Wonder Girls @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards Red Carpet 081210

The Wonder Girls stepped onto the red carpet at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards Ceremony this evening at 6.24pm. Sun Ye’s outfit was so revealing! Half of her assets were dropping out! You can see her adjusting it as she walked.


Getting off from their vehicle.


Walking the red carpet.


Posing for the photographers.


These pictures speaks volume. I think I have a nose bleed.


At their tables.



103 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards Red Carpet 081210

  1. hahaa nuuuuu don’t pull your dress up! heheheh!! XD *total nosebleed & perv* HAHAHAH

    love their shoes 🙂

  2. I like Sun ye dress but it’s too sexy….. sunye must of been having a hard time wearing it…..

  3. Oh my. o3o
    In the majority of those photos, I saw quite a bit of Sunye’s cleavage. Ahaha, I bet the Sunye fanboys were having a field day. And I bet she started to regret picking the dress after having to pull it back up for the umpteenth time. xD
    Sunye’s still gorgeous.

  4. sun ye’s dress was too revealing.. its like its going to fall off or something.. not really good for a young woman like her, and WG is not supposed to be “SEXY” they’re supposed to be cute and elegant..

  5. Sunye obviously doesn’t look comfortable in the dress :/
    She kept fixing it. Poor Sunye.
    But she look gorgeous in it!
    Love the other member’s dresses.
    They look stunning! Especially Yeeun and Sohee with their hairstyle XD

  6. *died*

    wow! they looked amazingly beautiful!!!
    i think this is one of my faves appearances that ive seen them in…especially Sun ye

  7. hahhahah!

    “all her asset”! hahahha!

    sun ye looks older here ^O^

    and i hate her dress! and ye uen dress, and yoo bin dress

    too! three of them look old T_T

    to be honest, only so hee is beautiful here, hahhaha!

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  9. Oh wow, they look so nice – oh, but SunYe’s dress is way too revealing – OMG, they could have at least given her a shawl or something, sheesh. And she looks so uncomfortable – she must have been so glad to change into their performance outfits. They do look lovely though, especially SoHee and YooBin.

  10. no no no…i really dont like that dress sunye has on…shame on the stylist…isnt it really REALLY cold in korea now?? sunye must have been ice cold
    it atually got me mad for sunye wearing that..but i am very happy she got to change into a more comfy dress

    they all look stunning though:)

  11. so its finally finish..no more picture rite..hihi…thanx for sharing..

    but why did your banner pic is so HQ compared to the pic u uploaded??hihi..just wondering if i could get a hand on those HQ LOL..

    but your effort is much appericiated..(=

  12. i’ve always viewed sun yeh as classy and elegant but her outfit here is so off. w/ that dress and hair style, she looked like a tr_ _p! and trust me it breaks my heart to say that. the stylist should be left in the cold seoul winter to die…

  13. sohee’s legs are gorgeous. they all look beautiful.
    their hair is alright.
    i think overall…the performance outfit looked better.
    ye-eun’s outfit looks really stunning on her.

  14. Sohee’s been on the red carpet so many time that she knows how to work it. Even the leg crossing is so sexy. She does it like no one else can do it. Sunmi & Yoobin try it, but it didn’t work for them. See it for yourself. Sunmi was too plain/skinny & Yoobin’s knee were too flat, like it’s bending her downwards. But of course everyone has their own pose/style so I guess it’s alright. The girls look stunning. Love their wardrobes. Thank you.

  15. after a second look at the girls, i thought sunmi looked really pretty. I like the color of her dress and her legs are very sexy.

  16. SunYe’s dress….i cant imagine what would have happened…
    i mean… shouldnt their manager/stylist check their outfits before they get out from the van?! = =
    im kinda pissed right now…
    coz… things like tat happened before… …
    i dont want WG to have any negative news or anything ..
    i just want them to shine on the stage in a way that nobody can…

    obviously the dress had some problem and it kept slipping down… – –
    awww… poor sunye… i can see how nervous/uncomfortable she was… ><
    other members were posing and she wasnt … ~

    they shouldnt have took such a big risk to let sunye wear this dress………………..= =””’
    omg… luckily nothing really happened/….

    they all looked gorgeous~ ^^

  17. sunye looked really uncomfortable wearing a dress like that but she still looked really pretty :O
    i absolutely looovved sohee’s and sunmi’s dress though
    everybody looked good 😀

  18. they are stunning..Sunye’s dress made her seems kinda uncomfy..=( its kinda showing too ><
    ahhh who made her wear that? id thnk she likes it that much too..but she looks okay afterwards at the table =) all fine and happy again!

  19. WOO! good thing sun ye was holding her dress or her babies wouldve been for everyone to see. lol. i liked her dress tho. very pretty and i LOVED LOVED LOVED yoobin’s and so hee’s heels. yoobin is always sexy. i drool everytime i see her. and sunmi.. ALWAYS cute. whoever dont like them MUST be crazy, blind, or deaf. lol.

    I just died, was brought back, and died again of a heart attack after looking at these pictures
    I feel for Sunye though her cleavage is just everywhere and she looks so uncomfortable adjusting every 5 minutes I bet.
    SunMi’s dress is GOOORGEOUS and she wears it so well!
    I’m so MiSo biased but I can’t help but see how much the maknae’s have grown. I mean SunMi has cleavage here too! Sohee’s dress makes it hard to see but she has her amazing sexyass legs! I’m so jealous!
    Yeeun looks so stunning in her one strap dress!
    Yoobins curves are killin me!
    Everyday they get prettier and sexier. It’s amazing!

    thanks coolsmurf
    sorry for your nosebleed.. lol!

  21. omfg!!!!
    SUNYE is seriously SEEXXXAAAYY here!!!!
    omg omg omg
    i cant contain my excitment!!
    all i can say is, great body!

    YeEun looks beautiful coming outta the vehicle~
    ang Yoobin with those sexy tanned legs woo hoo!

    omg sunye~~~~~!

    (yea, hoped her dress was a better fit tho)
    WGs…..~~ ❤

  22. Oh wow, I didn’t realize her dress slipped that much. Nonetheless, it looked great on her. All the girls looked fabulous. Such an improvement from yesterday’s fashion award event.

  23. oh geez 😦 poor sunye! i bet she was so uncomfortable! she’s always covering herself up but this time…wow :X but she has a nice body so i bet guys were appreciating her…:X

    anyway! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! their outfits were so good this time!! they all looked gorgeous! cept for sunye’s extensions or whatever the heck theyre supposed to be…it doesnt even match with her real hair!…its like some wig got caught to the back of her head 😦 & even though she looked good, i felt uncomfortable looking at her because her dress was very very revealing…even more revealing than a lot of older stars’ outfits

  24. Whoa! Me personally, I think that dress is
    a bit too revealing even though it’s sexy.
    But they all still looked gorgeous though!
    Loved Ye Eun’s look and So Hee’s dress!

  25. how come they couldn’t wear something like this to te best dresser award ceremony?

    ANyways… the girls look very sexy. Although i love sunye’s dress, it would’ve been nice if it fitted her to a T so then she wouldn’t have to readjust the dress. It’s ok sunye, that happens to me also. =)

  26. umm…if other fans heard you say that, they would had JUMPED
    on you coolsmurf……lmao i guess you can’t help it since you’re a guy
    it was way too boobie and short and very uncomfortable omg….

    Co D let’s have a talk with our bodies (meaning she wants to fight LOL)

    “don’t put them on a piece of fabric, put them on clothes”
    “there are not many jobs out there so better work hard…”
    (meaning they will get fired…? LOL fans are scary)
    “it’s almost new year…how about han bok?”
    “can we get TBJ’s winter jacket?”

    as much as it’s eye candy or w/e for us, it’s really not right that her
    outfit was exposed. sun mih’s outfit was a bit like that too and in the
    past, sohee’s was a bit like that but this is full on slip accident dress.

    i think overall sun yeh didn’t feel too comfortable with the outfit…

  27. Oh my gosh MinMaknae’s dress gonna fall OOoops!…she keeps on pulling it up. Its so revealing almost showing off half of her breast…

    But god, she is so sexy…I never thought she has a boobie like that big…I thought that she has an ok boobie…but she really has a body…

    Sun Mi also became more elegant woman on her dress showing a little bit of her cleavage…That is something…When she wears baggy clothes she looks so thin and flat chested but like sun Ye she has something to show…

    Ye Eun Yoo bin and So Hee of course looks gorgeous and sophisticated…but I like Sun MI and so Hee the most on their red carpet shoot…

    I am bias with MIso ho ho ho…happy holidays!

  28. stylist unnie, i’ll kill you…what have done to sunye…I didn’t even know she had boobs until now….o___o …
    they look beautiful tonight…oh babay, I will never forgive Golden Disk for the crap they pulled..NEVER!!!!!!!!!

  29. The girls look flawless. I feel sorry for Sunye, because she keeps pulling her upper garment up. I feel as if she was so uncomfortable with it. So revealing too. Love the girls in black. Thanks.

  30. i hope sunye did put on celebrity tape right right? though it really looked like she didn’t…if she did, she didnt seem to do it properly, if she didn’t, seriously what are all the people around her doing?! a nip slip would have spelt disaster…at least in my opinion :/ they do look prettyy though(: in group pictures..

  31. wow…. i like them all but i hope sunye unni had a better fitting dress… :D..
    i wish im as hot as them.. LOL….

    min jookie looks soooo stunning. her dress is literally gonna fall out but dang. she’s hot xDDDD

  33. Geesh…1st time i see SunYe wear so revealing~~
    She looks so uncomfortable in those pics >.<
    but…She’s so SEXY~~ Sohee legs are so pretty *jealous*
    lucky they change outfits when they went in…

  34. Sunye dress was so revealing, look like she really uncomfortable, and i just watch their perf……
    with her outfit, her dance, her voice, her charisma <333

  35. Wow, Sunye dress is surprising me a lot, maybe to much revealing, the total opposite of what she wore at The 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards, even Sunmi surpris me a bit.
    Ok since ‘So Hot’ Wonder Girls definitely tend to show they are real women.
    I always thought the sexy was on Yoobin basiclly, but this time i’m wrong.
    They all look good here, just wish Sunye were more comfortable, but sure some her fans must be in heaven to see her in that dress.

  36. gahh..i feel soooo relieved for sunye after they changed their clothes
    i was really worried that a nip slip might happen

    they look so pretty esp park oppa and leader min

  37. oops she almost had an oopsie!! who’s brilliant idea was that! but they all look real good, I prefer how they look here as compared to their dresses during MKMF.

    but wah, Yeeun is REALLY GORGEOUS. Really.

  38. Our girls should not wear revealing clothes..
    the girls must be super cold..
    it’s COLD!!

    but on the bright side,the girls look as pretty as always!!

  39. I really pity sunye…she doesn’t deserve to be humiliated.
    Looks are not everything, be more functional next time, designer.
    I really like her damn it.

  40. They’re so gorgeous! I LOVE Sunye’s and Sunmi’s first outfit
    But yeah. Dress malfunction at Sunye. Probably it wasn’t tight enough? But wow. She has boobs.
    They look sexy. I love this style 😀

  41. Ahh Sun Ye defiinitely looks better and more comfortable when she’s sitting on the table. Glad they changed =]

  42. woah….. all of them looks so gorgeous although Sunye doesn’t look uncomfortable in her outfit. luv sunmi’s dress…. all of them also la… hehe they r so pretty……………

  43. they all look damn gorgeous!
    i cant wait to see the videos in youtube.
    i hope all the boys will went crazy!

  44. Yesterday, Sunmi looked uncomfortable. Today, it’s sunye X__X
    wtf stylists?!?!?!

    But they all look ravishing =D Congrats on the digital bonsang win!

  45. @ MinMaknae
    LOL, so i’m not the only one… i really hope they get her a jacket or something, if i was in her place i would be uncomfortable too… sunye unnie always walks the red carpet with confidance, but here she looks worried! if micky oppa and sunye unnie interact or any wondershinki moments, i think it would be a great way to end this year!

  46. @wondergirls4ever_94

    Me too!.. I want WONDERSHINKI..

    I wonder how Micky is going to react to SunYe wearing that dress,he was plenty into her at the MKMF.

  47. are they going to do a performance??? please reply… i know i might sound like a crazy fangirl, but i’m still hoping for some wondershinki interactions…

  48. i feel sorry for sunye unnie, she looks terrific but you can tell she is uncomfortable, i hope it turns out well… I wonder if they are going to perform… They look so hot, ye eun and sohee looks best!

  49. lol poor Sunye, she doesnt look too happy in the last pic, anyways they all look stunning! get more awards and make us proud! ❤

  50. awwwwwwwwwwww…they r so pretty..

    sunye too sexy though..aishhh..n she keep adjust her dress…n sohee..wooooo..hot leg..hihi…

    u r damn fast coolsmurf..thanx..

  51. Sunye has brought sexy back!

    Never knew she cold be like this…she’s gonna get a LOT OF NEW MALE FANS AFTER THIS.

  52. Wow, lol, they literally were dropping out.
    Sunmi’s dress is so cute!!!
    I need to watch this…, but I’ve got exams today >_<

  53. first…wah..they are so pretty
    sunye’s look good, everybody does….
    nice dresses..gorgeus…wowwww…..

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