kudos to JYP who masterminded this one.

    sunye is what u really call a professional. i love how she gives her all in every performance… ye eun just shines in this one. her vocals were superb as ever… but i was shock at how blatantly sexy they made her here despite the fact that i’ve always though she was the sexiest (body structure wise) in the group.

    yoobin was cool as always.
    they could have given sun mi more to show case her vocal abilities…

  11. omg my god i loved all of the 5 individual perf ❀ esp sohee’s tho, club remix is too hot! loved ye eun’s vocals, sunmi was so cute, and yoobin was awesome at the end! as soon as i got past those “= =” eye like fake eyelashes of hers i thought she did a great start <3.

  12. argh……why my internet speed so slow….
    huhu…i want to watch the performances…
    wow…i read all the comments and make me cant wait to watch the performances…
    especially the part Yoo Bin walk down the stairs…
    im a huge fan of her..she so sexy…
    omo…i cant believe i said a irl sexy because im a girl…
    muahah…dont care….
    keep up the good work wondersmurf~

  13. Sohee is so grown now. I can’t even describe her look anymore. She has gone from cute to Madonna. I love all of the girls performances. I wish MiSo’s part were longer. Thank you.

  14. love the performances ^^
    just love it!!! it was truly amazing~
    even though it was only ~5 mins long~
    they made it unforgetable~ ^^


  15. oh my…cant wait to see this!! pictures told me sth and now wondersmurf said pictures dont tell things..makes me feel all excited to see the video!!

  16. AMAZING!!!
    What is up with SoHee and her hot new look
    I love it but wow she might even eclipse YuEun

  17. i think JYP is very good at producing excellent performers! look at Rain oppa, his performance was brilliant! For me, no one can beat Rain oppa with performnces, he is like the KING of Performances! What other award shows are coming up can someone tell me? i want to see fancams at the GDA! i want to see the Rain, DBSK, SHInee and ect. reacts when Wonder Girls performed!

    I love how each concept went well and coincided with each member.
    Although I would think that Sohee could do RnB too but she did techno so well!!
    That first picture where they come together Sohee looks so gorgeous there!
    I can’t even explain how amazing each perf was!
    I’m going to watch them all again.

    thanks coolsmurf

  19. isnt futuristic and techno kinda the same?
    sunmi shoulda done rock or something lol.
    ahwell it was still awsome!

  20. lolol did sun mi just stick her tongue out? xD so cuteeee~
    and omg the techno sounded awesome! they should make a techno version.
    And I gotta say, Ye Eun did well. She’s come a long way since the irony days in my book and I love hearing her voice now, unlike before… when all I cared about was SunYe’s voice.
    and wow the set up was awesome! i was wondering how they’d pull that all off live like that.
    does sunmi sorta back yoobin when she raps?


  21. kudos to JYP.. he is master of performance..
    look at what he taught to Rain & Wonder Girls..
    They are really good performer on stage

  22. i really loved sunmi and so hees performance really good
    and so hees dress was so coool with the jacket πŸ™‚ like her style

  23. OMG that was sooo freakin awesome….it is possible for all of them to be my favorite???

    wow wow they are really showing how diverse they are!

  24. aw.. someone shouldve done punk rock remix. that wouldve been cool but i still loved all the remixes. i loved the techno the most.. it was be awesome if those remixes were on their cd.. but oh well. still love them.

  25. AWESOME AWESOME!!! Wow… when i thought Nobody couldn’t fit any other genre, they throw in futuristic and techno.

  26. they were awesome..great performance!!! love them all..though i would wish for sohee to showcase her live singing..but her remix was awesome..! overall the girls are WONDERFUL

  27. DANG….all of them were good…but i liked sunye, sohee and yoobins more….and when all of them came out….they rocked it…and yoobin flipping her hair as she walks down the stairs…HOT πŸ˜€ but of course yoobin was gonna be hip hop…

  28. just watched hq! thanks!

    Sunye tore that stage up! she made that huge stage look tiny, I totally felt her ENERGY!!!
    Sun Mi looked sooooooooooo cute! i loved the dance moves!!! she really looked LOVABLE!
    Sohee…DAMN! I seriously forget the she’s the youngest! such stage presence! and charisma!!!ahhh!
    Yeeun was so sexy! she has such SULTRY eyes! i really liked her r&b rendition of “nobody”!!!!!
    I’ve been replaying the part where Yoobin walks down the stairs, flips her hair, and stares at the cam….that single shot was just unbelievably HOT HOT HOT!!

    overall, I LOVED the perf! congrats again! CHEERS!^^

  29. They seriously rocked that performance, one of the bessst. BUT imo i didn’t think sunmi’s individual stage allowed her to showcase what she’s capable of, like the other girls’ solos did. ): I thought it just sounded like she was singing the original nobody song in a cutesy tone, totallly didn’t do her voice (or even her 4-Dness) justice. But I think I’m the only one haha.

    Still a hellavagjdgemazing performance though, Sunmi still looked cute. Sohee, her dancing was awesome. Sunye, powaarrr it was perfect. Ye eun, fierce and her voice ws amazzinng. Yoobin, Loveeee the beat, she worked it. ❀

  30. Wonder Girls rocks!!! Whooo!!! OMG!! I loved how whoever thought of this idea made it match so well with their personality.
    SunYe with rock style is amazing!
    Lol. SunMi does seem like a futuristic person.. 4D and all. You know?
    SoHee with techno is very cute, too. Her singing is also quite nice in here.
    YeEun with jazz is fricken sexy. Lmao. I just called a girl sexy.
    And YuBin with hip hop. . Who would’ve guessed. Her outfit is so cute. I’d prefer YuBin’s orginal rap rather than this one, though. She’s still very pretty.
    Ahhh!!! In the end they all come out. I almost screamed out and cheered for them in front of my PC.

  31. sunye-sexy,charismatic,great booty shaker(a bit sunye bias,hehe)
    sunmi-total cuteness
    sohee-dancing queen
    yeeun-vocally supreme and looked super fine with the hat
    yoobin-hot as hell

    jyp should totally release all 5 versions for us fans that will be missing them next year

  32. Just finished watching… Sunmi 4D alien gets futuristic so cute. I wished sohee danced more though 😦

    It was really great, reminded me a bit of DBSK’s MKMF intro. So awesome.

    (Lol another person also posted with ‘J’ I shall be J dot haha)

  33. I thought Sun Ye sang jazz remix and Ye Eun sang R&B remix..
    never mind…I’m wanna say thanks to JYP cause let the girls did solo part in their performance..it’s show they have passion, talent as performer and they are unique in individual way..

  34. Wow, I almost died of happiness just watching it! It was probably the best nobody performance ever! Better than at the MKMF! And they sang perfectly! Yay!

  35. hehe i liked it (: i like how in wg yoobin actually does alot in the group cause some groups have rappers but they only rap and dont really get a solo thingy like hers

  36. I heard that the Korean media was going crazy over SunYe’s cleavage show. Hope it doesn’t become a big deal.

  37. OMG YE EUN’S WAS MY FAVOURITE. it was so sexy and smooth. sunye’s is my second favourite! and now that you have provided clear pictures, i can tell that their black dresses are so pretty with that argyle print!

  38. I Loved SoHee and SunMi’s part of the performance!!! I liked SunYe, YeEun’s and YooBin’s part too though ^__^. All the girls looked totally smexshay! and sounded great ^__^ I hope they perform this remix more ^____^ but then they didn’t perform the disco version so I don’t think they will TT___TT. Hopefully they do though!
    Wonder Girls Fighting!!!

  39. although they didn’t win the daesang, they sure made the night amazing! I loved all the performances, they have a bright future ahead of them! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

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