Yoo Bin Will Host Ten Ten Club Radio For 1 Night

Yoo Bin who has a weekly segment with Chansung of 2PM will be filling in for regular host, Lee Juck (who will be away preparing for his concert) and host Ten Ten Club by herself. 2PM will be the guests for tonight. Tei will fill in from tomorrow night onwards for 4 consecutive nights with Triple S his first guest.

Yoo Bin and Tei Hosting Ten Ten Club

translated by wonderkid@soompi.


13 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Will Host Ten Ten Club Radio For 1 Night

  1. Binnie and her boys, lol! Awesome! Can’t wait for links.

    I read that tomorrow her admirer will be on with her… I wonder if his confession will come up and what her response will be.

    Yoobin ah, accept his jajjangmyun date. He’s a cutie and a sweetie.

  2. yay! i hope wonder girls and snsd can become friends, i think sunye is friends with tiffany and sooyoung…

  3. i thought she was hosting it by herself?! that’s what it said on wonderholic…
    anyway, on the show, Yoobin revealed that Taeyeon txt messaged “I’m listening to you right now. do great/good luck!” (or something along those lines) to her! and Yoobin thanked her and promised that she would treat her out for a meal one day~real cute!!

    i think, Tei’s djing tomorrow’s show…

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