Heartwarming Year-End For The Wonder Girls Despite Cold Winter

The Wonder Girls has certainly been one of the busiest stars in Korea in 2008. If Tell Me had introduced the Wonder Girls to Korea last year, then So Hot and Nobody have simply cemented their status as the Nation’s Little Sisters and top female group. With year-end approaching, we visited the busy but tired looking Wonder Girls yesterday during a recording of their reality show, Wonder Bakery which was named after them for an interview about their thoughts.

Wonder Girls Had A Busy 2008

Sun Ye expressed, “Last year was my final teenage year but it all came to a good end as I received lots of love. I started my adult life this year and it has been pretty good thus far. I often feel that I should give back the same amount of love that I have received. This gives me happiness in my life I guess.”

Yoo Bin gave her thoughts with year-end approaching, “I am 21 years old (Korean age) now. It has been 1.5 years since I joined the Wonder Girls from the Tell Me album. Because I joined later than the other members, so receiving so much love this year has been a pretty good experience for me.

Ye Eun said, “We will be working right till the end of the year. I am really grateful for all the love given to us and also us winning Song of the Year.”

So Hee said, “It might look pretty similar compared to last year but the feeling is just different. We want to show fans a better stage than last year.”

Sun Mi smilingly said, “Very grateful for all the love given to us last year, but we seem to have received even more this year. So despite the cold winter, it’s still very heartwarming. December is the time of the year where the results of our hard work over the year and recognition are given, so it’s great. We also got recognition from overseas which is pretty interesting and we are thankful.”


The year-end gayo daejuns (music show) will bring to a close the Wonder Girls Nobody album promotions. They are expected to be kept busy for the earlier half of 2009 with their solo concerts. So Hee expressed, “We will have a longer rest period next year for the first time since our debut. But then again, we won’t be resting for long because our overseas schedules have been fixed.”

The Wonder Girls who have been meeting lots of fans from their performances in Korea and overseas have been staying with a English language teacher, Heidi since May for 24 hours for conversational english lessons.

Heidi who occasionally converses in english with the Wonder Girls in between their live performances praised them, “The Wonder Girls have the ability now to converse with foreigners in english. This is because I am living and conversing with them most of the time which led to their fast grasp of the language.

The Wonder Girls will be wrapping up their Nobody album promotion on music shows with their last performance on Mnet M! Countdown on 11th December. Other than that, the Wonder Girls will be kept busy rehearsing for their year-end gayo daejun performances and also performing at the 2008 JYP Tour.


23 thoughts on “Heartwarming Year-End For The Wonder Girls Despite Cold Winter

  1. Wow…they can talk in english now…
    Thats good…so it wont be a problems for us(not korean fans) to communicate with them right?
    Hehe…thank you for the info…^^

  2. Ah, I wish I could go to their concert. @.@

    But… that first picture is distorted right…? It looks like Sun Mi’s head is enlarged by width. XD

  3. Glad to hear what Heidi said. The girls can have conversation with foreigners now XD
    It’s amazing how WG accomplished a lot within 2 years. I’m proud of my girls.

  4. Agreed with breezy!
    We should send something to Heidi for doing such a great job with the girls.
    I remember them having an interview in english in New York and their skills have really skyrocketed.
    SunMi smilingly said.. :DDD
    Who doesn’t want to meet SunMi!?
    She’s so adorkable.
    Haha can’t wait for their next album and concerts!!!
    Even if I can’t go to any of them.. 😦

    thanks coolsmurf


    I do hope they rest, even with their overseas scheds already set. They deserve it.

  6. wow! i hope they get some rest… their english teacher Heidi must be so nice! can’t wait for their concert!

  7. Haha.
    “This is because I am living and conversing with them most of the time which led to their fast grasp of the language.”
    Heidi sounds funny.

    I’m glad they sound happy
    & yay for rest periods!

  8. hahahah…heidi…. we should send her a gift basket or something…thank to her and the girls’ hard work we can one day converse without a problem (let me dream please)

  9. sad…but yet im happy for them for accomplishing many things from last year to this year, hope they have a good 2009 :DDD

    wg fighting!

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