Ye Eun and Yoo Bin @ Introducing Star’s Friend 081206

Official MBC photos from last Saturday’s Introducing Star’s Friend.

Yoo Bin and friend



Ye Eun and friend



31 thoughts on “Ye Eun and Yoo Bin @ Introducing Star’s Friend 081206

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  2. Look at Kyujong just staring at Yoobin in those pictures.
    I’m all for KyuBin…KyuJong is my favorite SS501 memeber & Yoobin is tied for my favorite with SunMi…so I don’t mind them together at all.
    Go KyuBin 😀

    I can’t wait to watch this.

  3. Yeah,the girls look so beautiful!!

    @Zhey :
    I’m a KyuBin fan too..
    plus they have the same surname ^^
    Kim Kyu Jong and Kim YooBin =)

  4. Lol@5 comments.
    I have the same birthday as Sunye! 😀
    I forgot all about this!!
    I must go watch it now.
    I love how Kyujong is staring intently at Yoobin. 🙂
    The girls (and friends) are hot!

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. kyujong is starring at yoobin when she was dancing.
    and HJ is starring yeeun too at the 2nd pic. haha
    im so kyubin lover now!!haha

  6. I watched this and both Yoobin and Yeeun are so funny! First time seeing Yoobin being protective of the boys..or more specifically,Kyujong XD
    The girls are so sporty 🙂
    Yeeun was joking around with Boom. That’s just adorable.

  7. hyungjoon is looking ye eun in the third pic 😀 i wish they had mor einteraction but then ye eun, her friend and boom made it so funny. ye eun is so awesome!!

  8. wow….the tv show looks like fun…
    does the program will show on kbs world?
    i can see from the picture hyun joong looking at ye eun…
    ah…remind me of WGM..hehe..
    anyway…i can wait to watch the show…^^

  9. Joeyy,same birthday with ye eun
    I am so envious!
    but i have a same birthday with younha.
    yoobin and her friend are hot
    I am so happy that ye eun’s friend was the only one being paired successfully!

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